59 Outdoor Bench Ideas (Seating Pictures & Designs)

Here we present many ideas for attractive outdoor benches. An outdoor bench can be a great way to enjoy your garden, terrace or patio. They can be used as a living room around the fireplace to enjoy family and friends. The benches can also be used as a place for private reflection or to extend the living space outdoors. Below you will find various options for designing an outdoor bench that you can use as inspiration for creating your own welcoming garden.

Surrounded by lush green grass and a backdrop of tropical plants, the stone fire with its curved stone bench above is the ideal place to sit in the garden. Decorated with pink and orange neon cushions and accompanied by a sturdy wooden furniture set, the whole family can gather around a warm fire. Beige pebbles form the circular patio and change the pace of the lawn.

For most people, the garden is the pride and joy of their home. With urbanisation and rapidly rising property prices, owning a beautiful oasis is a modern privilege. Whoever is lucky enough to have a beautiful garden should have enough space to sit and admire his work. When choosing the best outdoor sofa for your home, you should take into account the variety of materials. Then adapt the physical properties and aesthetic value of this material to the type of garden you have, where you want to place the seat and how you really want to relax when you are in your garden.

Here are some ideas for communal outdoor benches that can work for most types of gardens.

Integrated – This type of outdoor seating is ideal if you plan to accommodate a large number of people in your outdoor space. With the ability to fully integrate planters and fireplaces, this is a great way to organize large outdoor spaces and maximize views of the garden and landscape. Circular alignments are an excellent way to create social dynamics, while a linear type of integrated seating encourages more movement and a more central space. Normally the chairs are made on a cement base, but they can also be made of polished cement or wood or tiles.

Suspension – Ideal for just one or two people, this is the most exciting type of outdoor seating, suspended from an awning, balcony or perhaps even a large shady tree. Even better, this place focuses on the best views of the garden to enjoy a gentle swing while admiring the landscape.

Covered bench – Although gardens are designed to enjoy the outdoors, nature sometimes gets in the way when it decides to dump heavy rainfall, hard sunshine and heavy snow on your garden. To be on the safe side, the bench can be fully integrated into the roof, whether it’s a small gable roof or just a fence with beautiful vines running through it. Of course, it is always best to adapt the material and colour of your roof to the natural characteristics of the landscape and not to block too much light, air and views with your roof.

A picnic bench is the most practical choice to sit outside. A picnic bench is the most flexible choice for a multifunctional garden as it can be used for various activities and is suitable for a large number of people. Whether you use a picnic bench for an afternoon cup of tea or for a whole day of grilling, a picnic bench can accommodate everything. This flexibility also makes it possible to use the patio space for other everyday functions that would otherwise be limited to the interior of the house, such as B. Learning, eating, working and receiving guests and visitors. After all, a little sunshine and a little fresh air can make the difference between a cold, boring day and a natural energy boost outside.

The straight back bench is the most common type of outdoor seating and can be purchased in-store in a wide range of budgets, designs and finishes. Because of its simple but very functional profile, it is also a fairly common option for DIY enthusiasts.

A sofa without a backrest is the simplest type of outdoor seat. This type of chair is ideal for large outdoor areas where the seats are used for temporary relaxation rather than long-term seating. It is also suitable where the sofa does not interrupt important landscape features, as it can be designed to be low and inconspicuous.

External curved support

The patio of this modern washed limestone house fits perfectly into the desert landscape. The fireplace between the three raised benches provides warmth on cold nights, while the pool in the back is a welcome place to relax during the day. The recreation area is surrounded by landscaping and a coarse gravel barrier.

This traditional two-roofed house has a large terrace that starts with a wooden pergola above a dining table on one side, and a beautifully landscaped stone fireplace and curved stone bench on the other. The seating area, made of porous beige crushed stone, gives the traditional outdoor space a more rustic touch.

This large house in country style distinguishes itself from the others because it has a fireplace attached to the backyard. The fireplace, made of reddish stone blocks, contrasts strongly but subtly with the white wooden shingles of the house, but is softened by the misplaced and kitschy outdoor furniture and cushions.

This Mexican-inspired patio lies in the warm red desert hills and has bright yellow textured surfaces on a concrete bench. This sober finish is softened by bright red seat tiles and patterned decorative tiles around the central fireplace and throughout the back wall. The highest point of the chimney is a cylindrical apex which forms a kind of accentuated apex.

Metal outdoor bench

Though simple, this beautiful metal bench has a curl and vine pattern on the back that will add a touch of elegance to any garden. This sofa should last a lifetime with its solid iron body and its timeless appeal.

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This beautiful natural stone terrace overlooks the lush green ranch and is separated from it by a rustic double barn in the style of a horse stable. A pair of antique wrought iron benches stand on the terrace around a low reddish stone fireplace. To maximize the view, choose portable outdoor benches that can be versatile when watching the sunrise or sunset.

