A Quick Guide To Shower Valve Types

If bathroom plumbing is new to you, but you’re renovating or replacing an old system, it’s important to understand the basics. This requires a good knowledge of shower accessories, their functions and the differences between the different types. Here’s a quick guide to shower accessories before you start your project. According to The Home Depot, a shower faucet is a special accessory to your plumbing system that has two main functions. It is used to control the temperature of the water coming out of the shower and to control the water flow rate. We all agree that these two features are important, as it is frustrating to have fluctuations in temperature and water flow. It’s nice to have an even temperature with the right pressure to rinse off the soap and shampoo. A faulty valve can cause low water pressure, which can affect the bath, and if the water temperature fluctuates, it can be too hot or too cold.

Different types of shower accessories

There are five types of shower taps on the market today. Everyone does the same thing, but in different ways. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and it’s helpful to know the differences when deciding which type is the best plumbing solution for your home. Here we explore the different types and learn how each works.

  • Mixer Taps – Mixer taps are an old traditional design usually found in homes with older plumbing systems. Mixer taps feed water directly from the hot and cold water taps to the shower head. This type of shower faucet is outdated and does not allow for regulation of water flow and temperature. If someone flushes the toilet or uses another water source in the house, you will probably feel a drop in water pressure, and there may be an explosion of extremely hot or cold water. When the other water sources are not used, the pressure and temperature return to the original settings. If you use this type of appliance (they’re hard to find now), be sure to set your water heater’s thermostat to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns.
  • Pressure Compensating Valves – This type of valve may also be referred to as a non-slip valve or a mechanical valve. It is currently the most sold type. This type of shower valve is designed to keep the water pressure constant and prevent hot water from escaping from the shower head. This solves the problem of an old faucet that can leave you cold or boiling. The valve has an internal mechanism that moves with water pressure fluctuations to balance the supply of hot and cold water and maintain a maximum temperature variation of 2 to 3 degrees. This is a type of valve with a single knob that must be moved right or left to set the water temperature. This type of valve requires a household plumbing system that is strong and durable enough to accommodate a pressure relief valve.
  • Thermostatic shower taps – Thermostatic shower taps are among the more expensive models, but they keep the water temperature and pressure constant, which is a big plus. They are equipped with a temperature-sensitive element that automatically adjusts the flow of hot or cold water when a change in temperature is detected. Some of these valves are equipped with a scale to indicate the water temperature. Most thermostatic shower valves have a flow control, which also allows you to control the amount of water from each water source.
  • Diverter valves for showers – Diverter valves are designed to divert the flow of water from the bathtub to the showerhead if your home is equipped with a tub/shower combination. Three different subtypes of diverter valves are manufactured. The first is a tee, where you pull on a tap, for example. B. a bathtub faucet. It is operated by a lever that is retracted when the water has reached the ideal temperature to direct the flow of water from the tap to the shower head. This is a check valve with a valve.
  • The two-valve diverter provides two controls to divert water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead. It is equipped with a dial for hot and cold water. There is also a type with three valves that allows the user to control the supply of hot and cold water separately. It also has a central lever to divert water from the bathtub faucet to the shower.
  • Transferring Shower Faucets – According to Hunker, a transferring shower faucet is a type that allows water to flow to multiple outlets. This is the type that is used when you use a hand shower. This makes it possible to use different functions of the bath and shower system at the same time. If you z. For example, if you use a detachable shower head, turn it off to return to a normal shower. Most shower diverter faucets have a non-slip function for temperature control, but it is important to note that there may be differences between manufacturers.

Can you mix brands?

There are dozens of well-known brands of shower faucet parts. Each brand has its own design, and it’s usually best to stick with the same brand to ensure your shower/toilet system is a perfect fit and compatible, according to the Plumbing Forum (https://www.plbg.com/forum/read.php?1,271093%7D). Recommended brands are Price-Pfister, Moen and Delta. There are subtle differences in valve design that can cause malfunctions when you try to mix brands. It is best to choose one brand or manufacturer and stick with that for all shower and faucet parts. If you replace it with a universal type, make sure it is appropriate for the system you have installed.

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