We all love the way that onyx showers look. But if you’re not careful, you can end up with a dirty, cloudy shower that doesn’t look nearly as great as it did when you first installed it. Thankfully, if you follow some easy cleaning tips, you can make sure your onyx showers stay looking beautiful for many years to come. Here are the best tips for cleaning onyx showers.

When cleaning onyx showers, it’s important to take care not to damage the stone. This mineral is made up of many different minerals, including aluminum and iron oxide—a material that is known for its resistance to water, and which is used in the production of glass. In fact, there are only two materials that are harder than onyx: diamonds and moissanite. The key to cleaning onyx showers is finding a solution that is powerful enough to remove stains from grout and soap scum, but gentle enough to not damage the stone.

If you have a black acrylic shower or tub, you know how easily it can show the dirt. Water and soap scum not only look unpleasant but can also discolor the tub. Fortunately, cleaning a black acrylic onyx shower or tub is easy to do. These tips will help you keep it looking like new.

The bathroom of the house can become one of the most popular rooms in the house if it is well maintained. There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bubble bath with bath salts and essential oils, or a powerful hot water shower to relax muscles and re-energise for a busy day. While we appreciate all these benefits, we hate the idea of cleaning. Nobody wants a dirty bathroom with hard water and soap scum. Onyx shower enclosures make the cleaning day less tragic because their structure is easy to clean. An onyx shower is a shower that is lined with onyx stone from the walls to the floor of the shower enclosure. Onyx is a natural stone that comes from the deposition of drops in limestone caves. When water evaporates from these caves, it leaves behind calcium carbonate, which explains the swirls and multicolored patterns in the stone. Onyx from the popular manufacturers; the Onyx collection is made from a combination of alumina trihydrate crystals and a special polyester resin that they have been developing for 25 years. This article describes how to clean and maintain this stone to ensure a long life.

Preparing for the shower

There’s no doubt about it, but some people tend to leave shampoo bottles, combs, razors and other items lying around, making cleaning difficult. To make the process easier, you can steam clean the entire shower by running hot water for a few minutes, which will loosen hard water stains and dirt on the walls and floor.

Mix equal parts water and vinegar

Cleaners are a big industry with many products on the market, some claiming to be better than others. Onyx is a hard stone, but it is very fragile, so most commercial soaps damage it. If you can’t decide on the right shower cleaner, use white vinegar, which is approved by most manufacturers. You can’t go wrong with a good old 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. To dissolve soap scum and kill mold, wipe the onyx shower wall in circular motions with a soft cloth and a solution of water and vinegar. It must be done regularly or you will attract hard water that dissolves slowly. If you already have scale in the shower, spray this solution onto the walls or floor with a spray bottle and wait up to 20 minutes before rinsing the surface with water. If a teenager’s bathroom is the hardest to clean, you might want to take a little more time. If you leave this solution for 2 hours and add a mild detergent, you can remove stubborn stains that form white spots. The shower door can be wiped with the same solution.

Mild cleaning soap

word-image-6161 Because onyx is a precious material, manufacturers do not recommend the use of aggressive abrasive cleaners commonly used for tiles. These cleaners damage the material over time, reducing its lifespan. It also loses its shine, making your bathroom look dull and unattractive. PH-neutral stone cleaners are recommended for cleaning this stone, and the cloth used to wipe down the shower should not be corrosive. Microfiber cloths or soft cloths are sufficient, avoid hard scrapers or brushes, which are often combined with abrasive cleaners designed to remove dirt stains from tile joints. It is also recommended to spray the cleaning solution on a towel and not directly on the surface of the onyx, as its porosity absorbs the solution.

Onyx Household Cleaner

word-image-6162 Since onyx is fragile and can be damaged by large amounts of commercial soap, it is advisable to mix your cleaning solution to eliminate all possible scenarios that could damage the stone. Take a tablespoon of Epsom salts and a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water and stir the solvent in a bowl. Mix this solution into a paste and then apply it to the stain with a cloth or soft brush. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse the area with warm water.

Use an onyx polish or scraper for a daily shine

word-image-6163 Hard water makes onyx showers dull over time. To keep this stone shiny, you can use a polishing gel regularly to restore the shine and also reduce the number of annual cleanings, as the water will dry up and not stick to the wall. For easy cleaning, use a squeegee after each shower. This method can be time consuming, but it minimizes the need for cleaners and vinegar in the first place. Place the squeegee in a visible place and use it every time you take a shower.

Benefits of Onyx over tiled shower enclosures

These simple cleaning methods may have caught your attention, causing you to reconsider your bathroom tile installation or visit the idea of converting your home’s showers from tile to onyx. If so, the following information will highlight the advantages of Onyx over traditional tiles to help you decide whether to go for it.

Easy to clean

Since no grout is used in onyx installation, onyx stone clad showers are much easier to clean, as mentioned earlier.

