20 Gray Kitchen Cabinets for the Outstanding Cooking Space

Release date : 25. December 2020 Shana Yuri

Among the neutral colour palettes for kitchens, grey is considered less popular than white. This does not mean that you should completely avoid grey and switch to other neutral shades. With the right style and design, grey kitchen cabinets can stand out in a cooking space – even more exciting than pure, neutral white.

1. Two shades of grey


In this industrial kitchen the kitchen island
and the cabinets are painted in two different shades of grey. The kitchen island has a darker hood,
in combination with metal chairs and lamps. The
cabinets, painted in light grey, complement the light colours of the extractor fan and the

2. Covered pallet for the family kitchen

Deaf colour palette for the home kitchen (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

kitchen combines metal with the appliances of yesteryear and has a discreet colour palette throughout the design. The cabinets, both top and bottom,
have lighter shades of grey. They are softened by the stainless steel appliances and the
black granite countertops on the kitchen island.

3. Cabinets in white and grey

White and grey cabinets (par. studio-mcgee.com) studio-mcgee.com

The white wall units match the grey underside
well. This somewhat varied design is then combined with a Calcutta marble backsplash
of grey and white tiles. Brown wooden planks wrap
to create a warm and welcoming space.

4. Grey cabinets with dotted strip

grey cabinets with stains on the back (from centsationalstyle.com) centsationalstyle.com

This compact kitchen is designed in a neutral colour combination of grey, white and brown. The cabinets, as well as the extractor hood, are painted light grey. The most striking feature, however, is the dotted backsplash, which has small grey and white spots.

5. Grey kitchen with soft colours

Soft-coloured grey kitchens (par. housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

With its sense of shade, grey can create a calm environment, especially if you opt for softer shades. These grey kitchen cabinets are a perfect example of this concept. With their sparkling countertops and majestic backsplashes, they add comfort to kitchens and dining rooms.

6. Grey basic units

Grey Base units thediyplaybook.com

The grey base cabinets are the most important feature of this dynamic kitchen. The rest of the design is based on a neutral white hue. It is marketed through countertops, murals and lighting fixtures.

7. Grey cabinets in a modern industrial kitchen

Grey cabinets in a modern industrial kitchen (par. @fellipelima.fotografia) @fellipelima.fotografia

This open kitchen combines industrial design with modernity. Instead of wooden materials, the grey cabinets are made of light metal elements. They illuminate the cooking zone while harmonising with the granite countertops on the cooking island.

8. Grey and white kitchen mix

Grey and White Kitchen Mix (by sarahshermansamuel.com) sarahshermansamuel.com

In this grey and white kitchen, the grey base units are mixed with the white countertops and wall units. The white colour is called the pigeon colour, which is less luminous than normal white. Meanwhile, the gilded brass look is used as handles and pulls on cupboards and drawers.

9. Grey enclosures with tiled walls

Grey closets with tiled walls (from housebeautiful.com) housebeautiful.com

Adding a pattern to a grey cooking zone can create a lively atmosphere. For example, this kitchen combines sleek grey cabinets with tiled walls and a few exclusive lamps. You can also reverse the trend by placing grey cabinets on an unpainted wall.

10. Glamour Cage Grey Cabinets

Glamour cloth Grey cabinets (from elledecor.com) elledecor.com

These grey kitchen cabinets are living proof that glamour doesn’t always mean bright or vibrant colours. Cabinets with detailed and graceful features look fascinating in combination with a smooth floor and a shiny window frame.

11. Grey Classic Kitchen

Classic Grey Kitchen (from Warlinepainting.ca) Warlinepainting.ca

The classic and timeless look of the grey kitchen starts with grey cabinets and black
handles. The white worktops,
tiles and the natural colour of the parquet floor also match.

Grey cabinets in a modern kitchen (from elledecor.com) elledecor.com

Accentuate the neat, modern design of this kitchen by placing a complete set of grey
cabinets along the cooking area. Without ornaments or details, the smooth surface of this piece of furniture gives it an ultramodern look.

13. Grey for warm room

Grey for warm rooms (par. homebunch.com) homebunch.com

In this dining room and kitchen, grey is a soft, neutral colour that combines warmth and comfort. Light grey kitchen cabinets are a basic element for the kitchen. In the dining room there is a clean white table, comfortable grey chairs and some chained light bulbs.

14. Grey cabinets with visible hood

Grey cabinets with striking hood (from bella-tucker.com) bella-tucker.com

In addition to the classic grey cabinets, the extractor hood of this kitchen becomes the focal point of the entire design. This is an excellent example for you who want to use different shades of grey and a beautiful design on one side of the kitchen.

15. Elegant cabinets graphite grey

Graphite grey style cabinets (par. thertastore.com) thertastore.com

These grey kitchen cabinets are made of grey birch wood and covered with a shaker with a plywood frame. This combination creates an elegant and stylish kitchen, especially in combination with tile panes and natural stone countertops.

16. Grey base units with contrasting white wall

Grey pedestal cupboards with contrasting white wall (from ballarddesigns.com) ballarddesigns.com

While the kitchen wall is painted white, the bottom cabinet is slightly darker gray
. The combination of these neutral
colours creates an interesting contrast that gives the kitchen a timeless and chic

17. Neutral diet for the grey kitchen

Neutral diagram for a grey kitchen (par. blog.jennasuedesign.com) blog.jennasuedesign.com

This open kitchen opts for upper and lower cabinets in grey to complement the neutral colour of the floor. In general, the drawing only uses a neutral color palette: Grey for cabinets, white for dining room and worktops, beige for floor and equipment.

18. Minimalist grey kitchen

Minimalist Grey Cuisine (by lonny.com) lonny.com

With dark grey cabinets and a cooking island, this minimalist space is both chic and classic. Despite the modern look, some traditional elements can be found in the parquet floors, the hanging lamps and the detailed cabinet finishes.

19. Grey cabinets in a small kitchen

Grey cabinets in a small kitchen (by. homedit.com) homedit.com

For people with limited working space, it is strongly recommended to choose a lighter shade of grey. The combination of light grey cabinets with white walls and floors creates a sleek and spacious look.

20. Grey kitchen in a bromantic tint

grey kitchen in a romantic touch (by. laurelberninteriors.com) laurelberninteriors.com

Cromartie is a relatively new shade of grey that has a light hue in the
direction of the water. This shade is ideal on the kitchen island and the cabinets if you want a fresh and airy atmosphere in your kitchen space with

We hope you have found enough inspiration by taking a look at 20 grey kitchen cabinets with a different layout and design of the kitchen area. There is no need to use a grey system to take full advantage of the experience. Instead, combine grey with different shades and patterns to create an exceptional kitchen look.

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