20 Breathtaking Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Release date : 19. December 2020 Shana Yuri

Many design lovers find the modern style of the mid-century in the architecture and interior striking. This style was developed between 1945 and 1975 and focuses on simple forms, minimalist decorations and great functionality. With a few adjustments you can apply this style in your living room.

Now it’s your turn to furnish your living room in the middle of the century! Here are 20 amazing ideas for a modern mid-century living room.

1. Modern living room with classic brown furniture


Create an open living room
with classic furniture in a simple combination of white and brown
. The brown color of the sofa, the carpet and the floor preserve the warm atmosphere of the
living room. They are connected by fake fur cushions, a wooden table and a wooden ornament.

2. Modern Classic Lounge

Modern Classic Lounge (par. deringhall.com) deringhall.com

The combination of elegant white, grey and brown for the living spaces of the
never gets old. Paint the living room in contrast to the grey and white velvet sofa and the leather sofa, creating a classic modern style. A large wool carpet reinforces the concept.

3. Mixed and matching Lounge

Dating Salon (par. hgtv.com) hgtv.com

The combination and style of the
is suitable for a spacious living room. The contrast between the light velvet sofa, the
carpet and the dark grey wall paint gives your living room a livelier look.
Add a small fake fur blanket for a stylish effect.

4. Eclectic Urban Lounge

Eclectic Urban Living Room (par. deringhall.com) deringhall.com

Try an eclectic
city decoration for your living room. There are many different colors in this style. Apply
this style by choosing a variety of colourful sofas and carpets. Install the
pendant luminaire on the ceiling to create a pleasant contrast.

Modern Lounge (par. hgtv.com) hgtv.com

Perfect interpretation of the modern
concept by focusing on two differently coloured benches and cushions. The brown carpet
, covered with an ethnic carpet, creates a contrast between the carpet and the wooden floor
. A floor lamp and a floating bookcase complete the interior.

6. Modern lounge in mid-century style

Mid-Century Modern Living Room (by deringhall.com) deringhall.com

The secret to creating a vintage
long lounge interior is design and decoration. A long grey velvet sofa
and a leather armchair go perfectly together with a table and a cream-coloured carpet
. A lamp hanging from the ceiling adds a vintage touch.

7. Eclectic Medieval Modern Salon

Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Living Room (from studio-mcgee.com) studio-mcgee.com

The eclectic and modern mid-century style of
imposes a harmonious mix of colours. The geometrically shaped wool carpet
matches the grey sofa, the white chairs and the leather sofa. The wooden table
and the lamppost are a fairly successful decoration.

8. Modern living room from the middle of the century with wooden floor

Modern living room from the middle of the century with wooden floor (by. scandinaviandesigns.com) scandinaviandesigns.com

The view of the modern mid-century
living room is the combination of different materials and
colors in the room. The wooden floor, the sofas and the armchair are perfectly matched to the colour and texture of the
carpet. A central table, hanging lamps and floating planks give the living room a more refined look.

9. Modern and spacious living room with Persian carpet

Modern and spacious living room with Persian carpet (by. sarahshermansamuel.com) sarahshermansamuel.com

Although the modern mid-century lounge style is best suited to a small space, you can explore the concept of a larger lounge. Install a grey couch and lay one of these modern mid-century Persian carpets. The rattan table contrasts with the grey bench and the white walls. The chandelier becomes a chic touch to the decoration of your living room.

10. Classic minimalist ivory coloured lounge

Classic Ivory Minimalist Salon (from bestfriendsforfrosting.com) bestfriendsforfrosting.com

Create a classic, minimalistic ivory
living room by creating accents in the room. Put a sofa and a large
rug in the living room. Add other decorations such as a plant, a lamp, a painting and a fake fur cushion.

11. Ivory Luxury Classic Living Room

Luxury Classic Ivory Living room (on: justinecelina.com) justinecelina.com

The combination of brown furniture
and ivory furniture in the living room provides perfect elegance. Bring the
set, a modern mid-century brown leather sofa, to your living room and give it a touch of
elegance. At the same time, the carpet and woollen chairs accentuate the ivory

12. Living room in the middle of the century with sunset colour

Mid-Century living room with sunset color (par. mydomain.com) mydomain.com

The concept of a medieval salon has nothing more to do with simplicity.  Now
, you can take the sunset and the color of the wood in your living room while maintaining the style of
. Complete the interior with a colourful carpet, a leather sofa and a table to create the perfect combination. Hang the lamps from the ceiling for better lighting

13. Modern and minimalistic living room in white

All white modern minimalist living spaces (according to downshiftology.com) downshiftology.com

Even if you live in an apartment, you can have an indoor living room
. The modern and minimalistic
interior is an easy choice to make a room more spacious
. In addition, colour provides excellent illumination. Take the all-white
sofa and the white wool carpet in the living room. Use a wooden table, a chair and a
carpet on top of each other to create an elegant contrast.

14. Eclectic Scandinavian Lounge

Scandinavian Eclectic Salon (par. @eclectic_goods) @eclectic_goods

The eclectic design matches the Scandinavian interior of the
. You can combine the two designs and give
a modern and warm look. You can further accentuate the simplicity of
with a carpet, a velvet sofa and a hanging lamp. Some decorations such as fake fur cushions and
rattan chairs will brighten up your living room.

15. Minimalistic living room with vintage Moroccan carpet

Minimalistic living room with vintage Moroccan carpets (on greenbodygreenhome.bigcartel.com) greenbodygreenhome.bigcartel.com

Designing a unique living room with a minimalist concept is quite simple. All you need is basic furniture such as a white sofa, table and drawer type
. Add a touch of green to some houseplants.
To make the space even more comfortable, add a vintage Moroccan rug.

16. Modern living room from the middle of the century with wood combination

Modern middle class living room with wood combination (at: hgtv.com) hgtv.com

Create a unique interior design by combining natural wood ornaments with
metal accents. This modernized mid-century interior concept will accentuate the wooden touch of the
tables. For metal accents just install
metal pendants.

17. Modern lounge from the middle of the century

Modern Medieval Salon (by modsy.com) blog.modsy.com

The mod
is a more comfortable and affordable living room. To bring the modern living room concept to life, place a velvet sofa, a linen rug, a metal floor lamp and a natural wood table in the same room. This concept brings your
living room to a modern level.

18. White living room with rocking chair

White living room with rocking chair (par. hgtv.com) hgtv.com

If you like
, your spacious living room with minimal mid-century furnishings, you will get a white
sofa and a small rug. Minimalistic paintings, a green plant and a few photos will make your
living room sparkle. Add a rocking chair to create a unique touch.

19. Eclectic modern living room from the middle of the century with black and white carpet

Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Living Room with Black and White Carpet (par. deringhall.com) deringhall.com

The eclectic
concept offers inspiring ideas to explore. The combination of the velvet sofa, the wooden chairs
and the plastic chairs creates an attractive and dynamic living room. Install a black and white carpet
in contrast to the wooden floor, chairs and bench

20. Modern grey saloon with wooden bench

Modern grey living room with wooden sofa (par. hgtv.com) hgtv.com

Discover the
furnishing concept for the small living room. Paint the walls grey and get a bench with a wooden covering, also in grey. Bring other colourful ornaments to keep the
living room alive. Design and build a simple white fireplace to add a vintage touch.

In short, 20 modern lounge ideas from the middle of the century make the living room more elegant and luxurious. Do you hope this list will inspire you to create the best interior for your living room?

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