This wrought iron bench, painted white in the traditional style, leans majestically against the high wall of the garden. The white frame contrasts well with the lush green behind and the intricate pattern brings a touch of class to an ordinary garden.

This sturdy steel garden bench, even when placed on a site near water, will not deteriorate thanks to its hand-welded strength and powder contact coating. This particular shade of blue is a subtle but lively addition to the house on this side of the creek, and complements the white fence, which rests on sturdy restored wooden pillars. Grey wooden terraces and brown terracotta pots are also a subtle way to bring out the blue even more. Look at this metal outside bench at – Wayfair.

This black bench with a wrought iron back is decorated with parchments and motifs of the time and leans against a low red brick garden wall. Around a tower of large deciduous trees and seasonal flowers. The sofa fits very discreetly into the landscape, but its classic profile evokes a certain sense of nostalgia.

This hexagonal bench has a cast aluminium body finished in antique bronze. The sofa weighs around £750 and is ideal for large public outdoor areas. In this case there is a bench with a pattern of leaves and lattice work in the middle of a terrace covered with ash tiles.

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Wooden outdoor bench

This old bench, painted in aqua blue and then sanded to give it a vintage look, gives this garden a modern retro touch. The light blue flower stands at the end of a gravel path and is surrounded by lush shrubs and flowers. It fits perfectly with the variety of colors of the flowers.

This long brown wooden bench on a grey terrace plate has a traditional profile with a straight backrest of wooden slats and a seat with curved armrests. Sitting on this bench you can admire the large shrubs with pure white and bright red flowers in the foreground.

This elegant, blue-painted and white-decorated folding board house is the perfect place for the warm shades of wood in this unique backyard. The L-shaped outdoor bench combines with the wooden planks on the pebble side and the mosaic of the lawn closer to the house.

This simple wooden bench has a curved black cast iron S-section with standard wooden poles running along the front. This bench is located in front of a semi-paved driveway. It is low and allows those who sit down to feel the grass with their hands while sitting in this lush garden.

Enjoy a smaller patio by choosing a bench that doesn’t look small. This simple eucalyptus bench has a nicely curved lattice pattern on the back and feels really comfortable on a fresh white-green carpet surrounded by plants.

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In accordance with the angular shape of the row of gardeners behind it, this hanging bench is L-shaped and made of warm cedar wood. White and blue cushions are thrown over the head and mix well with the bright purple and deep green of the ivy-covered wall.

Outdoor bench do-it-yourself

When making your own outdoor seats, it is important to know which wood is best for outdoor seating. The use of the right type of wood prevents damage caused by sunlight and humidity. Here are some of the best natural wood materials to create an outdoor bench: Acacia, redwood, cedar, cypress, teak and coastline.

This contemporary house has a courtyard paved with large concrete slabs carefully separated by grey river pebbles. In addition to the wicker furniture and the stainless steel grid, the L-shaped bench runs along the outer edge of the outdoor space and consists of recycled wooden seats laid on a washed concrete base, which corresponds to the industrial look of the main house.

This modern courtyard has a finely carved, dark-coloured antique wooden beam used for the walls and floors of the elevated patio. It is also used for a U-shaped bench and a raised chimney leading to a white tile. The U-shaped bench is a deep blue that contrasts with the dark brown wood panels and lush green hedges all around.

This contemporary outdoor space features a minimalist do-it-yourself sofa suspended from a rear wall with a rough concrete finish. The simple design is complemented by cushions in bright blue and orange shades and with the zigzag carpet on the back. On its side, air and ornamental plants breathe life into the room.

Ideal for families: An old garden bench can easily be improved by painting it with fresh patterns. Stenciling is one of the easiest and least confusing ways to achieve this look. Back in place, the newly painted bench accentuates the colour of the low flowering shrubs.

This two-storey wooden deck in the backyard has a linear staircase leading from the upper deck balcony to a generous wooden deck surrounded by a gutter of wood chips and then to a lawn. The lower deck, which lies above the ground, has a few simple but functional wooden benches that are made of the same wood as the whole deck. They are easy to assemble because they are screwed directly to the deck, making them safe and stable for outdoor use.

Outer concrete stand

This huge villa in the mountains has walls and a roof of solid cement and wood. The row of concrete benches on either side of the entrance is the ideal place to admire the view and passes naturally into the house and the surrounding cliffs. Square, faceted stone slabs can also be found in the entrance hall and are illuminated by small recessed spotlights under the benches.

The modern style patio with sharp, square corners has a raised square fireplace and recessed seating all around. The L-shaped concrete corner bench has a moss green cushion and a psychedelic pattern in the back – a striking contrast to the light grey stone used in the rest of the patio.

