19 Video Game Room Ideas to Create Your Perfect Game Room

To make the game more fun, you need a comfortable playroom. Before making a decision about the layout of a playroom, you should consider a number of basic elements such as cooling, lighting, storage and other play equipment.

To meet these basic criteria, take a look at these 19 great playroom ideas.

1. Small dice station


Size is important when it comes to finding game installation ideas. If you only have a Playstation in the shape of a cabin, you can place two comfortable armchairs in front of your computer.

Attach the speakers to the wall on both sides of the monitor. If you want to get closer to video games, place them close to your seat so they’re within easy reach.

2. Living room playground

Playstation Living room (par. @retrobutionyt) @retrobutionyt

The installation of a playroom will be easier if you have a spacious house. You can have a built-in smart TV and other game TVs mounted on the wall.

Place other supporting equipment, including computer games, under the television. Decorate the playroom with a set of comfortable sofas.

3. Full white playroom

The all-white playroom

White will always spoil your eyes. If you like the interior of a beautiful playroom, try decorating it with a white theme. You can paint the wall white.

Install all white ornaments, including blinds and playground equipment. Choose a game table, chair and white speakers to match the wall and the blind.

4. Modern playstationfor the corner living room

Play Station Modern Corner Living Room (by. @techartistryblog) @techartistryblog

Do you want to find the ideal playroom? Use the corner of the living room to place all play equipment.

Choose the size of the play equipment so that it can be placed in the corner of your living room. Use a small chair so you can play comfortably.

5. Lighting of the small playground

Small playstation with backlight (by @ryflexgaming) @ryflexgaming

It is quite a challenge to light up a small room so that the PC light doesn’t hurt your eyes. If you manage to create a small space, you can install spotlights and mount them to the ceiling.

The dark colour of the play equipment and furniture provides pleasant lighting while playing.

6. Glow in the Dark Playroom Decoration

Bright playroom (par. @dream.workspace) @dream.workspace

If you are looking for fun decorations for your playroom, you can decorate the wall with colors that glow in the dark. The light of the set that glows in the dark will not hurt your eyes.

You can choose a range of coloured reflections in the Dark Tetris for better atmospheric lighting.

7. Futuristic Playroom lighting

Futuristic playroom lighting (via @ryflexgaming) @ryflexgaming

Try installing white lighting under PCs and blue
lighting on playground equipment to create a futuristic light setting. The combination of white and blue
illuminates the ambient light
while playing.

8. Bedroom game

Installing games in the room (par. @gaming.boughaz) @gaming.boughaz

The bedroom can be a comfortable place to play. If you have a spacious room, you can attach a game projector like this to the wall so you can still play while you’re in bed.

Install a projector on the ceiling for better mood lighting during the game.

9. Corner set with glass top

Installing a corner spacer with a glass plate (via @ryflexgaming) @ryflexgaming

Looking for a simple but futuristic gaming platform? Try this idea! Prepare a long glass table, two PCs and other supporting game equipment.

Put them in the corner of the room. Install the lighting under the screens so that the light passes through the glass.

10. Office design playroom

Office Design Playroom (by @pc_bits.build_) @pc_bits.build_

Office style can be such a cool concept for a playroom. Use a white desk with lots of drawers for three computers.

Complete the furnishing of your office with a pair of loudspeakers and a chaise longue. Don’t forget to install mood lighting on the wall.

11. Children’s playroom with rainbow carpet

Children's playroom with rainbow carpet (par. @ryflexgaming) @ryflexgaming

There are many concepts you can adopt for children’s playrooms. One of them is a children’s playroom with rainbow carpet. This concept fills many colourful carpets with two large computers and a set of sofas.

12. Single reading station

Simple Game Station (par. @pc_bits.build_) @pc_bits.build_.

If you are not interested in the details of the game room design, try a simple game station concept.

You can put all your play equipment on a table in the room and connect the electricity to the wall.

13. Retro game room with game console decoration

Retro playroom with game console decorations

If you’re a game console collector, you might want to adopt the idea of a retro game room in a game room. The idea is to decorate the playroom with consoles.

Install the game consoles on the wall next to the smart TV. Add a Star Wars action character to complete the set.

14. Modern minimalist playroom

Modern Minimalist Games Room (par. houzz.com) houzz.com

The modern minimalist playroom
is one of the fascinating decorative ideas. This concept does not require a large number of
devices. Install the large Smart TV and place the two large
chairs on the ivory carpet. Voilà! They’re ready to play.

15. Playroom in the living room

Lounge Games Room (par. flickr.com) flickr.com

The living room remains the favourite space for many people to decorate their play equipment. You can install a large television and a sofa. Install electrical appliances on the wall and place other toys on the TV stand.

16. Playroom with study furniture

Playroom with study decoration (par. reddit.com) reddit.com

Setting up a study room is another good idea for your playroom concept. So you need to provide a table suitable for the computer.

Place a few speakers under your desk and use floating shelves to store computer games.

17. Gothic playroom with stone wall

Gothic playroom with stone wall (par. @gamingpcrigs) @gamingpcrigs

An idea for video game rooms is to decorate them in a gothic style. The Gothic playroom accentuates the dark colours. For a decoration in Gothic style, use a stone wall.

Finish the design by placing a black PC, black chair and other black gaming equipment. Place the orange light under the table or next to the lighting equipment.

18. Playroom with cartoon concept

Playroom with cartoon concept (par. @michellesaid) @michellesaid

Cartoon character lovers want to use their playroom full of cartoon decorations. If you are one of them, you can place comic book posters, figurines and dolls of cartoon characters in the room.

Finish the decoration by placing two TV sets on TV stands.

19. Spacious wooden playroom

Spacious wooden playroom (par. @loft25gaming) @loft25gaming

In the spacious playroom you can invite your friends and spend time with them. You can also have a tandem during the game. If you’re not sure if you can design a playroom for a large room, you can try decorating the room with wooden planks.

Use the foldable pulley to hang up the game TV and the foldable chairs to make the game even more fun.

So make your playroom a welcoming place. Try one of these 19 games room ideas and choose the one that works best for you.

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