10 Ideas to Make a Cool DIY Kids’ Room Like Surfer Dad Elisio Tiúba

Elisio Tiuba is a surfer, artist and furniture maker born in Brazil. He has been drawing and painting surfboards by hand for years. Plus, he’s the proud father of three boys. He lives in Paris with the dynamic trio and their mother-in-law.

When they moved into their new apartment, which was modest for a family of five, Elisio felt like he had been given a blank canvas. But this time he didn’t want to paint, he wanted to build.

He set up a studio in the basement of the house, with the aim of adapting the whole space perfectly to the needs of the family and to encourage the active and adventurous spirit of his children.

So he built a fantastic nursery – a skate park, a climbing frame and a cosy nest, all in one.

The film by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen has been viewed more than 600,000 times and has captured the minds and hearts of at least 10,000 people who have clicked like – although there are probably many more. joked one commentator : Does anyone know if this guy adopts 28-year-olds? – and I have to say, I totally get it!

The film also gave Elisio the nickname Papa on Skates.

Anyone who knows a little about DIY tools will love this video – I think I could watch it every week and still be fascinated. And it’s not just for watching – it’s a very inspiring documentary that can give you lots of ideas on how to make your child’s room more fun and fresh.

Elisio gave no plans or instructions for his amazing projects, except for this short film. However, thanks to hard-working and friendly craftsmen, there are many manuals for items similar to Elisio’s.

In this article, I will find and review some of these preschool tutorials that can help you build your own skating and climbing gym.

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that all of the projects listed are intended for creators with intermediate or advanced skills. Storage units and shelves are medium-sized projects, while beds are definitely something for the advanced hobbyist.

1. Mini indoor halfpipe skateboard ramp

Let’s start with the centerpiece of the crib – a mini skateboard trampoline. It may not be the most practical activity in the room because of its size, but if your kids love skateboarding, it will entertain them for hours while getting them excited for the sport. Permanent access to the ramp gives them the chance to become highly skilled skateboarders, which is no longer necessarily for fun – skateboarding is now an official Olympic sport!

When you’re not skateboarding, the ramp can be used as a playground.

This WickedMakers tutorial (available as a classic tutorial and video) is not an indoor ramp, but it is very detailed and nicely done – and the basic design is the same. You can change the dimensions according to your needs, but as long as everything is in the same proportions, the principle is the same.

Make this plan here

The Xtremeskater website also offers plans for mini trampolines and other skateboard accessories. The plans are not distinguished by the quality of the training, but are still very practical:

Make this plan here

Index no. 1 : Elisio Tiúba’s ramp design is not only small, but also provides additional storage space under the standing platforms, which should be easily integrated into any of the ramp designs mentioned above.

Clue No. 2 : The main disadvantage of a mini-apartment is the noise, so it’s worth thinking about this before building. It may disturb you, but worse, it may disturb your neighbors, especially if you have strict noise regulations. Solutions can provide some sound insulation – Elisio put pillows made of natural fibres under the loft bed for this purpose (see minute 17 of the video for more information). Also, talk to your neighbors and agree on a time when your children can drive without disturbing them.

This type of ramp can also be built in a basement, garage or outdoors.

2. Bunk beds

The beautiful loft bed that Elisio built for his children is a sophisticated L-shaped loft bed – with additional features such as an artificial climbing wall, horizontal ladders, a jump rope and a movable and rotating bed rail. While there is no plan for a loft with all the custom details, you can incorporate these or other features into another loft project if you are experienced enough.

2.1. Classic single wooden attic with staircase

This elegant classic high sleeper with stairs from Ana White is an excellent base for a good wooden high sleeper.

Another amazing thing about this particular bed is that it can be made from materials for as little as $50 to $100!

If you want to make it a little more adventurous, you can just replace the stairs with a small stone surface – but remember that sometimes kids get up at night to pee, and that’s usually a rush job.

Tip: In the film, Elisio stresses the importance of hammocks in his life. The space under a loft bed – a single or double L-shaped bed – can be ideal for installation. The hammock can be unhooked and removed when not in use, allowing you to use the hammock space for other purposes.

Make this plan here

2.2. L-shaped wooden bed

If you have two or more kids, this is an L-shaped bed – just like Elicio’s bed. These are Tim and Meg’s classic and affordable bunk beds from Timandmeg.net, which follow the design of Anna White’s loft bed above. The fact that they used an old bed makes it a climbing wheel project, but the instructions are detailed enough that you can start from scratch too.

