6 Traps To Avoid When Building A Custom Home

Release date : 3. October 2020 Shana Yuri

Building your own house can be a very rewarding experience. There is nothing like looking around your living room and knowing that you are responsible for the design and construction. No wonder that more and more people are choosing adapted homes nowadays.

Despite the appeal of building your dream home, there are many pitfalls to avoid if you don’t want to get into a difficult financial situation.

Above all, you should avoid these common mistakes if you want to enjoy your traditional home.

Here is an overview of the six pitfalls you should avoid when building your dream home, and what you need to know to make sure your dream home is built right.

Acceleration of the design process

By far the most dangerous trap you can fall into when building a house is speeding up the design process. A custom house is, as the name implies, really custom made because it has a unique layout and design that you personally decide on before you start building.

Some owners love this part of the process, while others are more interested in the actual building process and building something with their own hands than in the design, which can be a mental and lengthy process.

It is extremely important that you don’t rush the furnishing of your house, because you might misunderstand your own plans.

If you have to order a certain amount of materials later on, you may accidentally order too much or too little because you’ve been hasty (and therefore bad) in the design and haven’t taken the materials into account.

During the planning process you will discover things like the costs of building your house. It’s no exaggeration to say that finances should be considered carefully; if you don’t think carefully enough about how you’re going to finance the construction, you could end up with half the house.

Of all the things you need to know before you embark on this journey, one of the most important is to find a good contractor who will guide you throughout the entire design process.

Selecting the wrong person for position


We have just discussed the importance of finding a good contractor to work with you during this process. Most owners indeed do not have the experience to manage this huge project.

What is less clear is that the quality of your contractor is crucial; if you hire the wrong person for the job, the whole project will over-budget and fall behind schedule.

The National Association of Home Builders has produced a series of useful guides that you can rely on when considering potential builders.

For example, they remind you to start at a local level because the local population is likely to be able to make reliable recommendations that you can trust.

He also emphasizes the importance of pre-testing the quality of your contractor; not only take his word for it, but also check his experience and ask about his work history.

If they have a long and successful track record and have satisfied customers they can appoint to support their claims, they can be the right person for the job.

Every house builder is different, so take the time to decide who you want your vision to be.

Too ready to look forward

Most people want to live in luxurious and modern houses.

This encourages them to look to the future when building a house; they integrate the latest technological gadgets into the design of the house, even if it is expensive or time consuming. It’s often a mistake that will haunt you.

There is nothing wrong with a smart home with built-in appliances, but make sure that what you invest in first is a successful experience.

If you buy the latest gadgets too easily, you risk delaying the construction of your dream home to implement a technological feature, only to discover that it doesn’t live up to its promise.

Add technological equipment, but make sure it is replaceable. If they cannot be removed, the central elements of your custom home, the entire structure can become completely obsolete in just a few years.

Forget the family

Even if you don’t have kids or family yet, you might want to have them someday. Too often couples design a custom house and find that they have built it too small to accommodate an entire family.

Give yourself room to make future decisions and don’t rush into things, or you could end up spending a lot of money on a nice house that you have to leave behind when your family grows up in a few years.

It is also useful to include your children’s comments; for example, if they want a children’s park in the garden, its installation may add value to your home in the future.

After all, another family may pay dearly for your beautiful house, ready to welcome the children if you want to retire or move.

Leaving the environment behind

We can no longer afford to keep changing things. All adapted homes must strive to use green energy and reduce their impact on the environment.

In today’s world it is important to think about how to make your home green when building, but many homeowners continue to ignore this advice. Consider adding a green roof or solar panels to your custom home, and you will sleep better at night.

Awaiting rapid construction

Finally, one of the most common mistakes homeowners make during a custom installation is to expect it to be done quickly.

Any contractor can tell you that projects are consistently over-budgeted and behind schedule – in other words : You must expect delays and obstacles.

They are not intended to prevent you from building the house of your dreams, but they do force you to adapt in order to complete the project on time and within budget.

Don’t think that when building your custom house, you can get the job done from one day to the next and still be proud of your work. Take your time, plan wisely, and you and your loved ones will eventually live in the house of your dreams.

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