47 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas – You’ll Beg To Call Your Contractor

The key to any home is a fully functional kitchen that is also warm and welcoming. Whether your style is rustic, modern or traditional, there is a unique kitchen design for you. Here is a nice list of our 47 kitchen models that certainly make the green-eyed monster move !!!!.

It’s too big to fit in a single message, so I divided it into two pages of the series – I saved the best for last: )

Without further ado, here they are….

Have fun!

Photocredits: homegoid.com

I like this design because it’s a modern color scheme. In case you haven’t noticed, but black, grey and white combined in kitchen design is a growing trend in home renovation. The multipurpose island is what sells me, you must have it!

Vaulted ceiling kitchen design photo credits : HGTV.com.

The vaulted ceiling of this kitchen will especially attract the attention of your guests. It adds so much elegance and distracts attention from any ordinary kitchen. I like the lights hanging from the vault. The combination of light and dark colours does wonders.

Black and white granite kitchen with control panel floor Photo credits: tilghmanbuilders.com

As a child I always loved checkerboard floors because it was fun to run around in the kitchen not to step on the white squares, knowing how to get out of boredom, and as an adult I’m all for contrasting colours in the kitchen and a mix of lightly sprinkled accents. Nice design.

Luxury house  with wooden kitchen and granite worktop. Fotocredit: oceankitchenandbath.com

This kitchen literally screams that something has to be done here because of the size. And even though she’s not as big as she looks… I like the shaker style cabinets because they go well with the granite countertops. The wine storage on the side of the island is a nice plus. The ceiling lighting is modern and really adds to the atmosphere of this kitchen.

Dark kitchen cabinets with light marble worktop Photocredits: oceankitchenandbath.com

Here we have a surprisingly dark kitchen where a lot of attention has been paid to the woodwork. A multifunctional island is a must if your kitchen is the heart of the household. Many people think that the living room plays the biggest role in the house, but I have the feeling that the kitchen does. You have to eat, huh? I like skylights because they brighten up the atmosphere in the room a bit.

Beautiful kitchen to entertain with chairs Photocredits : home design.photos

This is an excellent cuisine to entertain a small group of people. You can cook for your guests while you talk like you’re going to a hibachi dinner, but I doubt you’ll manage to make the fiery bow tie they’re famous for.

Here is a modern and kitschy design that is pretty cool Photo credits: housedesigninspire.com

This kitchen design approaches the concept of the modern kitchen in a whole new way by giving it a floating stove. Brilliant high-tech style! It has to be said that the anti-road current is becoming a popular trend in 2016. I doubt they make apple pie in this kitchen, I imagine they order homemade sushi rolls instead.

Victorian style kitchen with luxurious details and finishes Photocredits: divinedesignbuild.com

Everything I like about this kitchen and its elegance makes me want to pour a cup of tea and sit by the window to see what the neighbours are doing, the birds. Decorating your kitchen with furniture is a good choice if you have many guests or because of the tranquillity they radiate. This is undoubtedly a kitchen that has more reason to be than working on a hot stove. Warm and welcoming.

Rustic, dark and minimalistic kitchen design

Now I know it doesn’t concern everyone, but I felt the need to give it a place here, because I like the artifact it gives off. A beautiful dark design that has its place in a Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp in the center. It almost brings you into a dream world outside the country kitchens with curtains.

A rustic kitchen made to measure

The rustic style is rapidly evolving into a culinary style. In addition to cowboy hats and boots, many people who don’t live in the countryside add a rustic touch to their home where their furniture is accentuated and they add a rustic touch that is sure to please. I really like this design.

modern white kitchen with dark floor image credit : decorationtrend.com

This beauty is breathtaking. White cabinets are simple, but with black accents. The marble countertops, the island and the backsplash really make this kitchen shine. I especially like the steel skylights. Smooth.

High-end luxury kitchen with high-end appliances Fotocredit : mainlinekitchendesign.com

If you want a kitchen that did what it did for me (quickly noticed) with a good answer, then this kitchen is for you. It’s only POPS if you look at it. The island that has the record is a winner. It’s one of those very functional kitchen layouts that I really like. So much workspace and light. Two things leaders need.

2016 Trends in kitchen design

This kitchen has a unique style and looks elegant. From the steel appliances to the steel figurines used as closet handles for the island, everything fits perfectly.

