Pros & Cons Of Curbless (Zero-Entry) Shower

There’s something about the constant search for the latest trends in bathroom design at Pinterest, even if you’re not planning on renovating in the short term, but just the sight of a monochrome, minimalist bathroom with a curved rain shower makes my cold little heart beat faster.

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The latest trend in bathroom decoration is the aptly named curl-free shower. The reason it’s called a frizz-free shower is that it eliminates the one horrible step in your bathroom that separates the shower area (even in a shower cubicle) from the rest of your bathroom.

This simple step can make the difference in giving your bathroom wellness therapy at home.

Although walk-in showers can certainly appeal to you visually, they have many practical functions.

What is a shower without curls?

Slowly but surely, people are moving away from the traditional design of bathrooms, with large bathtubs and uneven and cumbersome bathroom floors.

A minimalist shower without the curls

Modern design focuses more on cleaner, slimmer lines with a more minimalist approach to design. Seamless showers are in line with modernist architecture and design.

Traditional showers have a ledge or barrier that separates them from the rest of the bathroom and prevents water from running off the floor.

A curved shower is essentially the same without the sidewalk, hence the name. These showers give the bathroom a uniform appearance, but require more space than an ordinary shower.

The shower needs enough space to have enough water, otherwise it will splash all over the bathroom. In a smaller room, the design of the entire bathroom should be somewhat inclined to push water into the drain.

Not only do neat showers look great, they are also much cheaper and help prevent accidents in the bathroom, such as tripping on the sidewalk on the way in and out.

They are also much easier to clean because they have no small, hard to reach corners like traditional showers or bathtubs.

Plus points for shower without loops


We know that dirty, slimy crap that’s piling up next to your shower sidewalk that nobody wants to clean up.

The shower without borders is indeed an example of good hygiene practices. The seamless shower makes it easy to clean the entire bathroom floor in one go, without having to clean the elbows here and there.


The barrier-free shower is absolutely practical for family members of all ages. Whether it’s babies, grandparents or other visitors, these showers prevent you from crossing the gate early in the morning (as on the picture above) without that cup of strong coffee.

A lint-free shower can even be a great idea if you have someone with some kind of disability in your family.

Here is a video about building a shower cubicle (without red):

Keeps your bathroom dry

It may seem surprising, but a pressure shower is designed to keep most of your bathroom dry.

These baths have a slope to the drain, which promotes the movement of the water to the drain. Position the shower head intelligently and tilt the bathroom floor towards the drain to be able to use the shower without having to bend down.


One of the advantages of an infinite shower should be the luxury it adds to a simple bathroom.

The interior doesn’t have to be very neat to make your bathroom look like one of House Hunters’ bathrooms. A simple decision to remove all barriers in the bathroom makes it wide and spacious.

It is true that you cannot always shower without a glass door, but there are several options, depending on your preferences and the amount you are willing to invest in renovating and furnishing your bathroom.

Anti-smoking Souls

Given these factors in favour of a shower without a step, you should consider the following points before installing a shower.

Data protection

Privacy can be an important issue when people lock themselves away in your bathroom while showering.

A shower curtain or shower door can cause an unnecessary shower to fail. So, if you have a family like this, installing a shower without a fitting may not be the smartest decision (or start by closing the door).


A shower without limits and without a glass door

That’s one of the drawbacks that really bothers me. Without the shower door the water doesn’t feel so warm because of the open, crackling shower, and in the US, where the temperature can get quite low, I wouldn’t want to drop the towel myself, to put it mildly.

Water leakage

Despite the contractor’s efforts to provide an angled bathroom floor to remove excess water, some water may still leak from the splash zone, and if this really bothers you, you will unfortunately have to say goodbye to your dream of an aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of curling showers. They add glamour to your bathroom in a minimalist way. Don’t forget that good water drainage is an important element of a shower without a knife.

Tips for building a frizz-free shower

We suggest that you invite a contractor and professionals to build a lint-free shower for you. They have the professional knowledge and experience to do it right and make sure it works for you in the end. But if you want to do it, there are ways to do it.

Manufacturers have internalized the love of DIY and offer seamless bathrooms as a complete system, so you can install it with ease and minimal errors.

These systems come with prefabricated bathtubs that have the slope you need, so you don’t have to lower or raise the floor yourself. These shower systems are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about that.

These systems come with detailed instructions, but require some additional hardware that you will need to purchase yourself, such as B. Plywood or OSB support plates, which need to be flattened beforehand.

You may need professional help to ensure that this is done correctly so that the structural integrity of the bathroom is not compromised.

You can then install the system by following the instructions and weighing it with a stack of tiles to keep it in place.

Once it’s in place, you can start tiling. Make sure that the area where the slope meets the rest of the bathroom is baked.

Is it more expensive to shower without buckles?

Bald souls are a little more technical than their curly counterparts. They must be inclined and correctly installed because they require a special drain.

If the drainage system is not installed properly, it may cause problems later on due to clogging. For the same reason, this type of shower requires a good sealing of the floor and walls of the shower.

All these reasons are cost drivers for showers, they are much more labour intensive and also require more equipment to increase costs.

A traditional hand shower can cost between $2,500 and $5,000, depending on the size and materials used.

A shower without curls can cost $500 to $700 extra. However, if you install a lint-free shower, you will feel that the small cost difference is worth it in the long term.

How much space do you need to shower without blushing?

A walk-in shower should have a gradual slope to ensure proper drainage. For this slope to be effective, there must be sufficient space in the bathroom.

If the bathroom is too small, the slope will be too steep, making the design of the shower ineffective. The ideal depth for a shower without a curve is 42 to 48 inches, but the minimum depth is 36 inches.

If your bathroom is too small to take this step gradually, it is probably not the best choice to take a shower without bends; the slope should be gradual in steps of 1/8 to 3/6 per foot.

Do you need a door to get in the shower?

The advantage of a seamless shower is its seamless design and minimalist appearance. You can further improve this uniform appearance by removing the shower door.

A shower without connection and without a door works best in a large room. The reason for this is that a shower without a door must keep the splashes in a watertight place. It is also desirable for the shower head to be fixed and tilted towards the drain so that the water can be drained away efficiently.


Consult with several contractors in advance and perform a due diligence, which will simplify the installation process. The installation of a clean and sparkling shower enclosure requires good planning, but the final product is worth the effort.

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