39 Gorgeous Gazebo Ideas (Outdoor Patio & Garden Designs)

In this gallery you will find pictures of gazebo ideas to create the perfect backyard retreat. A variety of styles, including traditional octagonal gazebos, modern covered porches and modern gazebos over pools, offer a wealth of ideas for design inspiration. Adding a pergola to your home’s garden is a great way to increase visual appeal and provide your family and friends with an ideal environment to relax and chat.

The octagonal vinyl gazebo pictured above is 12 feet in diameter. The shingles and rooster have a classic, antique look that creates a cozy, rustic charm that fits perfectly with this stone-tiled garden and organic pool setting. Located directly above the pool, with a small wooden bridge over the river rock, it is an attractive focal point in this lush garden.

Garden arbour ideas

Stone paved paths through the green grass of this garden lead to a large pergola in this design. It serves as an outdoor lounge and is furnished with quaint garden furniture.

Different types of gazebos for your home.

Gazebos are the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It not only adds to the architectural aesthetics of your garden, but also provides the seating and storage you need when you need it. So if you’re planning a weekend full of family gatherings and outdoor parties with friends, an arbor will definitely come in handy.

Gazebos have been part of the home since ancient times. Made from different elements like wood, metal, steel and vinyl, gazebos are built with great ease in the modern era. They are creatively constructed in many designs, inspired by the architectural styles of countries around the world.

Freestanding or attached to the main building, gazebos can be built in a variety of ways, depending on their use and the space available. Here is a list of the most popular types of garden sheds used in garden design, each with its own functionality and decorative applications.

Victorian Pavilions : The Victorian pavilions have a classic charm. What we usually picture with the word arbor is a white Victorian arbor with wrought iron details, balustrades, crucifixes and carvings. A Victorian arbor on your patio is a visual treat, especially if you surround it with lush greenery. Victorian gazebos are very popular because they provide just the right touch of classic outdoor charm.

Rustic pavilions : Rustic garden sheds are usually made from old and recycled wood. The rustic design of the pavilion looks very natural with its unfinished wooden columns and roof structure. They are manufactured in different shapes and sizes depending on their use. Although they are not as concrete as other gazebos, rustic wooden gazebos can be complemented with lights, plants and curtains to make it the perfect place for your summer barbecue with your loved ones.

Oriental pavilions : Oriental pergolas are inspired by Asian structures and give your look a Zen touch. Oriental gazebos can be simple and minimalistic with clean lines when built in a modern style. Traditional oriental pavilions are characterized by intricate woodwork and bright colors.

Besides, there are also Pop Up Gazebos. A Pop-Up gazebo is a retractable shelter with steel and aluminum frames and can come in any size, shape and color depending on personal needs. There is a range of pop up gazebos to choose from, and they serve the same purpose as a pergola. If you’re searching for a perfect choice for your outdoor space or garden, then check out TFH Gazebos online.

Folly Gazebos: The most beautiful of all, the crazy pavilions are purely ornamental. In ancient times, such gazebos were built on extravagant properties for decorative purposes. The most common type of gazebo is made of wrought iron and painted white. With their generous size and delicate appearance, the Insanity pavilions are without a doubt the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Install a pergola in your flower beds or place small benches to give children and pets a place to rest in your garden.

This tropical patio uses a warm and decidedly comfortable octagonal cedar pavilion, 12 feet in diameter. The wooden terrace on which this pavilion stands leads to the outdoor pool.

The beautiful Mediterranean-style interior includes an outdoor terrace covered by a pergola with columns. There is also an outdoor kitchen on the terrace. All this in addition to a private pool and various landscape features in this garden design.

The neoclassical appearance of the columnar pergola in this example is enhanced by the concave, corrugated shape of the bell-shaped roof. This backyard garden is landscaped with bricks and lush vegetation that pairs perfectly with the built-in pergola.

The backyard has an Asian Zen style, which is also reflected in the pavilion. The small octagonal wooden structure has a curved roof, wooden posts and rough wooden fencing, characteristic of Asian design.

In the garden there is a stone pergola, halfway between the Palladian and the classical style. The stocky Doric columns supporting the arched stone capitals have a rough, hammered quality that gives the space a sense of security and comfort.

This garden uses unique outdoor lighting and landscaping to highlight its custom wooden pergola. The gazebo itself is a stylishly designed back wall with a custom made window frame and grey wooden planks.

This modern, minimalist example of covered porch pergola design uses prismatic proportions, pristine white stone elements, and modernist rectangular and square design elements to achieve a beautiful yet simple architectural look.

Ornament is the name of the game for this custom gazebo. To match the beautifully landscaped garden and surrounding hedges, the gazebo features sculpted stonework, a wrought iron roof painted white and built-in stone seating to match the circular shape of the structure.

Very similar to the previous example, but with more sophistication and high-end ambiance. It has stone columns, built-in stone benches and a wrought iron pergola with paintings. The planting in this backyard is more subdued, but still beautiful.

This garden gazebo features stained pine joinery, beautiful climbing plants and a diameter of 3 meters. It is spacious enough for a simple set of seats to enjoy the garden.

This tropical design makes extensive use of a variety of landscape flora. The path to the gazebo winds through a water feature and other beautiful scenery, ending with stairs to the sitting area.

This hexagonal Tuscan-style pergola features thick Doric stone columns, a large squat roof and a landscaped backdrop with minimal but elegant use of plants and shrubs.

