20 Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Function for Your Cooking Station

Release date : 15. September 2020 Shana Yuri

The knife is considered one of the most commonly used tools in the kitchen. Although the main function is to cut or cut, the knife actually exists in different styles and with different functions.

To cut bread, cut meat or season it, you probably need a different kind of knife. To distinguish them, take a look at the 20 types of kitchen knives below, along with their main features and functions.

1. Slaughter knife


A butcher’s knife, also known as a mincing knife, is not only used to chop, grind or shred different types of meat. The flat, blunt blade is also very handy for chopping vegetables and solid food. You can even use it to chop garlic and various seeds.

2. Thread knife

The blade of the filleting knife
is thin and soft, making it ideal for filleting fish skin
. The fillet knife also has a slightly curved shape, so that the
can easily make the first cut and cut along the skin.

3. Cook’s knife

The cook’s knife is one of the kitchen knives that can be used for various purposes. This knife is useful for cutting or chopping meat, vegetables and many other foods. It is suitable for both dicing and chopping.

4. Meat knife

You don’t need different kinds of kitchen knives to cut different kinds of meat – meat sticks, roasts, chicken, turkey, etc. – but you do need to use the same knife for different kinds of meat. Instead, a single cutting knife can do all the work.

With its long, serrated blade, this knife can fully grip the fibres of the meat while making clean cuts.

5. Bread knife

It is obvious that the bread knife
mentioned in the designation is mainly used to cut bread into thin slices
. This can easily be done without breaking or crushing the bread.
What’s more, the bread you cut will produce less crumbs thanks to the jagged edge of the

6. Boning knife

The bone knife is mainly used to remove bones from a piece of meat because of its thin and narrow blade. Before preparing a large roast of ham or beef, use a
bone knife to push the bone and separate it from the meat. The tapered tip of the
knife makes your work easier.

7. Cheese knife

The thin blade of the cheese knife
is suitable for cutting soft and hard cheeses
. This type of knife is available in different lengths. But the courts are used more often because they look good on a cheese board.

8. kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are not really knives, but their function in your kitchen is more or less similar to that of other types of kitchen knives. In fact, a kitchen scissors is not only useful for cutting or dicing different foods, but can also be used to cut the foil or paper needed for cooking.

9. Sushimes

The knife is mainly made of high quality carbon steel, the sushi knife has a flat blade with a bevelled edge. At the same time, the handle has a D-shaped section, which should be useful for cutting fish or cooking sushi for a long period of time.

10. Steak knife

The steak knife is used more often at the table than in the kitchen. Equipped with a sharp, serrated
knife, you can use this knife to cut a steak or other
meat if you eat it before dinner.

11. Tomato knife

tomato is a vegetable that can be cut into slices or pieces. So you need a knife that’s specially designed to work with him. The fine, sharp and serrated properties of the
tomato blade will help you cut any tomato more easily.

12. Circumcision knife

The cutting blade is about 2 to 3 centimetres long, making it ideal for processing smaller products. In addition to peeling or cutting, it can be used to cut certain vegetables into decorative shapes.

13. Peeling knife

With its fine, sharp blade and slightly curved tip, the peeler is mainly used for peeling fruit and vegetables. The special design makes it possible to cover the surface of
food while it is effortlessly peeled.

14. Corrugated knife

When cutting small or fragile materials of type
, a serrated knife of type
is preferably used. The light weight and straight blade of this knife allows you to clean products with thin skin. Moreover, it can easily be moved in a limited space with fruits or vegetables

15. Retractable knife

The blade surface of a kitchen knife is slightly larger than that of most kitchen knives. In the list of good kitchen knives, it is the most appreciated for its versatility. This knife can be used to cut fresh vegetables or to cut sandwiches.

16. Santoku knife

The Santoku
is characterized by raised edges along the blade that can balance the airflow of
between the blade and the object to be cut. This makes it easier for you to cut, dice and chop all types of food, especially those with a thin surface.

17. Nakiri knife

The Nakiri
knife, originally known as the Nakiri Bokcho, has a thin blade, a square
tip and a large area. This knife is more suitable for cutting vegetables
than for cutting meat. It can also be used to extract
pulp from certain vegetables.

18. Parking knife

The Paring
knife is small in size, with a straight, sharp blade. This template is useful for cutting and peeling different types of food, especially fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can also use it to remove the stone from the fruit.

19. Chopper

In principle, a basic set of kitchen knives uses a chopping knife or mezzaluna to chop fresh herbs or vegetables into small pieces. In addition to the curved blade, some types of choppers have a pair of handles instead of a handle.

This function allows you to pump the meat back and forth as you grind it.

20. Decoration knife

The preliminary phase fulfils its primary function by decorating the knife with a thin blade in a zigzag pattern or design. The leaf can create a shrink effect when used to decorate fruits or vegetables

The above basic information about the types of kitchen knives will help you distinguish them based on their basic characteristics. This allows you to choose the best type of knife for different tasks at your cooking station.

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