Faster installation

Laying tiles takes a lot of time. This includes laying a heavy base of cement board, cutting the tiles, laying the tiles on the wall and applying the grout. Onyx, on the other hand, requires only a dry, moisture-resistant wall on which to apply the adhesive, hang the stone and seal. You can even apply it yourself in the shower if you are a do-it-yourselfer.

Time saved

For some people, there are not enough hours in the day. Imagine getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off, getting to work on time, running errands and cleaning the house. That way, everyone will appreciate their time even more. Therefore, bathroom cleaning should be made easy so that the process is completed in a limited time. This is the best selling feature of Onyx, because cleaning the dirt in the grout requires hours of sessions, which takes time you don’t have.

Relatively cheaper option than

Like tiles, onyx varies in thickness and quality, which is reflected in its price. The biggest price difference between the two will definitely be in the installation. Your professional contractor will likely charge you more than for a Onyx repair.

No leakage

Joints absorb moisture and can leave a wet, spongy shower wall that may need to be repaired. That’s more money out of your pocket than you expected. This is not a problem for onyx, as it is a hard stone firmly attached to the wall with no place for moisture to penetrate.

Ideal for portable baths

If you have a barge or motorhome, you will have better luck with Onyx, as there is no exhaustive application procedure to follow. Still, there are some aspects that make the tile experience worthwhile. For example, tiles are much more widely available on the market, making it much easier to find the tile you have in mind for your bathroom design.  In addition, there are many manufacturers and suppliers, which limits their bargaining power in terms of price and delivery, which is an advantage for homeowners who are building or renovating. Another argument in its favor is the ease of installation on curved walls, which is very difficult with Onyx. The choice between the two depends mainly on your preferences, the features you are looking for and the amount of money you are willing to spend on purchase and maintenance.

Where can Onyx be used in the home?

Although not as popular as granite or tile, onyx is becoming the new preferred alternative for kitchen countertops. Although this glossy countertop is a real eye-catcher, it requires careful maintenance to maintain its charm. Beverages such as coffee, red wine and lemon cannot be spilled on these worktops. The porous nature of this stone absorbs it immediately, making it a nightmare to wash. They should also be sealed every 1 to 3 years to maintain their luster. Special care must be taken to select the correct sealant, as any sealant developed for granite will destroy it. Bathroom accessories such as shower enclosures and seats, towel racks, robe hooks, sinks and more can be made from onyx. With the information in this article, you can properly maintain your onyx shower. For those of you who don’t already have an onyx shower enclosure, this guide should help you make the decision to use this stone in your new home or to add this element to your renovation plans.Onyx showers are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, but this stone material is a little different from what you might be used to. Onyx showers are formed of roughly crushed rock, which is then molded into sheets and cut to size, much like granite. This makes the material harder to clean and more susceptible to scratches and dents than ceramic or solid surface materials. However, there are ways to make cleaning onyx showers easier, and we’ll share our favorite tips with you here.. Read more about pros and cons of onyx shower and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean an onyx shower?

As a homeowner, it is up to you to keep your home in tip top condition. This means keeping it clean and looking as good as new. An onyx shower is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The stone has a unique color with a striated hue. It is not something that you can just clean with the usual cleaning products. In fact, using the wrong cleaning product could even ruin your shower. In this article, we give you some basic cleaning tips that will keep your shower in top condition. Our first tip is to clean your shower regularly. So you’re looking to clean an onyx shower, but you’re not sure how. Onyx is a beautiful stone that’s all about fashion and function. However, cleaning onyx can be a little bit tricky. The most important thing to remember is to avoid using any chemicals to clean your shower. While this may seem like a huge limitation, it’s really not. It just requires a bit of extra effort. If you’re looking to clean an onyx shower, you’ve come to the right place.

How do you remove stains from Onyx?

Onyx is a type of natural stone that is relatively new on the home décor scene. It’s a variety of quartz, and it’s now used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas, including driveways. It’s a popular stone because it’s so durable—it can withstand high heat, it won’t crack, and it’s resistant to stains. (Many people use onyx where marble would be used, to save money.) However, even onyx is susceptible to staining. Common culprits include: If your shower is a mess of ugly brown stains, you don’t have to live with it. There are a whole host of ways to keep your shower looking clean and brand new. But the first thing to note is that not all stains are the same; different types of shower tile require different types of treatments. Let’s talk about the three most common types of shower tile:

How do you clean and polish Onyx?

Onyx, a dark-colored, fine-grained variety of chalcedony, is a common material for bathroom fixtures. It is popular for use in shower stalls and for bathroom sinks due to its hardness, durability, and resistance to staining. (It’s also easy to clean, as you’ll discover in this article.) While it is durable, it is also porous, meaning it soaks up water. This also means that you need to take proper care of it over the years. Have you ever wondered what you should use to clean your Onyx shower? Our best cleaning tips to help you remove soap scum from your Onyx shower.

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