Craft Room Ideas (Storage, Decor & Designs)

Welcome to our gallery of amazing craft room ideas containing different designs for different hobbies, interests and budgets.

For enthusiasts it is of the utmost importance to be organized and have enough space to create. Not only do you have the opportunity to use your creative material in a simple and convenient way, but you also benefit from a continuous creative space.

In addition to cellars and attics, you can always find the ideal space in unexpected places in your home. An unused storage space, a large laundry room, a wide hallway or any other unused space in your house can be converted into a craft corner.

Besides, your do-it-yourself room doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you are worried about your storage, it is important to have an intelligent storage system and cabinets that can contain all your production materials.

The excitement of a craft room to house your tools and treasures, but don’t you know where to start? We’ll take you on a tour of the fantastic craft rooms we’ve created that can give you a boost and inspire your lucrative craft career.

Room for budget aircraft ideas

When you’re just starting out, there’s usually not much to do in your craft shop. Below are some great ways to reduce your costs without sacrificing an efficient craft space.

One-storey store cupboard

Don’t waste unused space. Unused cupboards or spaces under the stairs are spacious enough for small craft ideas.

This simple but effective craft room, located in the cupboard, offers a private corner for people with motor disabilities. You will find floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets and a small built-in desk where you can sit comfortably to realize your projects.

Lighting advice : Use LED lamps for task lighting, especially in confined spaces, as halogen and other incandescent lamps can cause excessive heat in an area.

Craft room with wall accent

An accent wall can be a creative way to add your own personality and touch to the craftsmanship of your room. Let your imagination run wild and incorporate your favourite colours or patterns into your drawing to bring them to life. Here you will find ideas for accent walls.

Portable workbench

A portable do-it-yourself table with storage space is an economical option that can help you transform your space into a more practical place. There are many different options for tables and desks.

Make sure your selection has enough space for your favourite chair and that it has all the drawers and storage space you need.

Craft room with comfortable chairs

It is essential that your body is comfortable, especially if you are sitting for long periods of time. Choosing a chair with a good backrest and possibly even armrests can be a plus to prevent fatigue and increase comfort.

Economic storage

A well-organised craft room will help you find the right item. You can find cheap storage organizers to help you store items and keep them out of sight when you need them. That way your room doesn’t look messy and you can do more.

Craft room with folding table

For budget-conscious people a folding table can be an excellent starting point for a workspace. Combine it with cheap shelves and storage baskets.

Shrub storage

A do-it-yourself room with tool racks can help you to quickly see the tool or object you need. The disadvantage of an open shelf is that it can look dirty when objects start to pile up. Every craft idea must take into account the storage needs for the type of hobby you prefer.


A laundry room is often a good choice for those who do not have free rooms for a special space. It can also be an ideal location because many toilets are already equipped with shelves, counters and built-in closets.

A laundry room can be a large, versatile space. Some of the other applications are mud rooms or storage areas. If you have less space, you can use a stackable washer and dryer to free up some more space.

Laundry room with built-in closets

This washing and handicrafts room seems organised thanks to the integrated cupboards that bring the two different rooms together. But for privacy, a custom-made counter top hides washing machines, while the cabinets above provide storage space for the essentials.

This design makes use of the existing space in the laundry room. To create your own washroom and craft workshop, choose similar elements such as B. colour scheme or materials.

A sink and full length sink are unusual for a do-it-yourself room, but it is useful to have access to running water in case you need a sink or water supply for your projects.

Lighting advice : As with kitchen cabinets, you can install LED strips or light strips underneath the cabinets to lighten up your work.

Laundry and craft workshop with island

A central wash and gravel island provides the perfect working space for various tasks. At the top of the island, the wooden counter creates a fresh and natural element that contrasts with the white counter tops and cupboards.

This quartz countertop serves as a work surface for the production process while the washing machine is underneath. It’s a brilliant way to use the space you have and keep your rooms clean and well organized.

The material used for the worktop also extends around the division of space and makes the whole more coherent.

Lighting advice : Use recessed lighting or light rails on long counters.

Dream room ideas

An outbuilding or a special craft room is every writer’s dream. We have put together a list of beautiful and spacious craft rooms for your inspiration.

Sewing room

Benefit from natural light and windows when planning your do-it-yourself workshop, but make sure there is no unwanted glare during the day.

This beautiful piece of craftsmanship usually has a workspace in the middle where it can benefit from natural light and a view from the window.

Use light shades such as oatmeal and pastel to complete the light craft space.

