Here we share our guide to modern floating fireplace design, including popular styles and ideas for your living room.

New technologies have brought many alternatives to keep our homes warm and cosy during the coldest months. Although there are many central heating systems, there is a certain charm that only the warm light of a fireplace can bring to a house.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the logging and smoke that comes with a real fire, because many modern fireplaces offer the same warmth and brightness in your home.

Fireplaces are often the centrepiece of living spaces equipped with them. Because fireplaces are as decorative as they are functional, they are often framed by chimneys of different materials and finishes.

Fireplaces are often a place to show precious souvenirs, photographs, travel souvenirs and other decorative objects.

Because modern fireplaces often have a thinner profile than traditional fireplaces or are recessed into the wall, floating fireplaces are often used to add this important feature.

You can use almost any material and you can experiment with different colours and finishes depending on what you want your home to look like.

Below are some of the most common floating fireplaces you can try for your project:

Modern floating wood stove

Floating wooden fireplaces work very similar to ordinary floating wooden planks. They usually use an invisible material system to achieve this floating look, and you can use almost any type of wood, from solid (for a more luxurious look) to alternative woods (such as plywood or OSB).

The slate mosaic tiles placed on the wall of the fireplace draw attention to the fireplace. In this example, a modern floating layer was used with a thick profile that contrasts with the slate tiles.

Modern chimney shelf

This system is similar to floating fireplaces, but instead of hiding the plank’s support system, it remains visible and is treated as part of the plank’s design feature. They are often found in more traditional design styles and are often used when a more classic look is desired.

This modern mantelpiece is crowned by a small floating plank, with a dark wooden finish that completes the overall colour scheme of the mantelpiece.

modern fireplace with floating mantle and integrated screen

It combines a floating chimney with integrated racks to maximize storage and display space. This is great if you want to enjoy all the space in your home or if you have limited storage space.

Both sides of the chimney are deep enough to create extra storage space. To maximise space, the bottoms were converted into cabinets, a wooden chimney was added and the rest of the upper chimney was converted into open shelves to display various objects.

Modern fireplace with floating planks

Floating shelves are common design elements in modern homes, and can also be added to fireplaces if you need more display or storage space.

You can make them yourself if you have materials at hand, but there are also standing shelving kits available that you can buy in the store or online and easily install yourself.

Look at this floating wooden plank on the Amazon.

Floating solid wood planks with natural imperfections can instantly add a rustic charm to any modern fireplace. You can use recovered wood and do-it-yourself articles to meet your needs.

Look for good wood, sand it and finish if necessary. Also make sure you use the right material that can support the weight of the piece of wood you are using (and the weight of the objects you put on it)!

Look at this modern floating fireplace on the Amazon.

Prefabricated floating planks are also a great idea if you don’t want to worry about DIY. All you need is hand tools to attach them to the wall.

Prefabricated floating shelves are often supplied with all equipment and are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, such as B. this unique floating metal shelf.

A lighter wooden finish was used for this floating board to harmonize with the other wooden finishes in the room. You can use a narrow wooden plank like this if you don’t want to put a lot of things on the shelf.

white chimney with modern floating chimney

A more minimalist fireplace is very feasible thanks to the many modern fireplace options available. Because they need wood and produce smoke like traditional fireplaces, you don’t have to worry too much about soot.

Look at that white fireplace on Amazon.

This modern white mantelpiece with a minimalist frameless design is complemented by an elegant floating wooden mantelpiece in a black finish to create contrast. For other similar ideas, see our article on bleaching a fireplace.

Modern fireplace enclosure with TV

Most modern homes have only one living area that also serves as a living room.

If you want to equip your living room with a modern fireplace, you don’t have to give up the television, because you can just install it directly above the fireplace. The hood can be used as a shelf for the television, or the television can be mounted on the wall.

If you want to have both a television and a fireplace in your living room, check the dimensions to make sure both fit.

If you have an existing chimney, you need to adjust the size of the TV to the available space in the chimney, and vice versa if you have an existing TV but want to install the chimney later.

It is best to buy them together to create a visual balance. In this example, you will notice that the television and the fireplace have the same width, which gives a balanced picture.

modern fireplace low floating

Sheaths should not always be placed above a chimney. In the current installations you will find many examples of floating fireplaces under the chimney, especially small built-in fireplaces.

This modern living room combines a fireplace with a television. Instead of placing the television on the same wall as the fireplace, they were placed next to each other, sharing a piece of solid wood.

It serves both as a low floating chimney for the fireplace and as a low floating console for the television. The result is a sleek, modern look that perfectly matches the aesthetics of the room.

Please refer to our Gas Fire Design Guide for more information on suitable models.

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