This southwest style patio has a planter, a low outside bench and a smooth concrete fire pit that runs along the beige block wall. The chocolate brown cement finish combines the light purple mantle, the red brick fireplace and the traditional brown cushions of the outdoor furniture. Around the wall, the rectangular planters are a simple but beautiful decorative element.

This low stone bench with a light grey structure is the perfect complement to this yellow flowering shrub. An area with high grass and raised earth, a simple design element, leads to a wild and undisturbed open space.

Outdoor bench for paragliders

This white outdoor double sofa is made of rustic acacia wood and looks great on any veranda, terrace or patio. Discover this sofa for paragliding enthusiasts at Amazon….

The outdoor glider bench is an excellent piece of furniture for your garden. The soft sliding movement of the sofa makes it a relaxing place to drink a cup of coffee in the morning or to unwind at the end of a long working day.

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External swivel bracket

The Adirondack rocking sofa provides a more dynamic element and harmonises with the style of the two low wooden garden chairs. The warm red wooden seat contrasts with the light green grass and the plain grey concrete of the terrace floor.

This beautiful lake house has a long terrace on the sides, opposite the large portholes framed in white. The faded yellow wooden terrace contrasts with the large wooden balcony and the soft outdoor terrace. On one side hangs a modest swivel couch on the upper floor, which offers a beautiful view when you swing.

In this garden flooded with vegetation, this wooden bench is the most important decorative element. It consists of a rounded wooden construction with a wooden slatted base hanging above it. A green slate saddle roof also becomes a defining aesthetic feature of the room and provides sufficient shade when it rains or shines.

Solid and wide enough for two people, you can spend the whole day on the outside terrace with this beautiful hanging chair. The base, made of large wooden planks and fastened with metal screws, is tastefully curved to come out of the ground and hold the textile canopy above the wooden frame. Underneath is a white upholstered swivel seat, which is held at both ends by a strong basket-like braid, making it both tactile and aesthetic.

This white stained wood bench hangs a few centimetres above the polished red concrete floor, has a cylindrical pattern on the backrest and armrest and is attached to the ceiling with a rope. As you rock with a large and beautiful garden in the background, the sofa with its canary-yellow cushion and ocean wave cushion offers comfort.

This very rustic looking swing, overlooking the hill, comes in a very unique driftwood assembly. Decorated with hanging flower pots and even an old Olmec cup used as a flowerpot, this outdoor space exudes a charm that is both whimsical and vintage.

This wooden hanging bench has an almost sculptural appearance and consists of several yellowish horizontal slats that almost seem to come from the tree from which they hang. The electric blue rope from which the bench is suspended contrasts sharply with the light-coloured wooden surface of the swing bench and the green of the freshly mowed lawn.

This swing is suspended on a sturdy metal chain and with its rounded profile and thatched construction is a very practical addition to any backyard. Even more comfortable thanks to the seat cushions, the bright orange upholstery accentuates the dark wickerwork of the abstract patterns and the plain white cement pattern in a pleasant way.

Modern outdoor bench

This 100% stainless steel terrace bench with an elegant chrome profile fits well in a modern garden. In this case it is pushed into the corner of a grey wooden terrace with a glass balcony. The surrounding greenery accentuates the modern terrace theme through the use of bamboo. Conversely, this support can also be used indoors and is wear-resistant because it is supplied as a fully welded part.

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This highly textured piece is made of cut basalt stone, making it a highly sculptural conversation piece that can bring any garden space in an old courtyard to life. The stone bench stands in a gravel pit and stands out amidst all the low shrubs and the greenery of the garden. The top of the sofa is polished with a natural edge, creating a safe and comfortable seat.

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Wicker outdoor bench

This elegant poolside terrace with a limestone floor has a functional semi-circular outdoor area with a central round table. The chairs are all in dark wickerwork with white cushions and weatherproof cushions. Look at this willow semicircular bench on – Amazon.

This luxurious swimming pool, adjacent to two large factory boxes, is beautifully illuminated at night and accessible via a floating platform from the living room of the house. There is only one piece of furniture on this illuminated platform – a luxurious rattan lounger with white cushions and throw pillows.

A curved outdoor bench in white rattan lies by the inviting swimming pool, which has a reclaimed wooden floor with a pebble edge. The peacock coloured cushion not only perfectly matches the pool’s navy blue, but is also made from Sunbrella fabric, making the sofa weatherproof and durable when used regularly.

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Rural external bank

This rustic wooden bench is very roughly built, but still has a certain homemade charm, especially because it is right on the beach. The palapa stands above the sofa, an open space with a roof of palm leaves, perfect for entertaining the wind in warm weather and framing a breathtaking view of the beach.

This handmade wooden garden shed has wooden logs on all sides in a warm wood tone. Between these sturdy posts there are lighter, more cube-shaped wooden planks that serve as benches. The outdoor area is furnished with wooden garden furniture and has fine pebbles as flooring.

