33 Amazing Backyard Palapa Ideas

33 Amazing Backyard Palapa Ideas

33 Amazing Backyard Palapa Ideas

Welcome to our palapa palace idea gallery with a variety of design styles.

Nowadays, palapas in courtyards are often used as indoor spaces for recreation and walking. Settling in the residential courtyards brings back memories of those who spent their holidays in the resort in the palapas.

What is a palapa?

A palapa is a building that is open on all sides. They are usually small and made of natural materials. Although they are generally small, they do not necessarily have to be, but in some cases they can be very complicated. Palapas have a roof of dried palm leaves and natural poles that keep the roof in place. The leaves are joined together to form a roof. The building is therefore ideally suited for temperatures and warm places. Areas such as West Mexico, Florida, Texas and California are the most common areas for building palapa.

The word palapa comes from Spanish and means palm leaf stalk, which, as said, is an excellent description of palapa. As the name suggests, the palapa is common on the beaches and in the deserts of Mexico and is an important architectural element in the culture of western Mexico.

How much does a palapa cost?

Depending on the size, shape and material of the palapa it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive, but it can be more complicated and cost a few euros more. On a standard scale, palapas can range from $750 to $4,000. On an individual basis, they can vary from $2,000 to $50,000 in some places. Upgrades can be of all kinds: custom paint or colours, type of reed on the roof, number of poles needed to keep the roof in place, etc.

In addition, various furniture supports or accessories may be required. The size of the palapa determines the number of supports it needs. They can be made of wood, metal or any other material you desire. This selection determines the price. With the wooden coasters you have the possibility to add various sculptures or engravings to brighten up the decor.

One way to save a few dollars is to use local materials to save on transportation costs and help the environment. Another way to save money is by downsizing or removing the extra equipment. Several unique features can be removed to keep prices low.

How to build a Palapa roof

To build a palapad roof, the roof must be covered with straw. Straw is a nice word for weaving palm leaves together. This should not only be done with palm leaves, but also with many different types of plants with which the sugar cane fertilization process can be carried out.

There’s a special tool called Legget. It’s a kind of scoop that helps to weave the leaves together. When they are all assembled, the edges should be cut straight or ribbed as desired. The closer and better the connection, the stronger the roof. The more layers are added, the greater the strength and durability.

Often the first layer is damaged first, so that it can be removed and replaced later. This is done in the same way as the rest of the roof.

What is the lifespan of the Palapa roof?

Most roofs in Palapa can generally last 4 to 10 years. Time and the environment in general will change the lifespan of a Palapa roof. The level of craftsmanship and the quality of the materials are also important factors for the longevity of a Palapa roof.

Moisture, but also rain and wind cause a lot of wear and tear on the roof of the Palapa, so it is on its way to the end of the wheel’s service life. Usually, the inclined plane is the worst and may be the only part that can be replaced, extending its service life. The maintenance and cleaning of the roof and supports, if necessary, is also essential for the life of the buildings.

Some products, such as B. African sugar cane generally last 5 to 12 years, Mexican palms 2 to 8 years and in Tahiti 5 to 10 years. There are also Palapa roofing options that are synthetic and designed to last 20 years or more.

For those who want a more sustainable roof structure, a garden pavilion with a solid roof can be a better investment.

Palapa version

There are many different models of palapa. One of the most popular ideas is to build structures over the pool to provide shade on hot days. Another idea is to use the palapa as a tiki-bar to entertain the guests. One thing’s for sure, they can give your backyard the tropical look you want for your outdoor space. Here we share our gallery with some of the best ideas from the palapa palace.

covered veranda of the Palapa

Palapa with hanging fairy lights

Palapa Palace with bar

Palapa in the garden

Create your own palapa using a kit or by buying a bamboo stem and dried palm leaves to create your own design.

Set Palapa Palapa

Discover this palapa environment on the Amazon.

Palapa with curtains

Swimming pool with palapa and outdoor kitchen

Rustic palapa with wavy bench and sea view

This rustic structure looks more like a garden shed. However, the wooden structure may just as well be made of fern to achieve the same effect.

Palapa by the pool next to the sun island.

Palapa with Jacuzzi

Palapa bath with water function

Pool cover with concrete garden block bottom

Palapa with two seats

Grand Palapa Court

Palapa Basin Island

Palapa Dining table

Palapa with open kitchen

Palapa outdoor kitchen with lighting

Playground in the backyard with palapa thatched roof.

Tiki-bar Palapa

Bar Palapa with grill


Large pool in terrace Palapa

Palapa with terrace next to the caravan

Palapa with fireplace

According to Brian Simpson, editor of a popular fireplace review site a fireplace can be a great place to meet during the day or in the evening. See other pavilion models here.

Palapa pool with hammocks

Palapa with small pool

One mast palapa with wooden deck

Palapa on a wooden bridge

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