Pros and Cons of Split Bedroom Design Plans in Homes

A split bedroom design, also known as a split house, is when the main bedroom/apartment is located away from other bedrooms or common areas of the house.

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In general, this design suggests that the master bedroom is placed on the floor plan, so that the privacy of the resident is not disturbed and other activities in the house are not hindered.

This usually means that the bedroom is built on one side of the house and the adjoining rooms on the other side.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of choosing this floor plan for your property:

Advantages of split bedroom design

Data protection and rest

One of the main advantages of a double room is that it promotes privacy. If you z. B. by living together with other family members, you can have your own space without feeling that you are intruding or disturbing others.

This design also helps to reduce noise, as you don’t have to worry constantly about sounds coming into other rooms while enjoying your own peace and quiet.

Open space

Divided bedrooms tend to make optimal use of the available space.

spacious bedroom

This design eliminates unnecessary corridors and frees up space for rooms such as the kitchen or the living room; corridors that would normally separate the master bedroom from other rooms in the house are no longer necessary.

The design also maximises the coverage of bedrooms and communal areas; the space normally occupied by corridors can be used for larger bedrooms and more spacious kitchens or living rooms.


The room with two beds has been designed in such a way that the couple can maintain their privacy, even with their offspring walking around.

They need to make sure their teens don’t have to worry about listening to music or watching TV at night.

In this way, both parents (and children) do not have to worry about being disturbed if parents have to go to bed early to work.

This design helps not only the children who live with you, but also the adult children when they come to visit you; you will not be bothered by useless people in the house.  The same applies to parents visiting their children, as the privacy of everyone is not compromised.


By using a split bedroom design, your privacy is not compromised when you have a guest in the house. In this design, the guest rooms are usually located away from the master bedroom, so you can do your usual business without disturbing the guests or vice versa.

This attraction is especially popular with people who are constantly visited by family or friends, because they can carry out their daily activities without having to bring guests with them.


Professionals can also use the double room for their needs. With this house design you have the possibility to transform an extra bedroom into an office, gym or home office.

This allows a person to use the available space more efficiently without having to worry about expanding the existing structure or finding a new place to live that meets their needs.

Disadvantages of split-bedroom design


Although your privacy is desirable, a double room is not best suited for new families with babies or younger children. A shared room means that parents are cut off from their children; in an emergency they cannot hear their children and cannot react in time.

New parents should sleep with their child in the same room as the parents in this design, because the distance between the parents’ room and other rooms is greater and can be a problem for the parents.

Family time

Another disadvantage of the shared bedroom is that the layout of the floor plan allows the family to be separated for a longer period of time; this is not an option for a family that wants to spend time together, but it is better suited for people who are looking for privacy.

Difficult to move

Depending on the way the split bedroom design is processed, i.e. whether it is a single storey or a multi storey house, a multi storey design has the disadvantage that it has to climb a staircase to access one room in the house from another room.

This is particularly inconvenient for people with disabilities or joint pain, especially the elderly.

With all this information you can decide whether you want a shared bedroom plan for your next home or not!

What does the space distribution plan in houses mean?

According to, complaints often arise when rooms are next to each other or across the corridor on one side of the house.

Luxury room

In a room with two beds this is rarely the case. When rooms are separated instead of sharing common walls, we can speak of a shared room.

However, the main suite is often separated from the other sleeping areas, creating separate rooms that have both advantages and disadvantages.

On the other hand, the separate rooms offer a quieter environment and use the space more efficiently because the floor plans contain a smaller corridor.

Although this is not always the case, plans for split-room houses tend to increase the value of the house because there is more separation between the rooms.

Owners who want to separate their professional and personal lives and establish a home office often choose this type of arrangement because the physical distance is a physical and psychological advantage.

In addition, room layouts with two beds are more suitable for roommates. Without the usual corridors, the space can be used for large wardrobes and bathrooms, making optimum use of every square metre of space.

What is a two-room housing plan?

Two-bedroom houses, designed to separate the two bedrooms, are a very popular way to delegate space.

In some cases, the main living room serves as the epicentre of the household, with the living room, dining room and kitchen being the centre of the household.

Each bedroom is an extension of this living space. In some cases, architects have designed plans for a two bedroom house by placing each bedroom on a separate floor to create more separation between them.

Again, there are fewer corridors, especially if the design of the house falls into the open category where the living spaces are completely open because there are no walls.

When they are divided into floors, architects who design houses for the Home Designer’s website say, the master bedroom is usually on the ground floor, while the second bedroom is upstairs.

In any case, the bathrooms in the complex offer extra privacy and separation, creating a sense of space even in a two-room apartment.

What is a 3-bedroom floor plan?

There is not much difference between a double room and a triple room, which is preferred by families with very different lifestyles and work schedules.

But the more bedrooms in a house, the more different configurations you can expect when building or buying a house.

Depending on the project, the 3 bedrooms may be on one floor, separated by bathrooms or communal living areas. This is especially common on farms.

On the other hand, the main suite on the first floor can serve as a private enclave, while the two bedrooms on the upper floor, located on the opposite ends of the second floor, are a popular configuration.

Although there are two bedrooms on the ground floor and one on the upper floor, the feature of this plan is that neither room borders the other and shares a common wall.

As architectural design evolves and home designers look for new and innovative ways to offer residents the desired privacy, reconfiguring a house where everyone enjoys their privacy can be beneficial because there are no common walls, corridors disappear to increase floor space and the concept of a shared bedroom is further improved to become more sophisticated and practical.


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