I have to say that his bed is much, much better and nicer than the original bed.

Make this plan here

Rising Nest

Finally, this loft bed from Climbing Rock doesn’t look like the Tiúba family bed, but it certainly exudes the spirit of it. It has a large free climbing area, a utility room across the way and a loft bed upstairs.

Make this plan here

3. Cupboard with bench

One of the beautiful elements of the amazing tiúbas mini bedroom is the elegant minimalist wardrobe with an additional feature. It has a built-in bench that the boys use to dress up or wait their turn for a mini shoot.

In a similar project (and due to the desperate need for an organized space for children’s clothing), Patrick1425, a user of Instructables, created this amazing coat rack and bench for a wardrobe jacket. The name doesn’t say it yet, as the design also includes shoe shelves, giving it a triple function – coat rack, shoe storage and bench – especially useful for children who need to sit down to put on their shoes. It is so well built and painted that it looks like a store-bought piece of furniture. If you want a look that is more inspired by skateboarding and street culture, instead of just one color, you can go for painting.

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4. Shelves and storerooms

When you have three kids, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a lot of baby stuff too. That’s why smart storage spaces are an integral part of the design of many children’s rooms – and Tiúba’s nursery is no different. Elisio used all the unused spaces in the room to create storage on shelves and in cupboards.

4.1. Ana White Laminated Bookcase

Shelves in the shape of stairs support the left side of Elisio’s son’s bed. The youngest son can use the shelf as a ladder to one of the beds because of its shape.

Likewise, this fantastic bunk bed plan by the amazing Ana White also includes a scale bookcase combo. The storage ladder was built to complement the existing bunk beds at Gorokhov Gardens. With a little sleight of hand, you can customize it to make your own loft bed project.

Make this plan here

4.2. Ana white adjustable cube shelf

If you’re looking for a classic and versatile shelf, the adjustable Cubby Shelf, also by Ana White, is for you. This type of shelf is ideal for children’s rooms because it can accommodate large toys, baskets and other bulky items often found in children’s rooms. In addition, the shelves are adjustable, so you can easily adapt the set to your current needs.

Most importantly, Ana, as always, provides very detailed and well-kept photos, as well as a video tutorial.

Make this plan here

4.3. Reading media

If you’re looking for a shelf/multiplank plus a bench for reading and relaxing, this fun project by Magic Manu of Instructables is worth a look. The original shape is similar to Ana’s plump shelf, except that it has been modified to accommodate a bench whose side slopes upward. As the name of the project suggests, the sofa is perfect for reading.

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4.4 Storage of laundry in the secret laundry on the cliff

I couldn’t find any tutorials that put this fantastic idea of Elisio’s into practice, but I had to point it out.

If you have children in preschool or elementary school – especially if you have multiple children – you probably know that there are always little socks, underwear, and other small clothes lying around. Trying to get all the laundry together is probably one of the most upsetting aspects of organizing the household with the kids.

It doesn’t help that children are embarrassed at the idea of folding socks and opening drawers or laundry baskets to put them away. Their lives are too busy for this kind of effort – so they tend to just push them somewhere.

But Elisio’s father used this habit to his advantage.

From 17.32 onwards you can see how Elisio has created extra round storage spaces right next to the climbing elements of the bed. The openings are closed with elastic net strips so that socks and underwear can get in but not out. I think it’s easy and simple for kids to put a sock in their sock.

It’s certainly not the best solution, but it’s much easier for a parent to scour a few small storage spaces like these air vents than to chase socks and underwear across the room – at least until little ones are old enough to take better care of themselves.

Make this plan here


Elicio Tiuba is not only a brilliant surfer and visual artist, he has also shown himself to be a very skilled creator – and a very loving father.

The two titles go well together. DIY nursery projects are not only a way to improve your children’s lives and have more fun, but also to save a few bucks. They are also valuable life lessons in creativity, problem solving, perseverance and work ethic. By showing them that you can make household items with your own hands, you are giving them the means to live. Talk to them, see what they would like to have in their spaces, and then build – together.

What part of Elisio’s apartment do you like best? Did you do something for your nursery? If so, feel free to show it to us in the comments!

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