The Most Common Roof Problems You Need To Address

Your whole house protects you from the weather, but it is the roof that is hardest hit by the punishment of Mother Nature.

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With strong sunshine, heavy rain, snow and possibly hail all year round, it’s only a matter of time before roof problems arise.

Sooner or later, you will have to hire a roofing company with sufficient insurance coverage to repair or even replace your roof.

Here are some of the most common roofing problems you may encounter at any given time.

Roof leakage

Even if your roof is generally in good condition, leaks can still occur and cause water damage.

Even the smallest cracks in the shingles can lead to leaks. The roof connection can rust and no longer do its job.

Whatever’s causing the leak, you need to fix it immediately. Although the amount of moisture that escapes is minimal, it is sufficient to promote mold growth, which is another problem.

Roof shrinkage

Your roof is likely to shrink if it is flat and covered with EPDM, a synthetic rubber membrane designed to protect the roof from the elements.

EPDM tends to shrink, crack and deteriorate, leading to leaks and other problems.

Penetrations and holes in roofs

There is a long list of suspects who will be blamed if your roof has a hole or a defect.

Tree branches are often the source of these potholes. Debris carried away by a heavy storm can also pierce your roof. If there are peaks in your area, they can cause damage to the eaves.

People who, for one reason or another, climb on the roof can also be responsible for roof penetrations. A careless roofer, for example, could do it. B. accidentally dropping a heavy tool on the roof and causing a hole. An error can lead to the same result.


The shingles on your roof are constantly changing. In warm weather, these shingles begin to expand and eventually split, resulting in reduced wind resistance and leakage.

Pond water

A building with a flat roof is more prone to puddles because of the puddle that forms during heavy rainfall or snow melting.

In general it is expected that all the water in the pool will eventually evaporate, but this is not always the case. If your roof pond remains as it is, it will eventually accelerate the aging of the roof system and the degradation of the roof covering.

Broken or missing tiles

Sometimes the shingles are missing or are on our roof after a very heavy weather. There are also times when bubbles, ripples and cracks improve shingles.

Broken or missing shingles tend to leak, which can lead to water damage to the deck.

Snow and ice damage

Your roof will undoubtedly deform under the weight of accumulated snow and ice, so it is important to assess the weight it can carry. If the depth of the snow and ice indicates that the roof is too heavy, act immediately and remove at least part of the snow to free the roof.

The melting of snow and ice is also a problem, because it can seep under the shingles and stay there. When the weather gets cold, the water freezes and expands, pushing the shingles upwards and causing cracks in the roof.

Small animals

Bird nests can block the flow of water to the eavestroughs and possibly cause water damage.

Bird droppings also have a high acid content that can damage the roof.

Rodents like mice, rats and squirrels like to live on the roof. They chew and gnaw all the roofing materials in their path to make room for them.

Faulty installation

If you have hired approved, insured and bonded roofers to install your roof, poor installation is not likely to be a problem.

However, if you have chosen non-professionals to save you money, don’t be surprised if problems with your roof occur sooner than expected. If the roof installation is incomplete or defective, you will probably spend more money on repairs over the years.

These are just some of the most common roofing problems that require immediate attention.

Although it is tempting to deal with these roofing problems, it is much safer to leave them in the hands of professional roofers.

When you need to repair or replace a roof, make sure you always find professional roofing companies for the job. You can rely on the roofer to do the job properly, with the right license, warranty and insurance from the contractor.

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