Best Paint Colors For North Facing Rooms

Here we share our best colours for rooms up north, including topcoats and how to brighten up the design.

Each house has four sides: North, South, East and West. When you buy a house, sometimes you don’t have much control over where the bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens are relative to these people.

The compass direction of the rooms has a direct influence on the amount and type of light entering the room. That is why some spaces are better suited for photography or certain activities than others.

If you use this knowledge to your advantage and opt for brighter wall colours or certain shades and shades, you can make the most of the situation. The different ways to tip the balance in your favour are described below.

Effects of the lighting on the north

Each side of the house has a different influence on the elements, especially the lighting, through the windows. Rooms with northern lights are often the darkest in the house.

These rooms are lit by grey or neutral light, because there is no direct daylight. Instead, it receives the light reflected by other exhibits and illuminates the area indirectly.

This makes lighting and colour selection easier, because the lighting is more even than if it were to change at different times of the day and especially at extreme highs and lows during the day or even the season.

Rooms to the north have fresh air, so a contrasting warm colour can balance the space. It’s best not to over-contrast, because this can seem harsh. The use of cool colours with warmer shades combines these two elements.

Light reflection (LRV)

The value of the light reflection is by definition a measure of the visible light, but also of the usable light reflected by a surface when illuminated by a light source. Simply put, light reflection is the amount of light that can be used when it is reflected by another object.

Each colour has a different reflection value and even each paint or brand can be different. This light value is usually indicated on the coloured chips to facilitate decision making. The light can be reflected by many things, floors, walls and furniture.

The value of the light reflection in the room can vary depending on the colour and design. For wall coverings, colour and finish can influence the value. For better light reflection it is better to use a brighter paint and a lighter colour.

Topcoat colours for rooms facing north

Beautiful gray color for the bathroom.

The best colours to paint the room on the north side are neutral warm white, creams, beige, date plums, light chestnuts, warm grey and grey. Warm greens like olive and warmer blues are recommended to color the room.

By using colours that are lighter than neutrals, the space becomes brighter and darker accents can be applied if necessary. Neutral elements in combination with accentuated colours provide extra attention without flooding the room.

You can use any available paint color in the application to customize your favorite colors.

Paint for use in northern areas

Neutral white: Sherwin Williams 7004 Snowboard

Neutral Beige: Sherwin Williams 7642 Pawston

Grey neutrals: Sherwin Williams 7641 Colonnade Grey

Brown accents: Sherwin Williams 7033 Brainstorm Brown

Blue accents: Sherwin Williams 9051 AquaVerde

Green accents: Sherwin Williams 6452 Domestic

What is the best colour for a room facing north?

The best color for a room facing north would be the previously mentioned Sherwin Williams 6452 interior, because the green accents are combined with the pleasant medium neutral tone Sherwin Williams 7642 Pawston as base color.

This coupling uses cooler colours to bring cooler lighting in on the north side of the house. By removing a warmer shade of green, cool and warm shades are combined to maintain the integrity of the design.

Using just one of these colours with similar colours in your floor or room decor can also be a good choice if buying two colours is not in your budget. If you only use a neutral color, you can be more creative with the furniture or artwork in the room.

How can I illuminate a room facing north?

As mentioned earlier, the rooms on the north are darker and generally miss the golden hour, which also detracts from the natural light you want. Below are some ways to brighten up this space.

Warming up a room – With a lighter, warmer colour, a room facing north can be opened up. In addition, if you want to create more expression in a room facing north, using a warmer, deeper, darker color can warm up the room and best contrast with a lighter neutral color.

Room lighting – In north-facing rooms, lighting is limited because the sun is not directed towards the room, making the room darker and even requiring artificial light. It is preferable to include different levels of lighting, e.g. layers of paint, lamps, wall hangings or ceiling cloths.

The output of these lamps plays a major role in the lighting of the room. In rooms with desks, cabinets or shelving, it is very useful to install lighting underneath the shelving or cabinets to provide additional lighting in the room.

Playing with reflectivity – Playing with the reflectivity of the colour you choose can help brighten up a room significantly.

The colour can be flat, eggshell, semi-glossy or glossy. Each of these surfaces has a different way of reflecting light, the brighter it is, the more light it reflects back.

This, in combination with the color you choose (a lighter, brighter color is most useful), can help to make a room look brighter and more airy and open than a dark, unattractive room.

For more information, see our article on the best paint for your living room.

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