What Color Walls Go With Dark Wood Trim 

As someone who is always remodeling, I have become quite the expert on decorating with wood trim. Having said that, I have also learned that different woods have unique colors that you can accent. For example, I have dark wood trim in many rooms in my home, so I have learned over the years the best colors to pair with it.

I’m working on updating the colors in the house, which is something I do every couple of years. One of the areas I want to update is the living room. The walls are a soft white color, which is good for the decorating it provides, but I want to change it up to provide a more interesting background for my art.

Wood trim brings a warm and cozy look to any home. But many homeowners get confused when it comes to choosing colors for their wood exterior. While we know that lighter colors work best with lighter wood, we also know that dark wood and dark colors work well together.. Read more about decorating with dark wood trim and let us know what you think.

Here we share our what color walls go with dark wood trim guide including the different paint shades that give the best results and the combinations you should consider. Some homeowners like to coat dark wood trim with a particular paint, especially white.

For example, if you live in an area with high humidity, using a high-quality interior trim paint can help keep the dark wood from warping or cracking over time.

However, it’s always a better idea to let that gorgeously natural beauty that the dark wood trim gives.

Dark wood trimmings may create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also giving your home a vintage feel. Although the dark wood trim in your home provides a lot of warmth, it’s also a great idea to mix it with different wall paint colors.

The objective is to keep your home from being too dark. What, on the other hand, are the finest paint colors for dark wood trims?

You’ll learn about some of the paint colors and manufacturers that may help you improve your dark wood trim in this post.

Colors That Go With Dark Wood Trim

This selection of paint colors and manufacturers may assist you either accentuate or tone down the warmth or dimness of dark wood trim.

Green Undertones in a Medium Gray

When paired with dark wood trim, this paint hue creates a more welcoming and soothing environment.

1629930255_441_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim One of the companies that uses this paint hue is Magnolia Home Weathered Windmill (A7A9A3). This color looks great with dark wood trim. It doesn’t overwhelm the wood’s inherent beauty.


Grayish Beige is an excellent option for making dark wood trim appear more fresh and natural. The alternative word for it is greige. It also helps to bring the colors together and make the dark wood trim less gloomy.

1629930255_951_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim Ice Cube by Sherwin-Williams is the most often recommended paint brand for this hue (SW 6252). It has a light gray hue with somewhat chilly undertones.

The dark wood trim adds a wonderful touch. Because Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube is such a flexible paint, you may combine it with another light hue.

Light and airy blue

This is perhaps one of the more unusual options. The most common colors that go well with dark wood trim are neutrals and different white tones.

A splash of clean light blue, on the other hand, may give an eye-catching color impact to your halls or living room. It won’t make the room darker.

1629930256_179_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim Benjamin Moore’s Iceberg is a fantastic example of a brand that utilizes this bright paint hue (2122-50). Its bright hue brightens the room while also complimenting the dark wood trim.

This would look great with lighter trim as well. Read more about the colors that go with light blue walls in our guide.


Dark wood trim may be combined with the nicely harmonized beige. It will really create a soothing and peaceful environment.

1629930257_545_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim The living room’s warmth will be greatly enhanced. The Macrame Beige from The Spruce Best Home is one of the best options (SPR-05).

It has an energetic creamy yellow undertone that works well with the natural warmth of dark wood trim. Here’s where you can learn more about the colors that work well with beige.

Greenish Gray

Grayish green looks well with dark wood trim because it gives out a lot of light. In a location with plenty of natural light, it seems to be almost white.

1629930257_511_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim Benjamin Moore’s Vapor Trails is one brand that utilizes this warm hue (1556).

The faint green undertones become extremely evident when this paint color brand is put next to dark wood trim. It’s also the best option for areas that need to be relaxing, such as bedrooms. It has a very subtle and non-overpowering impact on dark wood trim.

White Neutral

1629930258_221_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim This option is ideal for boosting the amount of light in a certain area. Fortunately, Behr’s Snow Fall (W-F-600) is a beautiful neutral white hue that goes well with dark wood trim.

The warm and cold undertones in this paint color palette aren’t overbearing. This neutral white paint may be an excellent option for reducing the appearance of wood trim since it lacks yellow tones. This color combination produces a very peaceful and calming result.

The color white is cool.

A lot of dark wood trim has a lot of orange in it. By combining it with a cold white paint color with a slight blue undertone, you can tone down the warmth a touch.

1629930258_170_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim Fortunately, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace (OC-65) is a cold, crisp, and somewhat sharp white. It also has faint blue undertones that help to create a great amount of eye-pleasing aesthetic impact and contrast against dark wood trim.

Off-White Cream

You may need to match your dark wood trim with creamy white paint to raise and accentuate the warmth of it. It aids in bringing out the wood’s orange and crimson colors.

1629930259_624_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim Du Jour (7002-6) by Valspar is a creamy off-white that creates a stunning neutral color appearance.

This paint hue has faint orange undertones that contrast well with dark wood trim.

Green is a neutral color.

If you want to make your room or living area seem more fresh and earthy, try combining neutral green with dark wood trim. It gives the trim a more organic and natural appearance.

1629930259_649_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim The Spruce Best Home’s Quiet Green (SPR-09) is one of the suggested brands that uses this neutral hue. It is a soft, subdued, and neutral green that looks well with dark wood trim.

It adds to the overall feeling of rejuvenation. Find out more about the colors that go with green in our guide.

Color Schemes For The Walls And Trim

1629930260_827_What-Color-Walls-Go-With-Dark-Wood-Trim The wall and trim are usually of different colors. The trim usually has a contrasting hue that complements the wall color. Fabrics, furniture, carpets, window frames, and other furnishings are all excellent sources for color inspiration.

You may choose the most vibrant color for your major wall surfaces, a considerably darker color for your door and window frames, and medium-toned hues for your skirting board, both creatively and rationally.

Pale paint colors on walls may be paired with subtle and contrasting colors and hues on doors, windows, and other architectural items. Window trim frames in darker hues may also be utilized to draw attention to the view outside.

Furthermore, walls painted in cream or off-white with contrasting trim in subdued green or grayish-blue may create a soothing and colonial atmosphere.

Check out some of the color choices for walls and trim that truly work well together below:

  • Blue Trim on a Gray Wall
  • White Trim on a Navy Blue Wall
  • Ivory Trimmed Sage Wall
  • Glossy Sheen Trim on a Peach Wall
  • Buttery Yellow Trim on a Green Wall
  • Beige Trimmed Mahogany Wall

However, if your interior space has dark wood trim and you want to match it with your walls, you may use any of the wall paint color suggestions we mentioned before. On this page, you can find more relevant information in our post about what wall color matches with black furniture.

Dark wood trim is a pretty rare thing these days. If you want to add some dimension to your walls, or even need to cover up some bare wood, you’ll need to find the perfect match for your walls. If you’re planning on painting and/or staining your wood trim, light colors (like white) may not be the right choice. If you’re going for a bold color, you’re going to have to cover up the wood, so try a brighter color that contrasts with that wood. In this case, black works great.. Read more about paint colors with light wood trim and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color paint looks good with dark wood trim?

Black, white, and silver are all good colors to paint your dark wood trim.

What color walls go with dark woodwork?

Dark woodwork goes with any color walls.

What goes with dark wood?

Dark wood is a type of wood that has been stained or painted dark brown, black, or even green.

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