6 DIY Wall Hanging Ideas That Will Class Up Your Living Room

People want to make their living space as comfortable as possible. Of course, your bedroom is the only place where you can relax in the evening, but it is the living room where you can vent all that stress after a hard day’s work.

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We bring you some good ideas for hanging on the wall, some of which are quite easy to realize. Think of it as a weekend project, pull out all your art supplies and involve the children. Let’s share some ideas:

Frames of different sizes?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

What about calligraphy?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

How about using paper cuttings to create a colourful curtain?

Certainly not! Over time the dust settles and the cuts become difficult to clean.

Oh, we know that. Why don’t we just put some cloths together and cover them with handprints?

Too childish, huh?

Okay, we get it. Are you looking for something unique that will not only be a beautiful decoration, but will also change the look of your living room? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Below you will find six ideas for hanging on the wall that you will find quite refreshing:

1.    Hanging on the macramé wall

Easy to hang on the wall in macramé


Yeah, yeah, we know… It is not easy to hang a macramé in DIY, but here is a link to a website that will help you learn the 3 basic knots.

This makes it easy to hang this wall. This gives space to the room and makes the place more cosy. To create a focal point, hang pot plants near the window and hang a wall of macramé on the adjoining wall.

2.    Painted wood mural

A heart made of wooden sticks


This idea of hanging on the wall is quite amazing, if we say so ourselves. It forces you to get a little boring and dirty. The first step is to remove the wooden sticks and take them home. Scrape off the bottom half of these sticks and shape them with a knife. You have to try a little harder.

Draw a heart on a piece of paper and put a stick on it. Keep shaving until you get the shape you want. Now dip the sticks in different shades and let them dry. Tie a rope around each of them and hang it on a long wooden stick. Here we go… Making wooden hearts.

3.    Green Leg Triangle

False green triangles of twigs

It is one of the easiest ideas for hanging walls. All that is needed are a few twigs, a light jute rope and a pair of artificial flowers and greenery. This wall hangs over an empty cupboard or on a wall attached to a bench.

Arrange the branches in a triangular shape and tie the three corners together with rope. Make a bouquet of greenery and flowers and tie them with rope. Now just tie this bouquet on a horizontal line and that’s it.

You can mix things up a bit and make a three-part display with a central wall label where the bouquet is on a horizontal line, and two side wall labels where the bouquet is on a horizontal line and at an angle.

4. Acorn

Pendant with acorn

Hangers for wall mounting

Raise your hand if you like assholes. This is one of our favourite screens because it allows you to be as colourful as you like.

All you need to hang up the do-it-yourself wall is a wooden stick and acorns. You can either put buttons and tassels in different colours in a row or make a small curtain and decorate it with small flowers.

5.    Round wreath

A wreath of artificial flowers

This wreath has a royal appearance. You can hang it in the living room and the bedroom. This option requires three elements: a thick steel wire, a cotton cord and artificial flowers. Bend the wire in a circle and tie it around the ends of the rope.

Now attach a cotton cord to the lower half of the circle. Finally stick some flowers and greenery on the circle. Hang the circle on a nail.

6.    Pendulum stages

Hanging from a rope

The movable rocking boards are made of wooden planks. Yeah, you heard me right. These planks are very easy to make, and a package of 12 planks will only cost you $15. That’s what you have to do:

Drill holes in every corner of the plate. Pull one end of the rope through the right front and the other end through the left front. Tie a knot so the rope doesn’t fall out. Proceed in the same way for the rear holes. If you tighten the ropes and hang up the plank, it forms a triangle. Hang the board from a nail. The advantage of this article is that you can remove it and hang it anywhere.

And that’s it for our do-it-yourself ideas for hanging on the wall. You may find them a bit intimidating, especially the basket wall, but once you get to work, you’ll see that the fun is worth it. If you are looking for more do-it-yourself decoration ideas, go to

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