The 10 Most Common Home Security Mistakes We Make

An English proverb says that charity never made you poor, that theft never made you rich and that wealth never made you wise. Unfortunately, the thieves will never notice. They will therefore seize every opportunity to seize everything they can, all in search of a quick win. Knowing this, we must secure our homes by all necessary means. However, as concerned as we are about the protection of our property, we continue to make security mistakes that allow burglars into our homes. Here’s some.

1. Hide the key under the mat.

You realize you won’t be home when your foreign relative comes to you. Instead of leaving them out in the cold waiting for you, tell them to find your spare key under the mat. It used to be safe that nobody cared whether you were home or not, but burglars are always looking for an easy target. So if you’re used to leaving a spare key in the most obvious places, such as B. in the plantations, under the rocks or in the nearby bushes, it’s only a matter of time before you feel the shock of a home invasion.

2. Tell everyone you’re away for a few days

Before you get defensive and say you only care about the ones that matter, like. B. your neighbors, tell them to take care of their pets, remember you can miss this while rushing to update your status on WhatsApp or other social media. Some of the things we put on platforms are useless; they make us vulnerable to danger because, frankly, most of our friends and followers on social media are strangers. They may even be stalkers who intend to hurt you, and if you let them know you won’t be home, they are free to carry out their fantasies about you, including taking valuables with them as souvenirs.

3. Indicate that you are not at home.

Maybe you’re an introvert or the most private person in the neighborhood, so even your neighbors will never know if you’re in the house. However, if you leave the porch and eat packages while sitting on the porch, Alarm Reviews indicates that this is an open invitation for burglars because it indicates that no one is at home. For example, you can inform your neighbour when a delivery arrives at your home and ask him to pick it up for you.

4. Display your values

The brilliant diamond ring passed down from generation to generation may be your pride and joy, but that doesn’t mean you should show it to everyone, including those who look on the outside. If you show your valuables in such a way that they can be seen by strangers, even when the windows are open, you invite thieves into your home. After all, they too would like to own such an inheritance or perhaps sell it for a quick profit.

5. Malfunction in the installation of exterior lighting

Darkness is always associated with sin, and literal thieves like to commit their crimes in the dark because they are difficult to identify. Without lighting on your porch, your house is immersed in darkness, allowing thieves to get their hands on everything without you noticing it. For example, you can install motion-sensitive lamps so that any movement is immediately detected and you are warned of a burglary.

6. With fake cameras

Gone are the days when even fake guns could scare people into handing in their stuff for fear of being shot. Nowadays, even thieves can see a fake camera, giving them peace of mind when they steal your stuff, because the chances of getting caught are slim. Instead of wasting money on fake or substandard security equipment, install real devices and keep burglars away from your property.

7. Means without filling

In a 2008 article that Brian Haas wrote for the Sun-Sentinel, he said the police recommend defensive bushes if you want to protect your house from burglars. The police advise owners to prune their trees and bushes to avoid hiding places and access to attics or the second floor. In addition, the shrubs and pruned trees offer a perfect view of the entire plant when looking outside.

8. Keeping rubbish in sight

You just bought a birthday present for your partner, it could be that big flat screen TV to enjoy the game or expensive jewelry for the ladies. It could also be the holiday season, and with so many gifts to unpack, the pile of junk will continue to grow, attracting unwanted attention. Although these are just boxes that need to be thrown away, this kind of rubbish tells curious eyes what they might find if they broke into your house. So, instead of giving people time to appreciate what you have at home, it’s a good idea to hide the garbage in the garbage can.

9. Wrong position of the mirror in the input

With our need for feng shui in every room, even the hallway became the perfect place to hang mirrors. As interior designers do not recommend mounting the mirrors directly on the front door because they repel energy, they recommend hanging them perpendicular to the front door in the wall. According to the logic of the House, however, this is one of the many errors to be avoided when it comes to the safety of the homeland. Anyone looking out the window of the house can easily see how to turn the alarm on or off.

10. Do not change the locks of the new apartment you have rented.

Even if you can accuse the person who lives in that house of a thief, because you don’t even know them, it’s better to be sure than to regret it. Many people are moving and have several spare keys to the apartment they live in. So ask your landlord to change the locks of the new apartment you’ve moved into to prevent burglary.

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