Essential Parts of a Window Explained

Replacing all or part of your windows not only makes your home more attractive, but also more energy efficient. Windows come in all sizes, materials and designs, but most are made of the same components. Understanding the different parts of the sash and frame will help you find the exact part you need.

In this article we start with the window frame and continue with the glass and other necessary parts.

Window frame

The window frame surrounds and supports the entire window. This essential part of the sash is the outer part and contains all frames in one unit. This frame consists of a sill, a pole and a head. Window frames are made of various materials, including vinyl, steel, wood and aluminium. The frame is almost always attached to the wall of the building.

Window seat

This part of the main window frame is also called a stool and is a horizontal part that forms the lower part of the frame. Unlike doors, windows need a sill to protect the frame from damage or rot. Without a windowsill, rain and snow can penetrate the frame and cause damage. In addition to protecting the windowsill, it can also be used as a striking decorative element.


The upper horizontal part of the frame is the head. It is parallel to the windowsill and because it is at the highest point of the window, it is called the header.



The lateral verticals of the frame, from bottom left to top right, are called revelations. It is an essential part of the window construction because it ensures the safety of the panes or window frames.


The apron

This is a decorative finish that is located under the window sill or balustrade. The apron helps to give the inside of the window a modern look.

Roller shutter


The wing is surrounded on all four sides by top and bottom bars. This part of the frame can be attached or opened at the top, side or bottom.

Window panes and additional components

The window is held in place by various elements. This:



It’s a single pane forming the panel.

Upper plate

Top plate

The upper part of the plate is fixed or mobile and holds the window.

Bottom plate

The lower part of the movable or fixed frame that holds the window.



It is a locking mechanism attached to a single or double hung window.



A vertical or horizontal structural element that supports two or more windows.

Rods or gratings


Strips of material that divide a pane of glass to create the visual impression of multiple panes of glass.



There are three rails on the double windows. The top and bottom rail consists of a horizontal section of window glass. The middle rail, which is in the middle of the window, is where the bottom of the top pane meets the bottom of the bottom pane.

Types of glass

Toughened glass

Toughened glass

It is probably the most durable type of glass you can find. It can maintain the room temperature and does not break easily.

Laminated safety glass

This type of glass consists of a layer of polyvinyl butyral to create a very strong and durable window that is protected against shocks.

Low emission glass

It is a low-emission glass that is specially coated with a film to reflect heat radiation. Simply put, it is designed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet light entering the glass.

Other window accessories

Most windows are not complete without these support elements:

Support hole

That’s the condensation path.

Weather sealing

All windows must be weatherproof. This material can be made of vinyl, felt, rubber and metal.


This mechanical device is usually resilient and is used on single and double hung windows to counterbalance the weight of the glass during closing and opening.



It is a fine aluminium or fibreglass net that protects against insects.

Window film

A window film

This film reflects UV light and increases thermal efficiency.

Window equipment

Depending on whether the window is modern or traditional, the hardware may be slightly different. Here we look at the most common equipment:

Locking lever

Clamping lever

This handle serves as a support to secure the window.


The window stop function has two functions: When the window is open, it is not shaken by the wind. When the window is closed, the stop position holds the lower rail firmly in place so that the window does not open abruptly.

Locking bolt

These locks prevent the window from opening when it is unlocked. If the window is closed for a longer period of time, this part can be unscrewed and mounted directly above the lower panel rail.



The window hinges can be positioned at will, depending on the type of window. For example, for example… B. casement windows: the hinges are on the lintel, whereas in the case of awning windows, the hinges are on the lintel of the frame, as the window opens from below. Bunker windows, on the other hand, have their hinges on the sill because the window is open from above.

Silence lifting device

Window wing

Lifting is needed to lift the lower half of the wing. You can always slide the guillotine up or down with bars, but some people prefer a lift.


Whether they are used as a decorative shelf to hang collectibles or to ventilate rooms, windows are undoubtedly an important part of any home, so it makes sense to choose them carefully. They have to be energy efficient, made with quality materials and practical. The only way to save money in the long run is to understand the different parts of the window in order to make the best purchase decision. We hope you found this article on window terminology useful. Share your comments with us below!

Explanation of the essential parts of the window

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