7 Great Advantages of Getting a California King Bed in Your Bedroom

Many amazing advantages make the California King bed one of the most popular beds in the bedroom. Below you will find more information.

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The King’s bed is considered by many to be the most luxurious bed on the market.

There is enough room for a couple, a pet and even two children to sneak into the house after a bad night.

Another luxury bed, the California King bed, has gained fame in recent years and is called the sexiest bed in the world.

Read on to learn about the 7 major benefits of sleeping in the California King.

What is a California King Bed?

The California King is the longest mattress on the market. It’s 72 inches wide and 84 inches long.

Compared to the standard King, this bed is slightly narrower, but longer. Here’s a size comparison so you can get an idea of the size of your Calf King bed.

Most people think that the California King bed was invented some time after the King bed, but the opposite is also true.

The King of California is actually a few decades older than the traditional royal coffin.

Some sources claim that the California King was designed as a luxury bed for Hollywood celebrities in the roaring ’20s and ’30s. Other sources believe that California’s first king-size bed was designed for Californians with large houses that could occupy large beds after World War II.

Then, after the Second World War, the real passion for big beds began. It was at this time that the bedding industry developed the king-size bed that is so popular today.

The mattress manufacturers decided that the size of the queen-size bed would match the two extra-long springs in the two boxes.


7 The main advantages of the California King bed

Now that you have a good idea of the origin of the bed, let’s talk about the main advantages of the California King bed.

  1. Ideal for tall people

If you’ve ever slept in a bed where your legs stick out or your head touches the headboard, you know how uncomfortable it is.

The California King bed will cover you! If you’re over 6 feet tall, this could be perfect for you. The extra length gives you more space from head to toe.

Those extra four inches can do anything to get a good night’s sleep. The California King allows you to stretch and feel comfortable or curl up without bumping your knees with your partner.

  1. Looks good in the long rooms

When purchasing a bed, it is important to take into account the shape and size of your room.

If your room is longer than wide, the room plan can become a tricky L.

The California King is perfect for long rooms to fill long and large spaces. Because the bed is not as wide as a king-size bed, you still have enough room for bedside tables on each side and the room doesn’t seem overcrowded.

  1. Easier to carry

Have you ever had to carry a king-size mattress up the stairs or in the corners of a hallway?

Let me tell you, this isn’t a joke. Fortunately, the narrower width of the California King means you have to go around the doors, and a tight fit is a breeze.

The California King beds are equipped with shared box spring beds. Each of them is twice the size of a box spring bed. This makes it very easy to lift and move the bedroom as needed.

Moreover, the thinner California King mattress is easier to climb with a light overhang than a standard King bed.

  1. Excellent for people who sleep alone

Unless you share the bed with someone else, a standard queen-size bed can be too big.

The queen size bed is too wide for one sleeper.

The California King, on the other hand, offers you the luxury and space you need, but is not too big for one person.

  1. Excellent for clamping

If you share a bed with your partner and like to be close, a California king is better than an ordinary king.

You will always be able to stretch and feel comfortable. And you’re always close enough to your partner to give him a hug or even steal his body heat.

  1. Comparable in price

One might expect that a Californian King’s mattress costs more than the average King’s mattress, but that is not the case.

According to the manufacturer you can find California King mattresses for a lower price than the Kings. On the whole, the two beds are fairly well distributed.

But in favor of the extra length, it’s a good deal.

  1. It is the sexiest bed in the world.

You may have heard Rihanna hit the California king’s bed.

The music video for this song has an impressive and colossal bed layout.

The music video bed is 18 metres wide and even requires special technology to move RiRi from one side to the other.

Although the bed of the clip is much larger than the traditional California King, the title gives it a certain sex appeal.

So don’t forget there’s a California king’s bed in almost every novel. That proves it’s the sexiest bed you could have chosen.

Today, you can afford that luxury. Who doesn’t want this great story in their bedroom?

Enjoy sleeping in your California King bed.

We hope these seven reasons explain why California’s king-size bed is the best food to think about.

Give it a try and you can never go back to another bed.

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