75 Walkway Ideas & Designs (Brick, Paver & Flagstone)

A driveway is an excellent addition to your garden, which will improve your outdoor layout and allow you to enjoy your garden more. Below you will find pictures of 75 different bridge ideas and designs to inspire you. Brick, cobblestones and flagstone stairs are presented in a variety of path styles to create the perfect garden.

In the picture above, natural grey tiles are the best choice for this beautiful Japanese garden. When you create a gateway, it’s more than just a way to get from one place to another – make it a fun way to walk.

Trail Ideas

A walkway or path with steps in the garden will help you make the most of your outdoor space. Making your own walking design can be done without a lot of money and as a weekend project. Here are some of the most popular types of materials used to help you come up with an idea for a walkway for your own garden.

Brick – Brick is ideal for outdoor walkways because it has a distinctive, attractive and elegant appearance. However, bricks are best used in mild climates and should be sealed every two to three years to prevent water ingress.

Pavements – Pavements are generally used for walkways and paths and can be made of many different materials. Concrete, bricks, tiles and clay bricks are often used as paving tiles, making them both durable and easy to maintain.

Steps – Regularly cut stones can be placed in your garden or on your lawn to create a path wherever you want. They are very popular for a solid walking project because they are both cheap and easy to use.

Concrete – Concrete slabs, paving stones and stamped concrete blocks are often used to build sustainable footpaths. Concrete is a popular choice because it can withstand bad weather conditions and can be adjusted to get the look you want. By using painting, casting and embossing techniques, you can achieve a look that is unique to your garden.

The uniqueness of this walkway is that it cuts the outer edge of the sheets, creating a very straight edge, while the other edges of the natural sheets remain.

The large natural stone slabs used in this driveway to the front door are the perfect choice of material to create this natural and romantic look for this small flower garden.

This pedestrian bridge is built of square concrete blocks with pebbles, a combination of a poured concrete pedestrian bridge with pebbles.

This walkway is framed with square paving stones and uses different sizes of plates in the frame. This walkway connects a small lower seating area that rises up to an outdoor pavilion.

A beautiful backyard, with plumbing in the backyard and a winding path of stone and gravel leading to an outdoor seating area.

A romantic, wisteria-covered walkway with a wickerwork pattern like a stone crown.

This picturesque stone cottage is made even more beautiful by the winding stone path that runs through the garden. Small hedges and a large lawn invite you to enter the driveway.

A spacious driveway in the cactus garden, with stone paving that matches the dry look of the garden.

The transition to the covered terrace with natural stone slabs is also finished in natural stone, whereby the slabs retain their current shape for a more natural look.

By using a concrete zokko to separate the plants from the terracotta path, the garden seems slightly elevated from the level of the path, and they are framed as works of art.

Old brick paving stones lead to this small terrace where one sits on a raised platform with concrete paving stones.

Brick paving stones are one of the most common materials for driveways. In this example, the brick paving stones were laid in a herringbone motif and framed with straight lines of brick for the accent.

Well maintained garden with bricks as main roof. The same material was used for the narrow stairs, creating a rustic gardenscape.

This elegant garden uses an equally elegant walkway with brick on cast concrete. A combination of a herringbone pattern and a horizontally stacked frame is used.

This walkway connects the terrace with the outdoor area. The walkway consists of square concrete paving stones, curved in a rosette of paving stones to form a seating area with a circular fire pit.

This walk looks more modern with straight, clean lines and flat surfaces. It is a combination of thin rectangular concrete blocks on a river bed of stone.

This walkway uses a darker colour for the bricks and fills the voids with concrete.

For a more natural look, this walkway uses natural flat stones that blend perfectly with the river stone walls that hold the plants to the sides.

Clay pigeon tiles were the material of choice in this simple garden. It retains its natural roughness and secures it with concrete to prevent it from moving or sinking into the ground.

This beautiful narrow avenue is surrounded by beautiful man-made natural landscapes and has stone pillars with lattice work along the avenue where the vines provide shade. The slabs used for the walkway are made of cream-coloured stoneware on a concrete base and cream-coloured joint.

A unique promenade plan with sandstone slabs on scattered beige boulders. Stone borders help to avoid gravel on lawns.

These large reddish-brown Colorado Cameron slabs, laid out on the lawn, certainly add personality to this small backyard: Stones bring a visual texture to your landscaping and allow you to give free rein to your creativity.

This large park/garden is characterized by the wild and seemingly random arrangement of the plants. The avenue in the middle of the red soil is made of limestone slabs, which are almost white and therefore contrast very well with the colour of the soil.

Large grey hickory slabs were laid in the landscaped courtyard to create a small walkway connecting the back door to the swimming pool.

Lush shrubs and flowering plants surround this staircase, which consists of large stone slabs that form steps on the ground, making it a natural part of the garden.

This narrow walkway creates an interesting pattern by laying alternating rectangular tiles. The result is a thorny passage that is laid out on the lawn with lights in the ground.

The Mediterranean style house leads you along cobbled paths from the driveway to the main entrance. In the middle of the path, the straight path is interrupted by a rosette of cobblestones, in the middle of which plants grow to create an accent.

This short elegant walkway is simply laid with cement tiles on white river stones, creating a simple and modern walkway.

With concrete paving stones this path leads to a curved path in a beautiful garden.

The entrance to this raised fireplace becomes even more interesting because it forms a walkway over beige gravel with the help of round cement blocks.

Usually the slab paths use large slabs, but this patio path uses smaller red slabs to guide you to and from the terrace.