This garden bench has a flowering fern pattern on the back and a simple wooden seat. This corresponds to the low greenery planted directly behind the house, which also contrasts with the red brick walls of the house. The rest of the garden is covered with orange pebbles.

This small village house has a cobbled courtyard, but still has some garden channels with a hanging planter and low-threshold shrubs. Directly in front of the red brick wall, next to the wooden and golden back door is a stone garden bench. Right next to the bench is a white cement knife with human motifs with living flowers in relief.

This square garden path in cement tiles is animated by a heavy wooden bench. This classic profile has a pair of large spoked wheels on both sides and also has wooden slats on the seat and back. It’s a great addition to add a chic touch to any ordinary garden space.

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This vintage outdoor bench made of wood and wickerwork is painted in a fresh blue color with handmade flower and leaf motifs on the surface. The blue wooden bench rests on generously sized cement tiles covered with red pebbles. It really brings the space in the garden to life, especially if you sit in front of the flowering vines that climb the outside wall of the house.

Outdoor benches

The wooden bench, painted in deep navy blue, creates a beautiful play of colours with the lush, pale violet blue rain blossoming along the path. To accentuate the enchanting spectacle of the hanging flowers, large stone slabs have been laid in front of the floor and walls.

The tropical landscape with its low flowers, carabao grass and palm trees is a good backdrop for this wrought iron bench, painted in traditional white. Made of traditional wickerwork and with a backrest inlaid with floral and grape motifs, this sofa brings an old-fashioned elegance to a fresh tropical garden.

The red shrub brings much-needed life to the traditionally curved concrete garden bench, with an egg pattern and double rolling feet. Old forests, intrusive grass and rustic outdoor furniture give this courtyard an antique look.

This bench in bright pink flamingo with a traditional profile is a welcome surprise in this small courtyard in traditional style with a red brick and cement floor. The entire terrace is surrounded on all sides by vertically oriented potted plants.

Outdoor picnic bench

Faded brick paving tiles are laid to create a small patio on this large lawn and garden. On the pavement is a dining table in dark brown teak. The seat has two long benches around an elongated rectangular table. The whole table is protected from the sun by a lemon-green parasol and decorated with a trio of paper lanterns.

This super modern house features a long white outdoor dining room with white wood planks arranged vertically. This contrasts nicely with the dark wooden floor that leads to the outdoor pool, where there is also a wooden bench in white painted concrete and lighting under the seat.

Despite its simplicity, this set of wooden picnic tables and benches is a versatile addition to any outdoor space and can be transformed from a table and bench into a large garden bench. Made from a mix of spruce and hardwood, this wooden outdoor furniture is durable, can be stained and has a smooth umbrella holder for placement in case of inclement weather.

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The dark wood folding dining table is outside in a large modern house. The sofas have a subtle dark brown upholstery and go well with the off-white colours used in the rest of the house. A warm seed box at the edge of the fresco gives a little warmth to the room.

Outdoor garden bench

Amidst bright roses and oranges and against a backdrop of bright green shrubs, this long bench fits perfectly into its surroundings. It rests on a cement slab and has a patinated wood finish that emphasizes the vibrant flowers that surround it.

This bench, painted bright forest green, is nestled between two lively flowerbeds and leads to a wider cobbled path. In front of a red brick wall and hanging ivy, the bench in the pavement is a great place to relax, even at night, because the sunlight shines right next to it.

This garden in traditional Tuscan style is characterized by the linear cast iron balustrades, the lower part of which is covered with ivy, and by the beige cement stairs leading to the lower terrace. On one side is a stone plinth for plants, and on the other side is a unique addition in the form of a light purple cement plinth with a matching purple vase ornament. This unique seating group has a large white cushion with matching silk cushions.

Made of simple bamboo, this rustic bench is light but sturdy, in keeping with the old adage that bamboo bends but does not break. The flower wire directly behind the bench also features a whimsical bamboo design, while accommodating a beautiful selection of hanging flowering plants. A simple concrete brick walkway is used for a patio in the backyard and complements the bright green of the freshly mowed lawn.

This simple but highly functional bench consists of a series of weathered wooden slats resting on two solid concrete posts emerging from a white sand quarry. The white sandbox and light shades of the garden bench contrast so well with the green grass, hedges and shrubs around it, giving it an almost modern Zen look in the middle of the neat garden. This is a good example of how outdoor ideas don’t have to be extravagant if you have an attractive view of the garden.

A classic wooden bench, well hidden between two large hanging flower pots, blends naturally with the red brick wall and floor and the classically painted door and window frames. To underline the elegance of the sofa, a leaf-shaped floral motif appears on the backrest and on the side armrests, which are made of wrought iron. Ground trays add heat to the entire garden system.

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