20 Clever Walk-in Closet Ideas (Decoration and Organization)

Release date: 15. December 2020 Shana Yuri

You have a dressing room, but you feel suffocated by its contents? Try closet ideas to decorate and organize them. These ideas will help you organize the included cabinet while making it a perfect visual addition to your room.

There are many interesting ideas
that can be applied to cabinets. From small white shelves to a solid
cabinet with countertop, these 20 cabinet ideas are the best inspiration.

1. White cabinet with dressing table/cabinet


Make your
morning routine easier with this dressing table combo. The white cabinet looks like a normal cabinet. But a simple cabinet with shelves, a
mirror and a makeup cabinet becomes a great place to prepare meals.

2. Mirror cabinet with organising drawers


Boxes are your best friend for closet organization ideas. This tall cabinet has neat shelves for shoes and extra shelves above the cabinet. Beautiful craft boxes serve as neat storage for small things. The boxes also prevent items from being thrown away.

3. Pastel pink wardrobe with mirror bench


This pastel pink
wardrobe is every girl’s dream. The wardrobe has several
storage spaces for shoes, folded items and hanging clothes. The elegant bench is a nice
place to wear shoes. The high-mounted mirrors give you a full view to check the appearance of your
before you leave.

4. DIY disguised wardrobe


This dressing room was created by opening up part of the wall. A metal rod and a simple lamp were installed in the room. The shoes were spread out on the floor. This furniture uses the potential space behind the wall, perfect for a small apartment.

5. Elegant U-shaped cabinet


U-shaped cabinet brings variety to your personal space. There is room for all kinds of clothes and accessories
. The central room was covered with a decorative carpet. The sleek
sofa and modern chandelier add elegant charm.

6. Practical wardrobe for children


baby’s clothes and accessories in a beautiful dressing room. This
wardrobe has a simple white design that is part of the colorful
collection for little girls. Several pink boxes serve as extra storage, organizers,
s and practical decorations.

7. Large and elegant dressing room


This solid
case combines luxury with practicality and casual elegance. White cupboard with decorative door panels. The J-blue carpet and sofa cushion give the
a cool look. An elegant chandelier makes this piece of furniture even more beautiful.

8. Small changing room


A U-shaped cabinet makes the most of a small space. This little dressing room contains everything you need to make an effective shelf. A rug and a beautiful chandelier provide simple but practical comfort.

9. Elegant and modern cabinet


This dressing room has an elegant white built-in wardrobe. The wardrobe can be extended with a make-up mirror with an elegant silver frame. The large wardrobe also has a large mirror with functional lighting. Brass knobs on the mantelpiece and a luxurious ceiling light complete the chic look.

10. Mini-cabinet under stairs


have extra space under the stairs? Make it a dressing room. This
mini cabinet consists of a single bar and two floating shelves. There’s enough to hang the clothes and shoes in the store. Add decorative elements, such as potted plants and framed artwork.

11. Luxury handbags closet


case is for a handbag collection. Gray provides a neutral background
for colored bags. A full-length mirror and comfortable ottoman make this
dressing area a perfect place for your personal moments.

12. Open cupboard and shelf


open shelf cabinet with DIY shelves is enough for a single person with a busy
lifestyle. The base cabinet is a neat organizer, with extra space on top for accessories and books
. A simple wall mirror completes the picture.

13. Black shelves for entrance


These black coat racks are modern and masculine. The dark color adds to the drama. The metal bars give an industrial look in an elegant finish. Shoe boxes and mini laundry baskets make great closet storage.

14. White mini-cabinet for apartment


closet and cabinet combination is perfect for a small apartment. They were crammed into a corner with
to create an efficient storage space. The cabinets have a space in the middle that is used to store cosmetics.

15. Spacious dressing room with white island


cabinet offers plenty of room to view clothing. The central area is equipped with a
cabinet, which acts as an island. Ceiling lights and recessed lights under
illuminate this dressing room.

16. Open shelves and hangers


wardrobe consists of the most basic elements: Hangers and shelves
. There is enough to hang your everyday clothes, shoes and bags. Several
organization boxes are available for storing small items. Potted plants help to relax the atmosphere.

17. Small piece of furniture with flower wallpaper


This little
cabinet has a glamorous floral wallpaper. The addition of
wallpaper makes the simplest of cabinets look good. The open shelves also hold the
jewels from the jewelry display and a mini flower vase.

18. Wooden single cabinet for children


Another perfect
addition to a child’s room, this simple dressing room offers a large
space for their goodies. Open shelves are ideal for storing shoes,
accessories and other personal items.

19. Beautiful mini wardrobe with shoe storage


cabinet is tiny, but has a trendy look with polka dot wallpaper and a modern
lamp. Inside the door is a metal shoe rack where you can attach
of your favorite shoes and store them easily. This vertical shelf is also ideal for saving space

20. Modern wardrobe with pink worktop


This locker room has undergone some modern changes. The black wooden floor is shiny and
atmospheric. The white lower cabinet has a pink mirror. The lamp has the shape of a disco ball
. Everything is done to make your morning routine more interesting.

These wardrobe ideas are more than just wardrobes. They range from simple and elegant to luxurious and even masculine. Even the smallest dressing room can be spruced up with the right wallpaper. Choose one of these inspirations to put together a wardrobe you can be proud of.

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