Lighting tips : Because there is sufficient natural light during the day, spotlights and work lights offer a practical lighting solution for night work.

Metal scrap Booking space

A special scrapbooking space should have enough racks to store the items needed for projects. Open shelves, transparent bins or glass door cabinets make it easy to see the items you need while messing around or searching.

A do-it-yourself room with a desk and built-in closets can create an inviting atmosphere that stimulates inspiration and creativity. This design with white shaker style cabinets with gold hardware is attractive and bright.

The galley layout is ideal for narrow or long boats leaving the centre as an open space for easy manoeuvring and access to the usable lateral spaces.

The vertical fall of the pendant luminaire effectively pulls the eye upwards and contrasts with the already horizontal orientation of the shelves and integrated cabinets.

Lighting advice : For large hobby rooms, pin lights and directional projectors can be used on the ceiling.

Loft art Studio

If you have extra space in your attic, you’re lucky if you have enough room for a large middle table.

A granite slab for your central workplace may be too big, but if you get the chance, why not? But since you don’t cut meat, a wood, soapstone or laminate countertop is a less expensive option to keep your budget under control.

The whitewashed walls of this art studio make the space less cluttered, while creating a lively atmosphere and helping to reflect natural light.

Lighting advice : Natural light is still the best lighting for an art studio or craft room, and lofts are perfect for illuminating the workspace properly.

Craft room for children

Your children deserve a place of their own. A craft room for children is usually integrated with a playroom, a classroom or both. These spaces are intended for creative craftsmanship.

Give your children a generous space where they can let their creativity run wild. This spacious room serves as a craft room as well as a playground for the children.

The large lego-shaped table offers plenty of space for the children and is easy to move around while playing. The donkeys and art classes offer children many opportunities to create.

Provide low cabinets and counters so that your children have easy access to works of art.
Add animated and colorful stickers to make the walls stand out. You can opt for removable wall decorations so that you can easily remove or move them.


Include the elements you need to create and store your children’s learning space. Save on cleaning your walls and encourage your children to write and express themselves on the board wall.

This craft and exploration area is opposite a chalk painted wall, so your children have just enough space to practice writing and scribbling.

The Scandinavian-inspired craft room has a monochrome colour scheme with simple furniture and low shelving.

Your children will enjoy doing their own stuff, even if it’s by crouching on a comfortable mat. The above mentioned beige vinyl floors are a durable floor covering for children.

Lighting advice : For large ship’s rooms, pen lights are a handy way to illuminate a spacious room. You can place pin lights and install them in parallel wiring, so you can turn off part of the room when you don’t need them.

Sewing room with island

A special sewing room with a storage island can bring a wide range of fabrics within easy reach. A corner desk provides good working space and easy access to everything you need.

Craft office space

For example, as a serious designer you need your own space. B. an office you use for your creative work. An annexe or addition to your home offers you privacy and sufficient space for your ship’s supplies and workspace.

Set up most of your room. This craft room makes use of the central space with a large work table, where a solid white countertop gives a feeling of openness and lightness. Wood or other highly structured materials can look messy, especially when used over a large surface area.

A partition or low screen can guarantee confidentiality and can be easily removed or moved if you need to reconfigure workstations for office use.

Stack of paper and art cards on clear acrylic sheets for better visibility and illumination of the room.

Lighting advice : A track light is a handy lighting device for a large do-it-yourself room, because you can easily adjust and slide the lights in the direction you want.

Multifunctional ship’s hold

If you have a lot of space, you can use classic and decorative furniture in your craft room, such as B. classic wardrobes in country style with graceful styles and frames. For heavy parts on storage cabinets, it is preferable to use plain or white colours to eliminate the excessive effect.

Take advantage of the large floor space by adding a touch of colour and pattern to simple, colourful storage cabinets for an interesting and complementary effect.

In the floor of this ship the grey walls contrast with the white cabinets.

Colourful Craft Departure

If you have more than one builder, a long workbench or a large island can make use of the space and provide enough space for your craftsmen.

Lighting advice : Rail lighting is a practical choice for multi-user applications due to its flexibility and ease of installation. An optional desk lamp that is easily attached to the edge of the desk can be used as a work light.

Stay away

When designing a craft station, always think about how you can reduce the size of the workshop and make it a nicer place to work on your artwork.

Ideas for a craft workshop always take into account factors such as lighting, furniture layout and wall design. When these different elements are well balanced, a piece of craftsmanship can feel less messy and more inspiring.

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