3 Ways to Keep Your Floors Effortlessly Clean

Have you experienced cleaning your floors but somehow they still end up dirty half an hour later? Generally speaking, floors are the most spacious items you have to clean in your home, and many homeowners are faced with the challenge of keeping their floors clean all the time. It’s even more challenging if you have little children or pets at home as well.

Keeping your floors clean doesn’t have to be a full-time job; homeowners just need advice on how to keep them clean without spending too much time and energy. For many people, maintaining the floor spotless and sparkling remains a fantasy, but with our tips and tricks on how to keep your floors clean at any time, that fantasy can easily become a reality.

Always vacuum before you mop

Mopping is crucial for keeping your floors sparkling clean. Every flooring material is cleaned in different ways and with different cleaning agents, but in general, every floor needs mopping for it to be clean. There are many mistakes people can make while mopping their floors, but with a little practice, you will have sparkling floors in no time. Since floors are the place where every dust particle falls in the home, mopping the floors without eliminating the dust first will leave you with a dirty paste-like residue spread all around your home. 

Generally, dust is a mixture of dead skin cells, dead insect particles, tiny plastic particles, bacteria, hair, and clothing fibers, and we’re sure you want to get rid of this as well as you can. You can sweep or clean your flooring as necessary after that. When mopping your floors, use a cleaning agent suitable to your floor material and drain your mop carefully when repeating the process around the home. If you don’t drain your mop thoroughly, you may end up spreading the dirt around your home by mistake. 

Use floor protector mats 

These coverings for your floors will provide safety and comfort. They can be used for covering hard surface flooring and carpets too. These floor mats work by absorbing spills instead of your floors and carpets, so they are perfect for households with little kids and pets. If you have a home gym and are lifting heavy weights, there are thick rubber mats to protect your floors if something heavy hits the ground.

There are also absorbing mats with a no-residue adhesive that are great for protecting and preserving all sorts of hard surfaces. This feature keeps mats in place when they’re required and makes it simple to relocate or change them. These mats are suitable for treating oil, chemicals, and water-based spills due to their absorbent properties.

Protector mats can also cover many sorts of carpets. The usual damage carpets can endure wearing out or being accidentally torn. A carpet protector mat over your floor covering mats can keep them safe from any kind of damage and will make them easy for cleaning when you take the protection off. These are great for spaces where people are often walking with their shoes on, like the entrance of your home. 

Carpet treatment

Cleaning carpets that haven’t been cleaned properly for some time can be a little tricky. There are a few steps that need to be done one by one to ensure that your rug is spotless. The first thing you need to do is to hang your carpet outside and beat it with a rug beater. It may sound old-fashioned, but rug beating usually works best for eliminating most of the dust that’s stuck inside the carpet. If you vacuum your carpets frequently and thoroughly, you won’t need to beat them more than once a year.

The best technique to clean carpet is to use a vacuum with powerful suction and to use it frequently. Letting dust and soil bits accumulate on carpet fibers causes them to become dull and smelly. Try using some cleaning agents appropriate for your type of carpet and incorporate baking soda in the process. Since baking soda needs to sit for some time to eliminate any grunge, oil, and smell, you can focus on cleaning the rest of your home and come back later to vacuum.


Final thoughts

Cleaning your floors may have been a task you never liked doing since it all ends in a mess. With these tips, you will have clean floors and carpets most of the time and enjoy the cleaning process. Don’t forget that protection of your floors is as important as cleaning and maintenance, so get your hard surface floors and carpets some protective mats, and enjoy your spotless floors.


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