How much does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh? Find the Answer Shortly!

Release date : 19. October 2020 Abraham Abi

One of the most important considerations when replacing a pebble roof is the simple calculation of the disposal budget. In order to reduce costs, it is important to take into account the mass of roof waste that will be generated during demolition.

And a question that homeowners often ask themselves is this one: What is the weight of a bundle of shingles?

1. Money saving tips

Being accused of being overweight can be very problematic for those who want to reduce their monthly expenses. This is due to the dense weight of the unused waste. Of course, it’s hard to carry them from home to the garbage can.

The trick to save money is to estimate the amount of material that goes into the bin and compare it with the speed of the bin. This advice should be borne in mind when choosing a conservation option.

2. to calculate the total weight of a bundle of shingles

How to calculate the total weight of a batch of shingles

To calculate the total weight of the old bin, you need to know the current weight of your brand new shingles. You are free to multiply the weight of a bundle of shingles by all the bundles ordered and the number of layers of shingles.

The rough estimate resulting from the calculation may vary due to certain factors, such as B. loss of pellets on old shingles, are not accurate.

So, how many shingles in a bundle, according to the vast majority? It turns out that a bundle of shingles weighs 50 to 80 pounds. Unlike the conventional type, the architectural version weighs between 65 and 80 pounds. On the other hand, the maximum weight of 3 squat shingles is relatively lower, from 50 to 65 pounds.

The weight of a bundle of shingles can also vary depending on the quality of each shingle. A guarantee of 5 years is undoubtedly different from a guarantee of 10 years.

3. What about the weight of the belt surface?

Square of shingles Weight

For your convenience, you can calculate the total weight of the tiles based on the total number of squares. Are you familiar with the square standard? The unit of measurement is 100 square meters. It is often used in the roofing industry.

Underneath, one square equals three bundles of shingles. This means that each package is 33 square meters. Shingle decks usually consist of 4 bundles.

The general term confirms that a square with shingles actually weighs between 150 and 240 pounds. What about the strongest? For common sense, the thickest shingles weigh between 320 and 400 pounds per square.

Like the total weight, the weight expressed in shingles can vary per square meter, depending on the original manufacturer, the quality and especially the type. Compared to 3-tab shingles, the architectural variety is usually denser and probably heavier.

4. Factors determining certain marginal costs

After the tear-off process, additional particles may affect the number of materials to be disposed of. Other relatively light objects include nails and caulking, while heavy objects such as gutters and gutters increase the weight of the debris.

Once unused assets are added, the likelihood of a significant price increase is likely to increase. So you have to adopt a careful plan before you get rid of it.

5. Think of the possible costs of your new project

When it comes to replacing old shingles with new ones, it is important to remember that the price of shingles is important. The total average state cost per 3,000 square meters is between $5,000 and $12,000. Is the installation that expensive? As a matter of fact, it comes down to this. The lowest rate for hiring a specialist is about $3,600 and the highest rate is about $120,000.

Because the types of shingles vary, the price of each style also varies. Let’s explain how asphalt architectural shingles are judged. It seduces the owners with its sculptural aspect and contours. In terms of lifespan, this type can reach 15 to 30 years.

The price per package varies between $30 and $50, while the price per square varies between $100 and $150. For even more different options, you can choose a 3D or dimensional roof. A product that is a combination of fiberglass and asphalt will cost you about $160 per package or $470 per square foot.

If you want to opt for rustic beauty, there is no better way than installing cheddar cheese or wood chips. This type of pricing is similar to that for large roofs, starting at $470 per square meter and $160 per package.  The woody variant is either sensitive to algae or to rapid algae growth. In anticipation of this, regular cleaning is required.

6. Considerations for the purchase of shingles

In addition to calculating the total weight of your old package of shingles, you should also make typography your first priority. Note that not all tile products are manufactured in the same way. Each of them has its own symbols and specifications. Variations in size and metal to slate occur mainly to meet consumer demand.

The other element to take into account is of course the quality of the shingles. The quality of the roofing products can be assessed on the basis of the manufacturer’s guarantee.

In principle, there are two types, including a 20-year guarantee and a 30-year guarantee. If you do not choose a longer version, it is more likely that it will last longer or that it will last longer.

In short, there are a few things to consider before replacing your roof, but the only thing that strikes people is the problem: What is the weight of a bundle of shingles? Why this is considered essential, because it has a direct impact on the monthly expenses of homeowners.

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