Rustic kitchen with sturdy chairs Photocredits: panbudan.com

The design of the kitchen here is such that it does not disturb the lovers of the countryside. I like her. Chairs that look like sticks are great if you want a kitchen that feels like camping outdoors, but are afraid of the insects that come with it. The barbed wire supports are so cool and are part of The Walking Dead as an accessory, and the island closes the deal. I love this design.

The really sleek look of custom kitchens in stone Photo credits: stawallpaper.com

I don’t think your readers need me to tell you what a cool kitchen design is. I can imagine a padlock and an even cooler weapons collection in the next room with a deer’s head hovering over it to deter anyone who might want to break in. That’s good. That’s good.

Custom kitchen with wooden cooking island and dark recycled countertops

An eye-opening layout, fresh and refreshing for the viewer. Very impeccable appearance. The island is simply elegant, offers a lot of work space and is multifunctional. The large number of drawers and cupboards does not leave any crockery in the house.

Clean, minimalistic kitchen design

A design that screams: I’m demanding! Between the beautiful white patina and the elegant facilities, this kitchen is not made for cooking macaroni, because it is better to burn a filet mignon.

ugly kitchen Photocredits : mosiehomes.com

Okay, just like the Tim Burton-style kitchen, this light kitchen may not suit everyone, but I love it and I chose the cleaner, cleaner design – yes, I did. You have to give this project a chance. Really, it’s the eyes that come out and forget the need for morning coffee, because one look in that kitchen and my eyelids are sewn for the day.

High-quality upholstery and details - perfect for small kitchen ideas

What I love about this kitchen is that it’s so simple. Not everyone entertains groups of people and just wants to enjoy the company of their husband who has an empty nest. It’s nice and comfortable.

Great Kitchen Ideas Photo credits: updatehome.com

I see a happy, outgoing family with a trendy kitchen. Two or three children and two pets should be in a kitchen like this. I like the door sign because it is an attractive way to let family members know what someone is doing that day or to leave a nice message. The restaurant-style table is ideal if you have a large family, and I like the busy look.

Unusual culinary concepts.

Yes, I have to admit that when I first saw this kitchen, I thought of the movie Beetlejuice, but get grip guys, she has style, she has class, she has a really original chair.

White kitchen with granite worktop Photocredits: architectureartdesigns.com

The island represented here is one of the most sold for me because it is large, versatile and beautiful! Skylights contribute to the appeal of the kitchen island. The design of the kitchen is fresh and clean.

Made-to-measure walnut kitchen cabinets Photocredits: minimalisti.com

If you take a quick look at the picture, you might think it’s not ideal for a fully functional kitchen, but look closely and you’ll see that it’s actually HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL. The designer simply knows how to create space in the smallest spaces. The large number of drawers and cupboards provides ample space for all kitchen appliances. Then all the cupboard space and the wine bottle cabinet. The island looks like a walnut tree and is a simple but beautifully executed design.

kitchens with a unique design

The construction of this beautiful drawing requires talent and patience. This Victorian style really adds a lot to the house, not just one thing, something, because it’s beautiful.

innovative kitchen design with a clean worktop

A highly innovative and functional kitchen design that everyone can enjoy. An integrated bottle opener and various other built-in elements make this kitchen a must for people who love entertainment.

Luxurious and modern kitchen ideas with a quality stove and appliances

A modern, beautiful and clean kitchen, with ceramic tiles and gastronomic offers.

Elegant hanging lamps in this adapted kitchen with centre island

Modern kitchen with all the trimmings. Beautiful island with 5 seats and a relaxed color palette. Every room in this kitchen seems to be made to go together.

A modern and colourful kitchen with cool looking pot seats

You will immediately notice the natural light shining in this kitchen, and the beautiful mosaic splashes. In addition, the basket of fresh fries looks at the chairs at the end of the large, narrow island. For a small kitchen it is very functional thanks to its layout. Brilliant colour palette and modernity. Nice design.

Freestanding kitchen with beautiful custom-made cupboards and smooth stone tiled floors

There’s a lot going on here, so I’ll keep it short and let you make your own observations, but I want to salute the carpentry that went into creating this kitchen design. That’s very good. Everything that has to do with woodcarving or woodcarving testifies to real craftsmanship and this design is unique in its kind.

Designer kitchen with beautiful oak floors

The designer of this kitchen hoped for a lot of space, and that is exactly what he has achieved. Cupboards and drawers are hidden in the kitchen wall. I really like it, and the design with the purple and black adds real character. Good for you.

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