32 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Choosing a backsplash in your kitchen can be a fascinating but difficult task. It’s not just a matter of choosing a theme/colour that suits your kitchen. You also have to decide what kind of material you want to use for your splashes. You also have to think about the kind of service you want. To help you choose great designs, check out our list of ideas for the kitchen’s backsplash.

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# 1. Deluxe Brick Travertine

(Source: zillow.com)

Here we have a beautiful travertine backsplash in a fresh white colour that perfectly matches the limestone tile floor.

#2 Kitchen with dormer window and gold coloured sloping back wall

Conical limestone tile backsplash

(Source: zillow.com)

The beautifully carved and gold polished limestone tiles harmonise perfectly with the hanging lights in kitchens and skylights on roofs.

#3 Mediterranean style with rustic brick back

a kitchen idea framed with a backslash

(Source: zillow.com)

Beautiful Mediterranean kitchen with a frame that fits well with the L-shaped kitchen and the limestone tiles.

#4 Stainless steel rear spool

Stainless steel - modern kitchen - Backsplash .

(Source: zillow.com)

Here we have a great modern kitchen style with a brushed stainless steel backsplash that fits perfectly with the stainless steel cooking island.

#5 White marble kitchen backsplash

Kitchen pattern in white marble

(Source: homestratosphere.com)

An elegant white marble kitchen and a large marble backsplash under the elegant hood make this beautiful kitchen shine.

#6 Mosiac style kitchen backsplash


(Source: Zillow.com)

Elegant metallic stone is interwoven with modern mosaic wall tiles that perfectly match the chromed kitchen faucet and sliding handle, as well as the sleek granite worktops.

#7 Modern kitchen backsplash with accents

modern kitchen backsplash made of prairie clay mosaic

(Source: zillow.com)

The appeal of the kitchen is fresh and pleasant with the Mosiac tiles that surround it and blend perfectly with the pearl blue of the kitchen island.

#8 Handpainted backsplash

Hand-painted tile idea for a kitchen with a backsplash

(Source: zillow.com)

The kitchen in traditional style has beautiful hand-painted Spanish tiles. A unique addition to a classic design that goes well with a granite countertop.

#9 Spanish Cuisine

the idea of Spanish cuisine with a backsplash

(Source: oldhouseonline.com)

Another Spanish style tile backsplash surrounded by stained glass windows adds a lot of character to this colonial kitchen.

#10 Kitchen backsplash in marble look

Marble kitchen tile backsplash

(Source: picmia.com)

The Mosiac grey inlaid glass tile matches the marble worktop perfectly.

#11 Inverted StripStone wall covering

The idea of a small column in a stone kitchen wall covering

(Source: westsidetile.com)

A personalised stone backsplash for a modern kitchen.

#12 Tile pattern backsplash

Patterned tiles for the kitchen

(Source: interiorarch.pw)

The beautiful pattern of golden and green tiles presents a complex design that will make your kitchen stand out.

#13 Kitchen backsplash Wall painting

Wall backsplash

(Source: tilemuralstore.com.au)

A fascinating mural creates a sense of comfort and conviviality in this kitchen.

#14 Sea Theme Backsplash

The kitchen is sprinkled with sea motifs

(Source: pinterest.com)

This beautiful ocean-themed backsplash helps accentuate the beautiful look of the surrounding cabinets and countertops.

#15 ceramic style backsplash


(Source: housedecor.online)

A luxury ceramic tile kitchen backsplash adds elegance to any kitchen.

#16 All white back splashes

ceramic wall tiles

(Source: Zillow.com)

Beautiful all-white ceramic wall tiles with high ceilings that blend beautifully with the limestone countertops.

#17 Rustic kitchen backsplash

Rural light brick backplash

(Source: pinterest.com)

Comfortable light-coloured brick, rustic style, with a complex herringbone pattern.

#18 Sea blue kitchen backsplash

kitchen backsplash in ocean blue tiles

(Source: sanationalbank.com)

The beautiful ocean blue plaid kitchen backsplash brings beauty to any kitchen style.

#19 Dark and luxurious kitchen backsplash

An idea for a dark, stone kitchen

(Source: ziezet.com)

Hidden behind a stainless steel hooded stove, it has an impressive stone structure with a detailed three-diamond design.

#20 Mosiac modern backsplash

Kitchen backsplash in modern mosaic style

(Source: houzz.com)

The mix of materials gives this exceptional mosaic kitchen backsplash a dazzling finish.

#21 Rustic rock backsplash

Rustic themed kitchen with backsplash

(Source: houzz.com)

The perfect rustic kitchen style stone backsplash adds that rustic look that always adds character to a room.

#22 Metro style kitchen backsplash

An idea for a glass kitchen

(Source: stickboykitchen.com)

A glass kitchen with back wall covered with subway tiles brightens up this kitchen with style.

#23 Modern wet kitchen backsplash

Modern style wet kettle

(Source: cvhslaw.com)

A contemporary mosaic kitchen design with a backsplash will impress the crowd.

#24 Reverse Splash Marble Style

Marble kitchen style

(Source: houzz.com)

Made of cedar stone, with marble and glass back wall, this kitchen adds style to this neutral basic kitchen.

#25 Modern glass backsplash

kitchen back wall in blue glass

(Source: houzz.com)

The striking blue glass tiles in a modern style add class to this kitchen.

#26 Ceramic backsplash

Kitchen idea with ceramic backsplash

(Source: rackspacecloud.com)

Multicoloured ceramic tiles for the kitchen.

#27 Deluxe kitchen backsplash

kuxury kitchen design idea with backsplash

(Source: architectureartdesigns.com)

Luxurious multicoloured kitchen backsplash in mosaic style.

#28 Heart spatter

Kitchen - herring - grey - flashback

(Source: waplag.net)

A grey and multicoloured herringbone motif at the back illuminates this kitchen and gives it a modern look.

#29 Modern stone backsplash

Modern style stone kitchen backsplash

(Source: homzstyle.com)

Luxurious kitchen backsplash with white stone textured tiles.

#30 Backsplash style brick

Kitchen Spray

(Source: interiorpatio.com)

The brick-like backsplash in natural, light colour gives this kitchen a rustic look.

#31 Horizontal beautiful backsplash

design of a horizontally tiled kitchen

(Source: home-designing.com)

Elegant white mosaic in horizontal style that will enliven any kitchen style.

#32 Perfect installation of your kitchen

idea for a kitchen rubber mudguard made of paving stone

(Source: design.com)

An amazing and unique food processor that will surely draw attention to your home.

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