10 Best Shower Wall Options & Materials for your Bathroom

According to Zillow.com, bathrooms are always at the top of the list for consumers who want to renovate their homes, whether homeowners are planning to sell their homes or just want to improve them. The website’s annual trend survey indicates that 26% of customers upgrade their bathroom to sell their home.

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According to Zillow’s experts, plumbing renovations are the most profitable when it comes to increasing the residual value of your home.

For every $1.71 you spend, the value of your house goes up. But which shower screen are you going to choose?

This market has exploded and the choices are numerous, but the next ten are the most popular and the best places to start.

So let’s look at the most popular materials for shower cubicles in bathrooms:

1) Ceramic tiles


If you like the look of large tiles because they require fewer joints and have a refined, easy to clean appearance, then ceramic tiles may be the best choice for shower enclosures.

Ceramic tiles are usually larger than glass or stone tiles and ceramics are a good alternative to porcelain.

However, if you choose ceramic tiles, you can expect a classic look without spending as much as you would for these high-end tiles. With their patterns and textures, these tiles can imitate natural stone without paying a high price.


  • -Easy removal of individual samples
  • -doesn’t get dirty like other tiles.
  • -payable
  • -Causes no leakage problems
  • -He’s taking an active cleanup. -He’s taking an active cleanup.


  • Ceramic tiles that you can find the old-fashioned way.
  • -installation takes a lot of time
  • -Can be difficult to install and requires a professional.

2) Porcelain tiles


Although it can be confused with ceramic tiles, porcelain is a unique material generally associated with washbasins, bathtubs and toilets.

It is increasingly being used as an expensive substitute for natural stone masonry, which is subject to stringent requirements.

Entrepreneurs call porcelain the nephew of high-end ceramics. If the price factor disappears, the advantages of porcelain easily justify the need to pay more.

Porcelain tiles, despite their delicate appearance, are waterproof, dense and resistant. Unlike other tiles, porcelain can be repaired if it is cracked or damaged.

Owners who use it as wallcovering in the shower enjoy a timeless finish that looks good and never goes out of fashion.


  • -can be sealed with glass for watertightness
  • -Wears beautiful colors and patterns.
  • -can be structured to reduce the slip coefficient.
  • -Expenses for decades and retains its value
  • -The interview’s pretty simple.


  • -Can be slippery in wet weather. -Can be slippery in wet weather.
  • – more expensive than other wall coverings
  • -installation error.

3) Natural stone tiles (marble, etc.)


It is not for nothing that the ancient Romans preferred the use of marble for their communal baths: Nothing beats this stony and luxurious decadent material.

Modern stone tiles evoke both wealth and power. So, if your interior design goal is to reproduce the appearance of ancient Persian, Greek and Roman baths, then natural stone is the ideal choice.

In commercial quarries, large blocks of stone weighing thousands of kilograms are cut into slabs or strips, polished and prepared for sale.

Stone tiles are not considered green because the supply is limited and each tile is unique. There is no substitute for those who are looking for the wow factor when choosing a stone for their project.


  • -May increase the resale value of the house. -May increase the resale value of the house.
  • -The choice of the most natural material on the market
  • -Large and traffic control
  • -Prove the appearance of each bathroom
  • -New kitten can make the stone waterproof. -New kitten can make the stone waterproof.


  • -Difficult to obtain and in limited quantities
  • -Fees can be prohibitive
  • -Leaks can cause stains and water damage.

4) Glass tiles

Glass tile

For small bathrooms, glass tiles are not only lush and elegant, they also visually enlarge the space that the eye sees in the room.

This tile is translucent and available in different colours, and is made of a translucent enamel that is baked on the back of thin pieces of glass.

The high-quality glass tiles, available separately and in mosaic, are manufactured with a fabric carrier to ensure a strong and safe connection to the shower walls. Nothing is more reflective and shiny than a glass shower enclosure.


  • -…improves the appearance of even the smallest bathroom.
  • -Easy to clean with soapy water or glass cleaner
  • -Mould and mildew do not normally develop on glass.
  • -Leak tightness after installation
  • -Environmentally friendly if you choose recycled glass.


  • -Glass tiles are usually expensive.
  • -Professional installation is necessary
  • -Buying glass can be fragile and prone to damage.

5) Acrylic or glass fibre



Many contractors praise acrylic and fibreglass shower enclosures because both materials can protect the shower enclosures more quickly.

Acrylic and fibreglass panels are manufactured as large single sheets so that homeowners do not have to worry about leaking connections.

In addition, the installation is carried out without having to cut or align the tiles. The choice of patterns and colours is endless, and after the installation homeowners will be enthusiastic about the elegance and brilliance they love – and at a price that is likely to meet any budget.


  • Anti-slip and mold resistant materials
  • -Foldable for rounded corners
  • -Saving installation time
  • -Low maintenance after installation
  • -guarantee it won’t crack, crumble or flake.


  • -looks cheap and fragile
  • -industrial quality equipment
  • -and not environmentally friendly.

6) Single plastic plate


Without a doubt: Installing a single plate on a shower wall takes less time than installing individual tiles. Even if your shower room is very large, it probably won’t take a few days to install it.

Installation is easy after fixing the moisture-resistant plasterboard. The adhesive is applied to the panels and pressed to seal the joints.

