27 Unique DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Tips

Everybody loves to be outside. There is something in the fresh air, the food and camaraderie that cheers people up. The atmosphere created by the lighting completes outdoor living. Good outdoor lighting can add a lot to a party or a relaxing break from the outside world. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the exciting atmosphere.

Do-it-yourself projects are the perfect way for every homeowner to feel really proud of his home, not to mention the savings you’ll make by using your stuff lying around your house, but also, let’s face it, your cheap labor, ha! You may not be paying yourself, but you will be rewarded with creative and unique projects to show your friends and family – especially curious neighbors. Take a look at our list of tips and ideas for tinkering outdoors to get your neighbours talking.

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#1 Wine Bottle Burner

Do-it-yourself wine bottle light

Image source: bottlesuncorkedllc.com

The tiki exterior lighting is excellent here. A few simple tools, and you’ll have a pleasant atmosphere by circulating all those old bottles of wine that have accumulated during many outdoor parties. Training manual

#2 Tin Lanterns

Pewter lanterns for do-it-yourself use

Image source: growcreativeblog.com

Don’t recycle empty vegetable crates! !! Calm down, we didn’t argue against recycling. We advocate turning these cans into something out of the ordinary. Something you wouldn’t do with the boring empty jar your family used to store corn porridge in.

Make those empty cans in the garbage can lanterns that will make your family even happier to eat their vegetables.

#3 Sheet for cupcakes

DIY Cupcake Liner Lighting Outdoor lighting

Image source: cfabbridesigns.com

To exaggerate, how many cupcakes did you need for this fundraiser? If that’s the case, you’re looking at a pile of unused and useless cupcake pans. Here’s a great solution: why not offer some treats to your garden? Creative do-it-yourself lighting made of cupcake moulds!

#4 Tin of tuna with glass candle

Do-it-yourself-to-tune-glass lantern

Image source: livenedup.com

Do you have several cats in the house or a tuna fish lover? Chances are you have a big pile of empty tuna/cat cans. Turn this mess into a beautiful lighting for your driveway or a border for a bed of flowers and plants.

#5 Tealight suspension

hanging tea lanterns pitcher

Image source: stagetecture.com

It is quite rare that there is a handyman or someone who does not have tea lights or cans lurking in the garage or barn. Use these cheap materials and let them transform your next page! They would be great for outdoor weddings, Easter egg hunts, birthday parties and so on.

#6 Shines in the pot with dark flowers

glow-in-the-dark light flowerpot

Image source: sweetandsimpleiving.com

It’s such a pity that your precious flowers and plants can’t show their green at sunset to the passers-by who pass by your house at night. Or can they?

Thanks to the appearance of phosphorescent paint in the dark, you can now paint flower pots to lighten your skills at night, and it will not improve your electricity bill!

#7 Wineglass lantern

Do-it-yourself glass wine lanterns Do-it-yourself glass lanterns

Image source: blogyourwine.com

Few wine lovers, but with a wide range of wine glasses, try turning them into table lanterns. This look would be great for any outdoor social gathering or if you are planning a wedding in someone’s backyard. All you need is a scroll or a do-it-yourself lampshade and you are on your way to a unique and amazing outdoor atmosphere.

#8 Happy Birthday, Lighting

Birthday hat crafting

Image source: cremedelacraft.com

Are you organising a birthday party for a group of guests who don’t like to wear a party hat, but want to keep the tradition alive? Turn your party hats into party lights with this incredibly creative birthday lantern lighting that is so easy and inexpensive.

Not only do you get party hats in addition to the tradition of making guests happy, but you also save on expensive outdoor party lighting!

#9 Skylights

Do-it-yourself dish lighting

Image source: marthastewart.com

Many families have boxes full of holiday shell memorabilia. They don’t know what to do with either B. They used a lot of seashells in their scrapbooking to make an age-old scrapbook. So what do you do with the remaining shells you picked up on romantic beach walks?

Give them life while they give you light. A beautiful approach to outdoor lighting with your loved one’s accumulated memories.

#10 Daisy Chain Wire

Outdoor lighting

Image source: pocketfulofdreams.com

Everyone in the do-it-yourself world is aware of the trend of yarn projects, and this pendulum of yarn with lantern is no exception.

It’s so easy to do. Simply inflate the balloon to the desired diameter and then apply Vaseline to the inflated balloon to prevent the rope from sticking to the balloon.

Then take equal parts of glue and water and dip the pieces of yarn into the mixture, constantly wrapping the yarn around the ball and holding it in the loop. Once you have completely covered the cord with air, apply more adhesive to the outer surfaces and leave it for two days. After 48 hours, pop out the balloon and insert the LED lights. Walla – Immediate pendulum for indoor and outdoor parties.


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