5 Unique DIY Décor Ideas for Your Deck in 2020

What’s your card game? Probably a couple of chairs and a wooden table, right.

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You have no idea what treasure you’re sitting on. The patio is a great place with great decorative potential that, when done right, can impress your guests.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s not about hanging a fairy or putting pot plants on the stairs. These decors are outdated and do not give your terrace any extra shine.

So, are you ready to make your card game? We have some simple and inexpensive decoration ideas that you can easily try out.

Decide first: Do you want a cozy, cozy look or something flashy? Maybe you want a combination of both ideas. Don’t worry, we’ll back you up.

We offer you five unique furnishing ideas for your terrace that you will immediately fall in love with:

1. Tired? Securing the nap point

Sometimes the bed doesn’t seem as comfortable at the weekend if you want to take a little nap. You can’t go on deck and sleep in a chair. NO to the wobbly old rag hammocks that cling to your children while playing.

How about creating a designated resting place? That’s not a bad idea, is it? At Amazon, you can get a freestanding hammock similar to the one shown below, perfect for patios.

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Depending on the weather conditions in your area, a hammock with a hardwood spreader and a weatherproof covering may be preferable to a hammock with a steel frame.

Put the carpet on the deck and put a hammock over it. Put some pillows and a blanket on the hammock and a bedside table next to it. Your roost is ready!

2. Show your creativity with bricks

If your terrace is at the back of the house and the surface is made of cement, there are many possibilities for creative bricks. You can create an edge of brightly painted bricks, a path connecting the back of your house to the front garden, or our favourite: the fire pit.

Just dig a hole in the ground, place the stones in a circle (3 layers) and add firewood. Put some chairs, pot plants and a folding table around the fireplace. Finally, hide some garden lamps in the plants. In the evening, when your children roast marshmallows on the wood, you can turn on the light and give them an unforgettable night.

3. Hexagonal suspended seeders

If you have a small terrace and little room for decoration, we recommend hanging the planters. Instead of putting pot plants on your terrace that your children and dog might accidentally spill, why not hang them in front of your house?

Hexagon Planting

Hexagonal planters create a unique appearance that can be placed in the beehive or in the cavity. It would also be a great place for family photos.

You can also reuse a portable ladder by placing plants in a pot on each step to create symmetry. This saves space and gives a picturesque look to a corner of the bridge.

4. Add lying surface

A new film about The Lion King will be released soon. What if we told you you could have a show at your house?

It is one of the best terrace decoration ideas that not only your children will appreciate, but also you if you have social activities at home.

Put a single bed on the terrace, with mattresses, pillows, blankets and sheets. Now install the projector in the backyard, overlooking the patio. Wrap white fairy lights around the screen so that it is clearly visible.

Prepare a favourite snack for your children and surprise them with this home theatre.

5. Flower wall

Many people want privacy when they sit on the terrace. The large panels do nothing and are so light that they leak all the time.

This is what we offer: a portable garden wall. You can do it yourself by beating up a few planks.

The planks are easy to obtain in a wood chipping shop. Create a base for the wall so that it can stand on its own. You can hang pot plants on it now. As they grow up, they will wrap themselves around the wall and create intimacy for you.

You can give each idea a personal touch by adding a few additions here and there, such as an egg chair for a reading corner or a storage bench that also serves as a freezer.

Try out these five terrace decoration ideas and send us a picture so we can see how it works for you.

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