Great ways you can extend your living space outdoors this summer

If you have a garden, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine outside.

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This summer you can find ways to expand your outdoor living space and create a space where you can entertain and relax your guests when needed.

Build a Bebo Grill

A wooden pergola to relax in the forest.

You can build this kiosk in a weekend. If you already have a terrace, don’t worry – this gazebo will fit in and you’ll still have plenty of room to sit and grill.

It’s a great way to be with your guests, even if you’re preparing a meal. You can also customize it at your convenience by adding storage space or coolers.

Make sure you use quality wood so that the kiosk will last for years.

Care for comfortable furniture

If you want to relax and feel comfortable, you should install at least one piece of furniture on which you can rest.

It can be something as simple as a hammock or a swing, but you can also take it to another level and install a lounger or outdoor bench.

In this way you create a feeling of vast living space where you can relax as if you were outside your house.

Creating data protection

Brick house and fencing surrounded by vegetation and trees

Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean much if someone walks by and your neighbours see you. Intimacy is important to feel completely relaxed, and there are many ways to create intimacy without disturbing the natural beauty of the outdoor space.

You can place a wooden fence or build a garden wall; you can plant layered plants and climbing plants to protect yourself from prying eyes. Of course, a pergola can also help you define your outdoor space.

A Conversion of external

To make the most of your outdoor space, you need to focus on something other than the terrace and what you put on it. The environment is just as important to feel comfortable in the garden and want to spend time there.

Australians are known for emphasizing the need to make the outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible.

In Sydney and other cities it is customary to clean during the warmer months. This not only makes the time spent outside more pleasant, but it also protects the walls of the house and garden. Follow their example if you want total pampering.

Chimney construction

Old courtyard with fireplace, furniture and lots of greenery.

The fireplace makes you feel like you’re camping, especially if you light it at night.

A lot of people like to gather around a campfire, so this would be a great way to spend an evening together.

Do not buy the model in the shop, because it is not very reliable. Instead, spend as much money as possible on a unique, durable and easy to clean do-it-yourself fireplace.

It’ll take a few days to settle in, but it’s worth it. Usually it is necessary to lay the substrate and the mortar.

Be sure to check the codes for fireplaces in your area, as it may be necessary to build them away from trees or structures in your garden.

Building a simple water function

small waterfall or paved garden waterfall

The sound of the water and the reflections it produces relax us deeply. So remember to equip your garden with a low-maintenance watering system.

You can build a simple fountain around a large rock, from which the water flows into a kind of container and then out again with a pump.

You can buy the stone from a local supplier or use a hammer drill to drill a hole in your existing stone.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the fountain because there isn’t a pond to clean every few days.

Pleasant outdoor lighting

The terrace and the walls around it should radiate a pleasant light that creates a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere.

There are many types of lighting: candles can be placed on the table and around the patio, garlands of light can be suspended from trees and the fence, solar-powered landscape lighting can be placed in flower beds, or tiki torches can be placed along the path and around the patio.


Your outdoor living space can be as pleasant and relaxing as your indoor space. It’s about feeling the urge to go into the garden and have at least half an hour of fun and rest in the open air. And you can if you take the time to design an outdoor space that suits you.

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