Deck Arch Ideas

The cedar siding of this 12-foot octagonal pavilion has a paint job that matches the raised wood deck in which it is built. This corner location gives users a great view of the green grass in the garden, but also fits well with the picnic terrace.

The white painted pergola matches the clean and uncluttered look of this garden terrace. The grey tiles break the visual and aesthetic monotony and give the room a classic and elegant look. The seating in the pavilion allows users to relax and enjoy nature.

This wooden terrace also serves as an outdoor pool with a private hot tub in the middle. In the corner of the raised terrace is a wooden pergola furnished with chairs that serves as a comfortable and warm place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

The lakeside location provides an excellent opportunity to develop ideas for a pavilion. Waterfront terraces, like this one, are the perfect place to relax and unwind. The wooden pergola of this terrace fits between the boat house and the rocking chair. The seating provided allows users to relax and enjoy the view of the lake.

Steel pergolas on wooden terraces are very often mobile. Gazebos of this type are useful for homeowners who prefer flexible and versatile spaces. The steel pergola used has sunshades to protect the outdoor furniture from the elements.

This patio pavilion is built of large wooden posts with a high ceiling. The roof is covered with shingles. Outdoor gazebo ideas, like this style, offer the flexibility and space to put on multiple tables and chairs for gatherings.

Outdoor Patio Arbor Ideas

The four-post gazebo has a hanging outdoor light, square posts painted white and royal blue roof shingles. The effect on the garden terrace really brings the outdoor space to life.

Gazebo ideas come in many designs. This simple, modern gazebo features round stone columns, a wicker outdoor bench, a slate floor and a motorized fan in the center of the gazebo’s ceiling.

This rooftop terrace is perfect for outdoor events and dinners. The glass ceiling of the used modern pavilion is perfect for this; it ensures that those sitting on the dining table outside have a great view of the sky above them.

This stone terrace has a picturesque brown and white wooden pergola, with equally charming blue garden furniture. The overall atmosphere of the space is warm and welcoming.

This traditional Victorian arbor design uses white wood, wood shingles and lots of thin baseboards to create a shaded, tree-lined space that is elegant, sophisticated and inviting.

The bright and colorful backyards of the tropical garden make careful use of landscape elements to enhance the outdoor experience. Stone block paths and a small wooden bridge form a path to a pretty pergola at the rear. This room was furnished with built-in chairs, beautiful ferns and potted plants.

In this backyard, there are three pavilions that serve different purposes. One has a private hot tub and the other a chic sitting area to relax in. The third main pavilion, located in the middle, is a white pavilion that also houses various living room furniture.

Both pavilions have simple wooden posts resting on stacked stone bases. The main feature is the presence of bright orange terracotta tiles, parallel to the roof style of the main house.

Gazebos and pergolas often serve as eye-catchers for outdoor spaces. This backyard has a large lawn, cascading stone paths and a small fountain. The gazebo and pergola are made of simple wood, which makes the backyard comfortable and very welcoming.

Gazebo Pool

At the upper end of the spectrum, this model’s decorative octagonal wooden pavilion sits on a grassy hillside and offers a beautiful view of the garden pool.

This luxurious backyard pool has a Mediterranean feel and two pergolas with Corinthian columns – one accommodates a nice outdoor table and seating, the other a spa gazebo.

The classic Mediterranean design style is evident in the arched columns of the large octagonal pergola in this room. The luxurious pool, landscaping with royal palms and recreational facilities make it an ideal place to relax.

Pool gazebos like these usually have a dual purpose. Not only is it a shady place to rest and relax, but it probably also serves as the entrance to the pool maintenance/pump room.

This unique poolside gazebo has a beautiful gabled roof with exposed wooden columns, beams and rafters. In addition to using river stone columns, using an outdoor fireplace adds warmth and coziness to the space.

This pool has a poolside gazebo with a bell-shaped roof, white sides and sleek white round columns. The bar area is located in the pavilion and offers users an elevated, shaded area to have a drink and relax.

Two beautiful water features surround this lake, a promenade, a swimming pool, a luxury pavilion covered in Spanish tiles. It has a transition area between the two sides of the pool. The elevated floor plan offers great views of the lake and the pool in the backyard.

This unique gazebo design is built into the pool rather than next to it. It has a pool level bar and is equipped with stools for the pool bar.

This tropical garden is a unique example of landscape architecture. It has winding stone paths that dance around shallow, tiered pools. In the middle is a white pergola, accessible only through an ornate grape arch and a small rose garden.

The combination of the pool and custom gazebo was exquisite and gracefully executed. The black wrought iron look of the pergola contrasts nicely with the white stone in the background of the columns and at the edge of the pool.

A very open and tropical example of luxury garden design. This outdoor space utilizes a large tropical infinity pool that shares two wooden decks. At the corner of the property we have a tropical Asian gazebo with native wooden posts, a steep tropical roof and seating that gives the user an unobstructed view of the fields, palm trees and the ocean in the distance.

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What is the best garden arbor?

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Is it more cost effective to build a gazebo yourself?

Want to build your own gazebo and still save money? Traditional gazebos can easily cost $3,000 or more when built at home from a prefabricated kit.

Can I build a pergola in my garden?

As gazebos, pergolas and pavilions are not generally considered permanent outdoor structures, you may not need planning permission to install them in your garden. However, many municipalities and cities limit the size of structures you can build on your property, so it is advisable to inquire just to be sure.

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