11 Types of Bathroom Sinks for You to Wash Up in Style

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We all walked around the homework shop, looked at all kinds of sinks and imagined how great it would be to choose something more chic and decorative.

For most people, the bathroom becomes a retreat at the end of the day. After a long and stressful day at work, or just a hard day at work, you can take a bath yourself.

But the bathroom isn’t just a place to relax. It takes a lot of work to get the feeling and sensation that you can fully relax.

Sanitary facilities play an important role in this. If your sink is not properly connected and you have to look at the rusty tap water seeping under the sink, you don’t want to close off a bathroom.

If the situation looks bad, go ahead and leave. There are different types of sinks that you can use to create the bathroom of your dreams. Below you will find some options:

11 types of washbasins

They are not in a certain order, so make sure you browse and check them all. The house of your dreams awaits you!

1) Rinsing the trays

Suspended washbasins are, as the name suggests, washbasins that are installed from below. They are usually installed on surfaces such as granite or various types of marble slabs. The sink goes under the solid surface and the sink opening fits perfectly with the edge of the sink.

The sink and worktop seem to be in one piece when the sink is installed. When the work is clean and the edges are not visible, the built-in sink seems to be perfectly integrated in the worktop.

It also offers different possibilities to work with different colors and materials to create an elegant vanity. They’re very common and probably what most of us already have in our bathrooms. This is also the most common idea for the kitchen counter.

2) Washing boats

Ship’s sinks are, literally, sinks shaped like a container or a bowl. These bowl-shaped washbasins are placed on a hard surface or on a counter top.

Unlike a built-in sink, this type of sink does not require any special installation and you do not need to cut out the shape of the sink under the counter. It is simply attached to the tabletop.

You can explore the different shapes and sizes of the container, although it is usually round or oval. If the tank is higher, there is less chance of water splashing and the meter getting wet. But depending on the height of the tank, the position of the mixer can be adjusted to reduce splashing.

3) Washbasin base

The freestanding sink also has an explicit name. The sink is mounted on a pedestal. The base, in turn, is on the ground. It’s basically a sink on the floor.

However, although the sink is supported by a skirting, the two units appear to be integrated because there are special fittings that cover the sink material from the outside.

It’s a neat installation that doesn’t take too much effort. The basin and base are one and the same, so you just have to find a place to install it. The plumbing is also hidden and you get a tidy whole.

4) Surface mounted sinks

In contrast to the wall-mounted sinks mentioned above, wall-mounted sinks are built-in sinks that are installed in the sink from above. Usually a sink also has a lip that rests on the surface and prevents the sink from falling through the opening.

They are called self-closing sinks or washbasins, which means that they run into the cavity from above. They’re very common in the galleys, you can recognize them on board.

These sinks are mounted with mounting brackets or often with sealing cables. Although the border has a functional function, it also adds an element of relief and texture to the overall design. This is especially useful if the kitchen sink and sink are the same colour.

5) Washbasin for wall mounting

A wall-mounted sink is a sink that is mounted directly on the wall. These types of washbasins take up very little space and are ideal if you are facing a space problem.

A washbasin for wall mounting consists only of a sink that is directly attached to the wall. Of course there is a water pipe under the sink, which in many cases is left open.

We’ve already talked about how to hide exposed pipes, in case you’re wondering. So if you don’t want to see the plumbing under your sink, there are ways to hide the plumbing in the wall. This also frees up space that can be used for other things.

6) Console boxes

Flexible washbasins are one of the most elegant and beautiful types of washbasins in the bathroom. Most of these sinks are wall-mounted, but there are also two to four feet that hold the sink in place.

The space under the sink is usually empty and can be used for storage. In this configuration, the sink often functions as a sink as well as a worktop.

Metal rods can be attached to the washbasin legs, which can be used to hang towels or for other purposes. This is a versatile type of washbasin that is especially useful if you have a small bathroom.

7) Semi-manufactured shells

Half-cut moulds are moulds cut from a stone slab. The worktop and sink are usually made of the same material and often look like a single piece, although it can be several pieces that are simply put together.

Unlike a fully submerged pool, this type of pool is only slightly submerged and does not sink completely. As such, they form a cross between washbasins and fully recessed wash basins in the bathroom. These sinks often have taps and other accessories attached to the wall.

8) Corner pit

In the corner of the bathroom is, as the name suggests, a corner washbasin placed where two walls meet. Without using a flat wall, a corner washbasin can also save space and is ideal for a small bathroom.

A flat wall can also be used for other things – for example, to place a cupboard or to hang storage hooks on the wall. A corner sink is usually wall-mounted, but can also be a sink for the console.

This type of washbasin is specially designed to be installed in the corner of the bathroom at 90 degrees. This is the ideal type of washbasin for a bathroom with limited space.

9) Sink rings

The washbasin has a sleek and elegant design that gives every bathroom a luxurious and stylish look. They take up hardly any space and have a very sharp and modern design. However, it should be noted that they are only suitable for washing hands.

There is usually a chute at the back of the tank leading to a hidden pipe. The slope of the sink ensures that the water flows through this slot into the drain pipe and does not fall out of the sink.

These sinks are usually wall-mounted and free up a lot of space that you can use well. This is probably the most modern and minimalist bathroom style and my favorite types of sinks.

10) Installation scales

Vanities are sinks with a cabinet or shelf underneath. This cabinet can be used as a vanity where you can store make-up, medicines, extra toiletries, etc., which gives this type of bathroom sink its name.

It looks like a complete piece of furniture and can be very useful in a small bathroom, even if it takes up more space. Women who spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance may prefer this type of sink.

You can also play with different colour combinations for the washbasin and the vanity below. The sink can be bright white, while the vain leaf underneath, often made of wood, can be of different colours. You can even draw your own patterns.

11) Table wells

A sink is a sink that is placed on a flat surface that may look like a vanity counter, hence the name. A counter top is usually square or rectangular in shape, which distinguishes it from a sink.

It is also possible to attach a base cabinet to the underside, but the most striking feature of these sinks is that they are placed on a flat worktop attached to the wall. The space under this unit may be empty and free of storage.

Washbasin types for each style

The different types of washbasins mentioned above are among the most popular. Good plumbing can improve the appearance of a room and make it look more sober.

It is also important to think about equipment so that you can make the most of the available space. If the washbasin occupies half of the long bathroom wall, there is little room for other things in a small bathroom.

The types of washbasins described above can be installed in different bathrooms, large or small. Find the one that fits your space!

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