Cathedral Ceiling (Design Guide)

Here we share ideas for the design of cathedral ceilings, including popular types of lighting and their images in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

A cathedral ceiling can draw the eye upwards, make a grand impression and add drama and atmosphere to a space. A cathedral ceiling can help make a room feel more spacious and create a sense of openness. Rooms with vaulted ceilings often have large windows, giving them the added benefit of natural light.

What is a cathedral ceiling?

By definition, a cathedral ceiling has symmetrical sides with a steep and regular slope that converge to a higher point in the centre of the room and generally correspond to the slope of the roof structure. The term cathedral ceiling comes from the most common design of cathedrals, and the style has come to describe a particular type of ceiling design element that is now widely used in both traditional and modern residential architecture.

Cathedral vs. vaulted ceiling

A cathedral ceiling is also called a vaulted ceiling. However, while a cathedral ceiling has two equally inclined sides that are parallel to the slope of the roof, a vaulted ceiling does not have two equally inclined sides that are similar to the slope of the roof.

The vault, as defined in the architecture, slopes upwards on both sides and is constructed with a self-supporting arch like a barrel or barrel vault. Unlike a cathedral, a vaulted ceiling does not have to have the same slope as the roof, but can have the same slope and uneven sides. Unlike a cathedral ceiling, a vaulted ceiling can have a curved or pointed shape.

Both the cathedral and the vaulted ceilings extend over a flat ceiling and create the illusion of a larger upper space, resulting in more ventilation and natural light in the room, especially when installed with skylights or skylights. The design of both ceilings can greatly enhance the overall character and beauty of the home. A cathedral or a vaulted ceiling can create a more interesting design by integrating unusual details that add warmth, elegance and grandeur to any room.

Cathedral ceiling lighting

A cathedral ceiling has its own challenges and requires special considerations, especially when looking for a suitable lighting solution. A cathedral or a vaulted ceiling requires multiple light levels to illuminate the extra space above the ceiling while allowing the light to shine in the right direction.

Here are a few things to take into account when planning and installing fixtures in your project.

– Note how much light you need in the room.

– Think about the areas you want to illuminate – specify which part or area of the room should be maximally illuminated or which architectural elements you want to emphasise.

– Measure the highest and lowest points in relation to the height of the ceiling and the difference in height of the walls in the room.

– Think of the floor plan and the layout concept of the space.

– Consider all existing beams and open trusses bordering on the sloping surfaces of the ceiling.

– Calculate the power required for a cathedral or a vaulted ceiling.

o Measure and multiply the width by the length of the part and multiply the number by 25. This calculation gives you the approximate power required to light the room.

o The total power can be distributed based on the amount of light used, so that sufficient light is distributed and layers are created in the room.

Luminaire types for cathedral ceilings

We would also like to offer ceiling lamps suitable for cathedral or vaulted ceilings.

– Hangers and chandeliers – this increases the light to a standard level for high or very high ceilings.

– Linear lighting – This lighting is ideal for installation along the edge of the ceiling to accentuate the beams and dramatize the atmosphere in a room.

– Recessed lighting – By installing recessed luminaires cut at an angle of 45 degrees to a vaulted ceiling, the light can shine straight through the room and perform miracles.

– Fixtures – These types of fixtures are best suited for a kitchen with a vaulted ceiling, but also for any other part of your home. Tracklights allow you to easily adjust the lamp heads in the direction you need the light the most.

– Cable lamps are fixtures that look like rails but visually do not take up a lot of space. Cable lighting is the best option if you have large wooden beams and want to accentuate the architectural texture of your ceiling.

Ideas for the dome ceiling

The design of the cathedral ceilings has several characteristics, such as. For example, the installation of support beams or distinctive material that creates a unique and distinctive combination with the beams. The ceiling follows the roof line symmetrically, using a plasterboard finish that aligns the sloping surfaces of the ceiling and creates a ridge in the middle.

tongue and groove planks – The use of tongue and groove planks in the upper ceiling gives an impressive impression of extra space and creates a visual contrast.

Wooden trusses and beams – Another design concept is the combination of square trusses, horizontal beams and wooden panels to create a modern cathedral ceiling with a slightly retro and comfortable appearance.

Dormers – The installation of dormers is another design element that can have a cathedral ceiling. These skylights allow natural light into the room and into the upper part of the ceiling; they also provide additional ventilation of the room.

Living room with cathedral ceiling

When decorating a living room with a cathedral ceiling, you should always consider the size of the furniture, find the right light points on the ceiling that accentuate the central points of your living room, choose the right accessories and decorations that accentuate the high ceiling and create an elegant pattern in the room. Don’t forget to think about the style and colours of your living room to give it a fresher, more relaxed atmosphere.

The wooden beamed ceiling gave visual interest and gave the space a natural feel.

Medieval modern living room with high skylights on the ceiling.

Modern living room with stone shelves and gas fireplace with a thin vaulted ceiling.

Large living room with vaulted wooden ceiling and stone fireplace.

Cozy living room with a bright white ceiling and two chandeliers.

Modern living room with vaulted ceiling, grey furniture and gas fireplace in granite stone.

This luxurious living room has a beautiful wooden ceiling and an adjoining bar.

Cathedral Kitchen

The ceiling of the cathedral is an architectural feature that creates an enormous stunning effect when incorporated into the design of your kitchen, as it gives the space a more spectacular effect. Innovative rafters such as heavy wooden beams provide unique details and good vibrations in the kitchen. This luxurious transitional kitchen with two islands is equipped with exposed beams and rich wooden cabinets.

Modern kitchen with high ceilings and exposed beams, white cabinets and quartz beams.

Kitchen with an interesting design of wooden beams, hanging linear lighting and white cabinets.

This modern kitchen with a wooden ceiling looks elegant with updated finishes such as grey cabinets, white quartz worktops and frosted glass hangers.

The high ceiling with vaulted support beams makes the floor plan of this spacious kitchen even more generous.

Rustic kitchen with rustic ceiling with exposed beams and white cabinets with butcher’s tables.

This country-style kitchen has black cabinets with bright yellow paint for the walls and ceiling and the wooden butcher’s countertops for great contrast.

Kitchen with vaulted ceiling, wooden beams, white cupboards and black quartz beams.

cathedral ceiling space

The rooms are architecturally designed as a true sanctuary of rest and relaxation. The cathedral ceilings in the rooms can add an amazing level of elegance to your personal home. This design feature gives the impression that the space is larger and creates a lighter atmosphere. Wooden beams, tongue and groove panels and suspended ceilings are just some of the accents and features that add a varied contrast to the design of the room.

Traditional master bedroom with wooden floor to the ceiling of the cathedral.

Modern farmhouse room with rough wooden beams and a slam-dunk ceiling.

Master bedroom with vaulted ceiling, simple faux wood beams and grey accent walls.

This cozy master bedroom with separate living room has a cozy fireplace and a painted tongue and groove ceiling.

Mediterranean style room with cathedral ceiling and wooden beams.

For more pictures, please visit our Ideas for a tray ceiling page.

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