6 Different Types of Outdoor/Garden Faucets for your Home

Cranes are cranes, aren’t they? They all do the same thing, don’t they? So what’s the real difference between inside and outside? Well, their inner life is usually very different from that of their cousins. Why is that? Because hot water is not a problem here.

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On the other hand, they must be able to cope with adverse weather conditions without destroying themselves or causing chaos during the cold season. Fortunately, there are several options for outdoor taps to choose from.

Let’s look at six different types of outdoor facilities for your garden or backyard.

Conventional compression valve or ball valve

traditional mixer

Traditional compression valves are the ones everyone has seen (unless you live in a cold climate where they don’t work).

You let the water run out of the house through the tap opening as soon as you turn the knob to the left. So if you turn it in the opposite direction, it will stop and cut the power. It’s simple, isn’t it?

A good way to remember which way you turn off the tap and which way you turn on to sing this rhyme: Left-handed free, right-handed heavy. It really works!

Frost resistant external valves

Previous P-164D14 Quarter turn, frost-free, anti-siphon hydrant, 14

It’s fine if you live in a very cold place (you know, like northern countries or American states).

Conventional pressure valves (discussed above) are not resistant to hard snow, freezing temperatures and cold winds. That’s how his frost-resistant brother was invented.

They prevent water from turning into ice and damaging pipes or valves by using a metal pipe that enters your home or outbuilding.

When the tap is closed, the valve keeps the water in the warm medium so that it does not freeze.

When correctly positioned, the water flows out so that no water remains in the hose that could damage it. Of course it has to be done. Don’t leave the hose connected, it won’t do you any good.

Hose connections with bib

SharkBite 24632LF Funnel for 45° hose, 1/2' x 3/4', multiple coils

Taps, also called thresholds or points, are generally installed on the side of all houses, in accordance with the industry standard.

However, they can be quite misleading, especially if you live in a very cold region. They freeze in what some call mild conditions (it’s actually a bit of a shame, but there are antifreeze possibilities for a reason).

Pipe valves work in the same way as conventional pressure valves. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay. This just means you can install an anti-freeze valve!

Ball mixer

MHT output, cast brass, 3/4 tube X x 3/4 tube

This type uses a bullet (shocker!) which is located in the valve chamber. The bullet itself has a hole through which water can penetrate.

You don’t have as much control over the flow as with traditional compression. That said, it’s pretty ideal if you just want the water on or off and not somewhere in between.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: They are also often used in plumbing because they are easy to seal and prevent water from flowing through the crane head.

Field valves

They are perfect for large outdoor spaces that need water sources away from the house or outbuildings. They generally protrude quite far above the ground, with the riser connecting the water supply to the water pipe.

To use fire hydrants, you usually have to pull the lever behind the faucet. The water begins to flow. From there you can lift the handle further so that more water comes out of the end.

For best results, we recommend installing antifreeze options (don’t worry, they’re easy to find). So you don’t have to worry about frost damage.

Antisyphon valves

Siphon connections (also called countercurrent connections) can be found in many outdoor water systems.

The good thing is they’re not high-tech at all! You can buy an anti-siphon valve and install it yourself. It’s as simple as that. Although you probably already know that most cranes (at least the outdoor cranes) are equipped with it as standard.

What’s he doing? This handy small valve prevents impurities from getting into the water. If those bastards find a way out of there, the pollution’s there.

In some places it is illegal to have an external valve without an anti-siphon valve. Don’t forget to check if you’re not sure how you’re going to treat it.

There you go!

In an ideal world, all cranes would work wherever they were placed. But unfortunately, life isn’t that simple, so we have some products that all do the same (relatively speaking).

Anyway, you are now essentially a certified outdoor crane expert! Go ahead and easily meet all your external listening needs.

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