Not only are these panels quick to install, but you can also do it yourself and save on labour costs. When it comes to giving a new look to your shower, it will be hard to find a material that is within your budget.


  • -Lightweight and easy to handle
  • -100% waterproof
  • -no annoying grouting is required
  • -Comes in different colors and patterns.
  • -Easy to clean and maintain.


  • -looks cheap and shabby
  • -The choice of design and colour may be limited.
  • -may be difficult to carry due to its weight and size.

7) Laminated wall panels

laminated wall


Laminated wall panels are the ideal solution for those who do not want to use fragile wall cladding panels, but cannot afford ceramic tiles.

As long as you have basic woodworking equipment (such as a jigsaw, circular saw or chainsaw), it is easy to saw and install if your shower walls require carpentry.

Laminated walls have become so popular that the choice of decorative patterns is varied, but these panels tend to be heavy. So you can have your wall panels delivered directly to your home by the retailer.


  • -Think of an elite shower selection.
  • -Authentic tile, stone or matt marble.
  • sheathing – marine grade plywood with vapour barrier
  • -Recommended by HGTV personalities like Joanna Gaines.
  • -No water stains. -No water stains. Easy to clean.


  • -Can double the cost of acrylic options.
  • -cannot be supplied with pre-bent ends
  • -Quality boards weigh a ton.

8) Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper


Not all homeowners are interested in putting vinyl wallpaper on shower walls, but maybe if they know that this old Bob Vila house does it all the time.

There is no tile or board in the world that offers as many design possibilities as wallpaper, and it is easy to install.

Cover your shower walls with this durable wallpaper and save money while getting a unique look. The secret to making vinyl wallpaper look its best is to apply it well with a mold primer, old-fashioned wallpaper glue and seal the wall with varnish after the wallpaper has been applied.


  • -Patterns and colors are unlimited.
  • -Easier to install than tiles or panels.
  • -no annoying grouting is required
  • -Vinyl paper is moisture resistant
  • -Extremely inexpensive compared to other wall coverings.


  • -… requires constant maintenance to keep it dry.
  • -Moisture can cause the wallpaper to peel off. -Moisture can cause the wallpaper to peel off.
  • -Mould growth can affect family health.

9) Beads


In grandma’s time, the idea of beading in a shower or bathroom was simply unthinkable, but like the innovative materials used in home renovation projects, beading evolves into a wall covering that works in every room with the addition of vinyl.

Vinyl bead cardboard is really charming, it gives texture to the shower walls and you can create a unique look that cannot be achieved with tiles and coverings. If you like the idea of wood shaping, but know it won’t survive the shower, the vinyl process won’t disappoint you.


  • -Easy to maintain thanks to the vinyl flooring
  • -Renews the appearance of the wood without warping problems
  • -Vinyl bead plate prevents mold and mildew
  • -If properly installed, no water can penetrate.
  • -Sold in sheets; no caulking needed.


  • -May be hard to find
  • -You can order it as a special order
  • -The price can be exorbitant. -The price can be exorbitant.

10) Kits for Solid Surface Shower Panels

Homeowners who want to see a shower change in a few hours instead of days love prefabricated shower wall products.

These kits are usually shipped from the factory and are available in different sizes and configurations, ranging from one-piece enclosures to individual components.

Wall shower sets can be installed on bare studs, existing tiles or wall plates if they are also in good condition. Read on to learn more about solid surface shower screen sets.


  • -When time is money, shower wall sets are an excellent choice.
  • -You don’t have to remove the existing wall covering.
  • -can be delivered directly to your home.
  • -The shower wall cladding and the design possibilities are amazing.
  • -Can be adapted by an experienced handyman.


  • High quality kits are surprisingly expensive.
  • -Reconstruction can be difficult if cracks appear.
  • -Brokers say that these wall blocks can reduce the cost of a house.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most affordable shower wall options?

According to shower wall experts, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic) panels, fibreglass systems and acrylic are probably the least expensive materials, but your geographical location and labor requirements will influence the final cost.

Try to save money by buying in bulk, determine the total cost of materials before committing, and consider shipping costs when you get your quote.

Are you creative? Visit the construction sites and collect broken tiles for free, pick up putty and create an original mosaic in free form.

Replace polished river pebbles or shards left behind by stained glass windows. Not so creative? With a galvanized steel roof and screws and washers, it is possible to create a unique shower cubicle that is particularly waterproof thanks to the use of a transparent seal.

What is the best material for a shower enclosure?

A survey of contractors revealed that the best material for a shower wall is any type of acrylic, as it is the easiest to install, safest, most durable and fastest to cover a wall without spending a fortune.

Moreover, acrylic does not tear, flake, crack or discolour, it is resistant to mould and mildew and the colours and patterns available on the market today are unlimited.

Different qualities of acrylic allow the owner to adapt to his budget, so there are few disadvantages to consider when choosing this material.

What is a shower wall panel set?

These versatile products offer the convenience of multiple components, a variety of configurations and complete instructions that come with these kits, so you can complete your project on time.

Standard bath kits are usually supplied with 2 rear walls, 2 end panels and 1 or 2 ramps. Corner profiles can also be part of the total shower enclosure.

The standard surround kits are designed to accommodate different wall sizes, and the shower kits usually include a base, 3 wall panels on the back and end. Some are specially designed for corner showers.









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