11 Different Types of Shower Heads for your Bathroom

When renovating a bathroom or building a new bathroom, it is important to decide on the type of shower head. This is important because it determines the amount of baths you take each day.

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When you buy a house, they say that the bathroom and the kitchen are the two most important rooms, because that is where you spend most of your time.

Choosing a shower head can therefore be difficult, because there are many possibilities.

You want to find the perfect shower to suit you. Some people like low pressure, others like high pressure, prefer each of them.

But what they all have in common is the desire to find the perfect showerhead for you.

We have compiled a list of 11 different types of showerheads to help you choose the best showerhead for your bathroom and your preferences.

Fixed showerheads for wall mounting

fixed showerhead

Fixed showerheads are the most common type of shower; they are the cheapest and easiest to use. They are not only budget-friendly, but also the easiest to implement and maintain.

Fixed wall-mounted showerheads may not be the most elegant, but if you look hard enough, you can find some that are really fun and trendy.

Fixed showerheads are the most minimalist and simple, making them ideal for any bathroom decor.

If you want a more luxurious showerhead, you can always count on fixed showerheads when you buy a multifunctional showerhead.

The fixed multi-functional shower heads allow you to change the water flow rate, as most of these heads have 3 settings.

Fixed wall-mounted showerheads are an excellent addition to any bathroom, with simple styling, low cost and affordability.

Manual showerheads


In addition to fixed wall shower heads, hand shower heads are a newer, more modern and more popular option.

All hand showers have a fairly austere appearance, they are ideal for family bathrooms because the head can be removed from the wall bracket, which means you can use the shower head in the bathroom as well.

The flexibility of the hand showers makes them ideal for baby or pet showers, but also for cleaning the bath.

Hand shower heads are cheap and easy to find in DIY stores and online. Some types allow you to adjust the water flow rate; there are usually 3 flow settings on these showerheads.

Hand showers are very easy to clean and maintain, which is another reason why they are ideal for family bathrooms.

Rain showerheads


Now these showerheads can simply be the most luxurious, glamorous and elegant. Most hotels and spas now prefer showerheads in their bathrooms.

Rain showerheads create a sense of luxury in any bathroom, not to mention that they are very relaxing when you take a shower. You feel like you are somewhere in the jungle of Bali in a tropical rain shower.

As you can imagine, these showerheads are not the cheapest, although their growing popularity makes them increasingly affordable.

If there are water pipes in the ceiling, you can mount a shower head on the ceiling. If this is not the case, you can always install a rain shower using a wall-mounted rain shower extension (as shown in the picture above).

This type of shower works best in large bathrooms and is more suitable for freestanding showers than man-sized showers.

If you are unsure whether a rain shower is suitable for your bathroom, contact a plumber and ask for expert advice.

Rainfall showerheads are an excellent addition to luxurious, lush and elegant bathrooms; if you have the budget and space, they will be an excellent addition.

High-pressure showerheads

high pressure

High-pressure showerheads are ideal for those who like hot, steaming, almost massaging showers.

They are ideal for active people, the high water pressure works on your muscles and prepares you for a good night’s sleep or helps you feel energetic and ready for the day.

High pressures can make your water bill quite expensive because they use more water per shower than your standard shower head.

This guy works to make sure you get the most out of your water flow. You will really be able to see the difference between a normal shower and a high-pressure shower. Using a high-pressure shower head will help you feel more relaxed and make you feel cleaner than ever.

One of the only disadvantages of high pressure showers is that it’s great to have to shower somewhere else with a lower pressure, you can feel the difference and you won’t want to shower anywhere else.

Double showerheads

Double type

The double types are a combination of a rain shower and a hand shower, as shown above. They are the perfect combination, so you can relax and enjoy a nice tropical shower, use the hand shower to make sure all the shampoo has been removed.

Double showers are the most expensive, but it’s worth it when you know you’re using two water sources.

The double shower heads are perfect for families, the hand showers are ideal for washing children, and you can then isolate yourself and enjoy a rain shower.

Shower enclosures

PULSE 1021-SSB Aloha shower system with 8 rain shower heads, 2 pulsating jets and a 5-function hand shower, stainless steel brush with chromed fittings.

The shower panels are filled with luxurious features and details. Panel showers have a super futuristic and modern look and are the perfect complement to minimalist and modern bathrooms.

Shower panels have many functions such as temperature control, LED screens, lighting, hand showers, body jets, water filters at different angles and can offer much more than your standard shower.

Shower panels are quite expensive to buy and install, but they are well worth it if you have a limited budget.

The manual function also makes these showers handy, not only upside down, proactive, massaging and illuminating.

Ventilated showerheads

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If energy saving is the most important thing in your home, then you need this water-saving showerhead. Recirculating showerheads are just as efficient as ordinary showerheads, but they save water and money at the same time.

With open showerheads you can shower comfortably without using as much water as with traditional showerheads. The shower uses air mixed with water to give you excellent shower performance.

In principle, this shower uses less water because the air shower puts more pressure on the water. As a result, less water is used, saving energy and money on the water bill. However, the sprinkler heads always ensure a proper water flow when showering.

Showerheads with LED lighting


Showerheads with LED lighting are ideal for modern and elegant bathrooms. The illuminated shower head is a nice addition to the bathroom and makes the shower a bit more exciting.

LED illuminated showerheads can be super relaxing at the end of a long day; you can turn off the main bathroom lights, step into the shower and enjoy a quiet but exciting experience that will put you in the perfect atmosphere to crawl into bed.

Showerheads with filter

Combination of shower head and 15-stage shower filter, FEELSO filtered high-pressure shower head with 5 spray levels and water softener filter cartridge for removing chlorine and impurities from hard water.

Filtered showerheads are the ideal choice if you live in an area where the water supply contains chemicals such as chlorine and sulphur. You want to get rid of these insects in the shower, and filtered showerheads are designed to do that.

Unfortunately, filtered showerheads are not versatile or stylish. You should also change the filter every few months.

Filtered showerheads may not be the most erratic or exciting, but they are essential if your home has no proper water supply.

Low flow showerheads

Chrome, brushed nickel, oil brushed bronze or polished brass

If you need an inexpensive showerhead with a spa feel, low-flow nozzles are the solution. If the area where you live has a low water pressure, low flow showerheads are also a good option as they are designed to make the most of the low water pressure and give you the best possible shower.

Low-flow showerheads are also a good option if you have children, because sometimes children can be afraid of high pressure, or they can if they are small, so the low pressure of these showerheads is perfect for families.

These showerheads are slightly more expensive to buy, but they will save you a lot of money on your water bill in the long run. They not only save you money, but also provide a soothing and massaging spa-like shower experience.

Ceiling showerCeiling bracket

These showers are, as the name suggests, ceiling showers. Deck showers are similar to rain showers, they offer you a relaxing, luxurious and spectacular experience.

If you have already installed water pipes in the ceiling, these showers can be installed at low cost. Ceiling showers can add personality and elegance to any bathroom.

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