How to Remove Rocks from Yard Soil? Steps and Guide

The soil in a rocky garden makes it much more difficult for your garden or flower beds to grow. Read this article to learn more about the different methods for removing stones from your garden soil.

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Most owners like the idea of a beautiful flower bed or lush garden in the front garden. The lush natural greenery in combination with the bright and colourful flowers is absolutely spectacular.

However, you may find rocks in the soil of your garden as you work to prepare it for the next flowering season.

Rocky soil, for example, can cause a lot of problems in your garden. B. impede the growth of deeply rooted plants and damage garden tools.

They can also become dangerous and easily hurt someone. It is therefore in your interest to remove these sporadic rocks from your garden soil before they completely destroy your garden and flower beds.

Clearing your garden soil of stones is certainly a tedious task, especially if it is done by hand, but you should know that for a healthy garden you need to separate the soil from the stones.

There are many different garden tools and equipment that can speed up the process and successfully clean your garden.

Here’s a simple guide to help you update your front yard and prepare for next season.

Step 1: Tools and accessories

To start with, there are a few essential garden tools and supplies you will need to remove stones from the ground in your garden.


1.     Garden rake

Also known as a bow rake, this tool has the shape of a broom with short but strong, solid teeth that run parallel to each other. Mainly used to scrape stones from the garden soil.

2. turntable

It is a motorized machine equipped with two sets of rotating tines. His main task is to dig up the dirt in the garden.

3.     Work Gloves

When using a garden rake, you should wear a pair of good quality gardening gloves as the raking may cause an uncomfortable blister on your hands.

4.     Choose

This is a hand tool with a sturdy head and a long handle that is used to remove large stones from the ground.

5.     Bucket

This is another hand tool with a curved bucket that is used to scoop or lift loose soil.

6.     Shovel or wheelbarrow

After picking up the stones from the ground you will need a bucket or wheelbarrow to carry them and throw them away.

Step 2: Amendment

In other words, it’s about digging up a specific area in your garden to loosen and break down the soil.

Use a tiller to dig the soil in your garden to a depth of at least 15 to 20 cm. The main purpose of ploughing is to separate the soil from the stones, so that all the stones hidden in the soil rise to the surface.

Step 3: Crushing large stones

If you come across large stones while digging, use a pickaxe to break them so that you can pick them up more easily and remove them together with the other stones.

Step 4: Rowing

When all the stones are on the surface of your garden, it’s time to stack them with a landscape rake. Just like picking up dead leaves in your garden with a rake of leaves.

Step 4: Copy

Now, when all the stones are stacked, pick them up with the shovel and move them to the designated area.

Step 5: Transportation of stones

Use a shovel to put all the stones in a bucket or wheelbarrow and remove them from the yard.

Other complementary method

If you do not have the tiller and other garden tools mentioned above, you can also clean your garden with your own hands.

To manually remove stones from the ground in your garden, you will need the following tools:

  • Scoop
  • Bucket or other container
  • Sieve or separation sieve

Steps to next

  1. The first thing you have to do is locate the area where the stones are in the ground and then separate it using a screen or grid.
  2. Dig a few inches with a shovel and shovel all the earth and soil out of the plate.
  3. Empty the shovel into a bucket or similar container and repeat the process until you have dug a few centimetres.
  4. When you encounter medium to large rocks, it is ideal to pick them up by hand to save time and energy.
  5. Place all stones in the container and smooth the bottom after successful removal of all stones.

Both methods may seem annoying and boring, but once you’ve successfully removed the rocks from your garden plot, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy landscape in no time!

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