20 Pretty Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas for Modern Homes

Release date : 14. December 2020 Shana Yuri

Country kitchens bring a warm and comfortable touch to modern homes. Wood, warm tones and a rustic look are often used in the decoration of the farmer’s kitchens. Even if you have a modern kitchen, you can still integrate landscape design elements.

The country-style decor ranges from simple light bulbs to rustic cabinets and shelves. Here are 20 ideas to try in your kitchen.

1. Single country kitchen with corner counter

Simple Country Kitchen with Corner Wash Basin (by. apartmenttherapy.com)apartmenttherapy.com

This country kitchen has the usual decorative elements: Metal tiles, wooden counters and windows, and a single light bulb. The stainless steel sink, with its standard, adds a more modern touch. A black mirror and small ornaments add a touch of charm. You can use mouldings to place small decorations and save space.

2. Simple white country kitchen


This country kitchen uses many white elements to create a more modern look. Tiles and white metro cupboards give the kitchen an elegant appearance. The wooden elements are supplied in the form of a mini counter and cutting boards (various sizes). A modern pendant lamp completes the modern look.

3. White wooden kitchen in rustic style

Rustic white wood kitchen (par. @joriwilkinson) @joriwikinson

This rustic wooden kitchen
has a modern accent with black and white elements. Black cabinets
with white counter top and sink apron immediately attract the attention of
. The floating shelves are filled with glass bottles, bowls and other decorations related to Farm
. A rustic wooden beam and an elegant lamp complete the appearance of the

4. White country kitchen with cooking island

White country kitchen with island (section functional farmhouse) @functional farmhouse

This white kitchen in farm
is the ideal place to have fun. The kitchen is equipped with a marble worktop, with wooden and iron chairs. They complement the white subway tiles, the rustic wooden cabinets and the patterned parquet floors.

5. White kitchen with wire rack

White kitchen with wire shelves (par. sarahjoyblog.com) sarahjoyblog.com

You think white kitchens are boring? Add a unique wall ornament to emphasize the
theme. These wire shelves are perfect for the modern country kitchen. It may contain kitchen utensils and a glass bottle of flowers. These poles were installed near window
to mark it.

6. Mediterranean country kitchen

Mediterranean cuisine (par. @geel____fish) @geel___fish

kitchen decoration is inspired by the Mediterranean houses. The mini table is in lemon green, with a decorative fabric and unique stools. A beautiful decorative tile serves as a backsplash, with floating wooden planks containing all utensils. The floor is a rustic red brick that perfectly matches the
sand wall.

7. Farm kitchen with picnic table

Country kitchen with picnic table (par. lonny.com) lonny.com

farmer’s kitchen is equipped with a wooden picnic table to replace the cooking island. Table
serves as a handy place for events and for storing decorations, for example. B. Coffee table books or jars
. The wooden element continues into the ceiling beams and the table top. The white apron of the sink accentuates the rural look.

8. Country kitchen with period touch screen

Country Kitchen with a Vintage Touch (par. @houseofhire) @houseofhire

country kitchen is equipped with beautiful antique elements such as a chair and
designer lamps. Rustic elements appear in the glass bottle in the form of a flowerpot, a washed tile floor and white subway stones. Stainless steel appliances and white
containers with minimalist names give the kitchen a more modern look.

9. Galvanized steel rustic country kitchen

Rustic galvanized steel Country kitchen (par. countryliving.com) countryliving.com

This rustic country kitchen has raw but beautiful elements. The appearance of bad wood appears on wooden cabinets and walls. Galvanized metal panels decorate the ceiling and contribute to the atmosphere of the beach bar. Unique vintage lamps and antique lettering give this kitchen a rustic charm.

10. Cross-white kitchen with floating shelves

White country kitchen with floating shelves (par. @deupcyclingjunkies) @deupcyclingjunkies

country kitchen looks simple, with a half hanging white sink and
antique taps. However, the location of the sink is attractive, with a wooden counter top, a large
window and various floating planks to house your favourite
pottery or ornaments.

11. Comfortable white kitchen with cooking island and bench

Comfortable white kitchen with cooking island and bench (par. thesavvycouple.com) thesavvycouple.com

This white
kitchen has a comfortable and casual look. The kitchen island has extended the top of table
. Two old overpainted benches replace the modern stools. Flowers and potted plants bring charming natural elements into your kitchen.

12. Country kitchen with coffee bar

Country kitchen with coffee bar (by @thelongawaitedhome) @thelongawaitedhome

your warmest and most comfortable small kitchen with a coffee bar. This kitchen has a small white island
and a small storage box. The
Café Bar was the centre of attention with its collections of cups, fashionable quotes and mini cake tower.

13. modern farmer’s kitchen with L-shaped cabinet

Modern country kitchen with L-shaped cabinet (from lizmarieblog.com) lizmarieblog.com

This modern farmhouse decor uses L-shaped cabinets for the walls and floor. The cabinets have a smooth white counter top with a mirror finish. This kitchen appliance is stored under the cupboard to save space. A modern and elegant black lamp completes the set.

14. Round farmer’s kitchen

Circle farm kitchen (by. onekindesign.com) onekindesign.com

field kitchen has an almost round space, perfect for creating a unique space when
you have a large kitchen. Dark wooden floors and worktops contribute to the elegant look of
. The cooking island is black and has several stools. Unique hangers, wooden beams and a coffee bar adorn the room.

15. White country kitchen with light colours

White country kitchen with light colours (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

Follow the trend of colourful
kitchens by introducing brightly coloured appliances. The
kitchen has a neutral, nonchalant look with white worktops and shelves. The light colours come from the stove, the opening and the frame – the white and blue colours contrast beautifully with the soft grey background.

16. Farmhouse kitchen with brick and fireplace

Country kitchen with brick and fireplace (by domino.com) domino.com

visible brick wall creates a beautiful and warm atmosphere, even in the simplest
kitchen. The black mantelpiece matches the dark floors and cupboards.
Brass lamps enhance the interior of the kitchen.

17. Status of miniature farm

State of the Miniature Farm (by christinasadventures.com) christinasadventures.com

This minimalistic
kitchenette contains open shelves, a coffee maker and cabinets.
The rough wood panels contrast with the white tile walls of the metro. The simple layout of
makes this kitchen more interesting.

18. Field kitchen with diaper cupboards

Country kitchen with stacked cupboards (par. @farmhousedecor_inspo) @farmhousedecor_inspo

This farmer’s kitchen
uses a lot of objects to fill the void. Counter
has a nice counter that is classified as a half counter or wooden counter. The
cabinet has a side support for extra storage.

19. White kitchen decor with large wooden beams

White kitchen decor with large wooden beams (par. @search_lucid) @search_lucid

The furnishing of this kitchen is beautiful, but the decorations around it make the space even more beautiful. The apron is very nice with white cabinets and some pot plants.

20. Beautifully decorated candy

Beautifully decorated candies (par. @farmhouse onlyly) @farmhouse onlyly

kitchen does not hesitate to use coloured and patterned tiles. This kitchen offers a comfortable
look, but the patterned walls and unique features make the
kitchen beautiful. Wooden ceiling beams and light-coloured floors complete the picture.

The furnishing of country kitchens generally offers practical, rustic but beautiful design elements. Try one of these inspirations to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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