Most examples of sidewalks presented in this article use coated flat stones as sidewalks, but this is not the case for this example. Instead, he simply uses red pebbles for the path to the coast, which fits the scene. Wooden beams decorate both sides of the path leading to the lake and provide the necessary shade.

This dry garden retains a natural colour palette of beige and sand and uses old cobblestones arranged diagonally in a walkway.

In contrast to the previous examples, this walkway used stamped concrete in a cream beige tint instead of natural stone. It has straight lines and a large wickerwork pattern.

Rectangular blocks of Tuscan paving stones were used to create this modern driveway leading to different areas of the backyard.

For this French-inspired garden, red paving stones with a wicker basket pattern were used.

This hammock has a unique selection of tracks. Instead of bricks or paving tiles, he uses modular wooden PVC terraces laid in a basket pattern.

Masonry ideas

In order to achieve a neutral colour palette that harmonizes with the architecture of the house, concrete blocks the size and shape of brick paving stones were used in this garage and walkway space.

This walkway combines herringbone stones and natural stone slabs and connects the fire pit with the tiled garden.

Clay stones connect the small terrace to the concrete walkway/garage and separate it from the ordinary pavement.

Around this well-kept garden, bricks with a wickerwork pattern have been laid. The small tiled wooden structure with benches is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

This outside terrace is connected to the other parts of the house by means of hexagonal brick paving tiles. The wood-covered outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

What makes this walkway unique is the use of brown bricks with a glossy finish instead of the more popular natural stone, or at least a matt finish.

Ideas for stone walkways

In line with the modern architecture of the house, a small driveway in the backyard combines river stones with straight white stone blocks of square section.

From a slightly different angle, this path is a cheap way to create a large path through the garden.

Limestone slabs give a nice accent to this small garden and make it possible to take a small walk through the garden from the side of the house.

This alley is dotted with small flowers, shrubs and garden laws and is covered with randomly placed limestone slabs.

This small driveway to the garden gate is made of a combination of quartz tiles of different colours, creating a natural look that is perfect for relaxing outdoors.

In this garden a terrazzo walkway combined with large and heavy stone slabs was used as a stepping stone.

This beautiful rock garden in Japanese style is situated in the garden and offers a quiet stone walk through the raked gravel landscape.

This path leads to a raised area with stairs made of the same material as the path. It uses stoneware cut and glued in different sizes to create a more stable and smooth surface.

Flagstone Gateway

The bright red colour of this street plate clearly stands out against the dark background on which it rests.

In this example, a combination of paving materials is used. At the foot of the staircase, carved into a hill with steps in light-coloured slabs, there are brick paving stones with a simple communal tie, framed by the same brick material. In the background is a sandy playground with a slide and a fortress.

This winding walkway uses cream-coloured tiles that interlock like interior tiles to create a strong and stable walkway.

The red stones blend naturally into this simple garden, which is mainly surrounded by red gravel and green shrubs.

This alley seems to magically emerge from the ground because it is surrounded by healthy shrubs. Slate masts are used which are placed on the ground.

This driveway offers natural steps leading to an elevated part of the garden. By using a large slate slab, the walkway looks like a natural part of the ground.

This large avenue with green river slabs is the ideal choice for this natural garden. Natural wood mulch helps to reproduce the true appearance of forest waste.

Tram ideas

Curved/rolled track using rougher structure bricks for better grip and higher skid resistance.

This paved driveway on the side of this Spanish house is a cost-effective way to create an inviting path that harmonizes with the rest of the aesthetics of the house.

A unique way to use paving tiles is to arrange 6 pieces of paving tiles in a rectangular block and distribute them evenly to create a walkway.

Dark red cobblestones were secured and tied together to make this small pedestrian bridge leading to a small set of slate steps.

The grey rectangular paving stones were arranged in a simple bundle and threaded through the door.

The light red paving stones contrast sharply with the bright green lawn and form a nicely curved pattern on their way.

Stabilized by a concrete pedestal and joint mass, this simple path leads to a door made of paved bricks.

Slate track

Instead of simply laying the green slate slabs on the lawn or the ground, they are permanently fixed by this walkway by gluing and joining the slabs together, making them less likely to shift.

A narrow walkway leads you to this fully enclosed pavilion. It protects you from mud during the rainy season and combines rectangular slates with smaller rectangular natural stone slabs in between.

For this perennial avenue, rectangular slate shingles were used as a walkway and even sprinkled with small flowers in between. A classic metal gate leading to a wooded area with stone pillars evokes a sense of mystery and drama.

This path differs from the rest of the garden and uses a combination of gray pebbles and natural slate pieces to create the path.

This slate path leads to a hammock attached to the trees. The surroundings are very natural, with large trees providing shade. The slate was used for the walkway, laid on concrete and cut directly at the edges to make it visible.

Concrete pavement paving

Modern symmetry is the concept of this small bamboo garden. Large 60×60 slate tiles are laid on the lawn, creating symmetrical rows and columns of tiles that make it possible to take a nice walk anywhere in the garden.

This garden is remarkable for its organized layout, with square concrete blocks in front of the promenade, apparently scattered over a narrow path.

In this modern garden, large concrete slabs with rectangles and squares of different sizes were used, creating an interesting geometric pattern on the gravel ground.

A modern walkway with large rectangular slabs of concrete paving stones laid in a 90 degree rafter pattern, with a curved walkway finish at the outer edges.

This formal garden has a modern walking style with square sandstone blocks following a rectangular path around the garden. A central point, like this fountain surrounded by green hedges, can be a great way to find an idea for a walk and a design that will help you get the most out of your garden.

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