19 Beautiful and Practical Corner Kitchen Sink Inspirations

Release date : 14. December 2020 Abraham Abi

Do you need a special space for your sink? Install a corner sink for the kitchen. This appliance fits perfectly into the most discreet space in the kitchen.

This placement gives you extra counter space, even in a small kitchen.

Corner wells aren’t monotonous. You can experiment with different materials, decorations and shapes.

Here are 19 inspirations you should check before installing a new corner extension.

1. Washbasin apron white with corner window


Apron-like corner bins are ideal for households with children or people in wheelchairs. A light grey counter top surrounds this white sink.

Corner windows offer a nice view when doing the dishes or cooking.

2. Double-bottomed wash basins with modern taps

double sink with modern tap pinterest.com

The design of the mixing valve contributes significantly to the overall design of the sink. This pair of washbasins undermines not only its beauty, but also its practicality – both wash basins share a single curved tap in a contemporary style.

Its functional beauty gives it a timeless look, especially with pot plants.

3. Corner washbasin with modern country house charm

Corner sink with modern country charm (by loveyourabode.com) loveyourabode.com

This modern country kitchen has a simple two-piece sink in the basement. The modern and elegant white taps match the basic cabinets.

Corner windows, a pot plant, egg baskets and checkered curtains add to the rustic charm.

4. Washbasin with slotted corners on the jamb

Countertop Split Corner Sink (by czytamwwwannie.blogspot.com) czytamwwwannie.blogspot.com

This small corner sink has a split model with a partition wall that separates the two functional areas. The sink looks like a natural addition to the countertop.

The glossy finish is beautiful, as are the grey patterned countertops and the stone tiles.

5. Corner washbasin white with black cabinet

White corner sink with black cabinet (from hard-pan.rssing.com) hard-pan.rssing.com

Following last year’s two-tone kitchen trend, this small sink is combined with contrasting cabinets. A white sink and black cabinets flank the brown sink and backsplash, creating a warmer tone.

6. Which AngleMinimalistic Vintage

Vintage minimalist corner sink (from czytamwwwannie.blogspot.com) czytamwwannie.blogspot.com

This corner sink has a soft vintage look, with white cabinets and a patio door. Two lamps in metal frames give a unique look. The strikingly designed marble worktop harmonises perfectly with the white washbasin.

7. Elegant stainless steel corner dish

Elegant stainless steel corner sink (from midwestliving.com) midwestliving.com

This stainless steel corner washbasin has an elegant layout. White cabinets, a curved faucet and decorative tiles give a fresh and elegant look.

Floating shelves and modern hanging lamps make this space more than just a sink.

8. Slim and luxurious corner washbasin

Elegant and luxurious corner kitchen counter (par. houzz.com) houzz.com

This corner sink is part of a modern and luxurious kitchen. The clean lines and reflective surfaces of the case give it an elegant appearance.

The sink integrates perfectly with the stainless steel worktop and creates modern and functional workspaces.

9. Corner washbasin with brass fittings

Corner washbasin with brass mixer tap (par. decorpad.com) decorpad.com

corner sink looks simple, but the brass tap improves the appearance of the entire
sink. It contrasts well with white cabinets and countertops. The
light from the adjoining windows reflects beautifully on the brass tap.

10. Small corner sink with spice jars

Small corner sink with spice jars (on fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com) fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com

This small corner counter has a modest appearance, but the natural elements make it charming. Wooden countertops give ordinary white cabinets and washbasins a fresh look.

You can place herb pots nearby to add green elements and get fresh herbs for cooking.

11. Black stone corner sink

Black Stone Corner Basin (by. gardennerfoxremodeling.wordpress.com) gardennerfoxremodeling.wordpress.com

This black corner sink is made of natural stone and is therefore an eye-catcher in the kitchen. It fits perfectly with white cabinets and black countertops.

The corner is also a good place for open shelves, with ceramic collections for extra decoration. Flower pots and cage decorations make the sink area more interesting.

12. Modern asymmetric corner sink

Modern Asymmetric Corner Sink (by homedit.com) homedit.com

This asymmetrical corner sink offers three workstations in one place. There are places to wash, cut and store food. The asymmetrical design is ideal for installation in the difficult corners of any kitchen.

You can also reduce the amount of splashing because the sink is slightly tilted, making it impossible to collect the water. The rough stone wall, the bronze bowls and the mini pots form a great contrast.

13. Eclectic apron with black tap

Eclectic black tail apron (by. cottonstem.com) cottonstem.com

Make your corner sinking more interesting with an eclectic decor. This white country sink has a black tap and a smooth counter top.

However, the wooden pendant lamp and the geometric white backsplash add a touch of vintage. The position of the sink is also unique: Instead of in a corner of the room, the sink is mounted on a low partition (which also serves as a breakfast bar).

14. Metal underwater basin

Metal underwater swimming pool (par. homedit.com) homedit.com

In this underground space, the sink combines different materials to accentuate different textures. Yet metal is an important component.

The stainless steel sink, counter top and cabinets contrast beautifully with the brick rear wall, the white cabinets and the patterned floor.

15. Natural corner space with double washbasin

Natural Corner with double hanging sink (from centsationalstyle.com) centsationalstyle.com

This double kitchen sink is part of a natural corner space. The sink under the counter became the centrepiece of the blinds, the two windows and various pots and pans – the perfect place to think while working in the kitchen.

16. Modern swimming pool with double basement

Double modern sink with double taps (par. homedit.com) homedit.com

This double walled sink has a modern touch compared to a conventional design. Sinks touch the corners, not the sides.

A flexible sink was placed in between. The stainless steel sink stands out beautifully on the dark grey worktop.

17. Elegant grey wash basin corner seat

Elegant Grey Room Sink Corner (by. homebunch.com) homebunch.com

This sink is simply elegant. The white sink and cabinets have been washed out on a grey background.

The backsplash has a modern Moroccan pattern, and the grey countertop completes the soft tone. Soft brown blinds and a declaration lamp add a unique charm.

18. Modern and elegant black washbasin

A modern and elegant black sink (par. homedit.com) homedit.com

The black sink and the modern chrome-plated tap create a great contrast with the kitchen fittings. The white walls and purple cabinets are perfect for this unique combination.

Red flowers and some simple ornaments illuminate the eyes.

19. Angle washbasin with hanging tool

Corner counter with hanging tool (par. livelovediy.com) livelovediy.com

This corner sink has a simple appearance, with underneath a white sink, a pink marble worktop and white cabinets. The kitchen utensils hanging above, however, have a unique touch.

Handmade stainless steel frying pans and saucepans with a modern cooking ring. An elegant chandelier adds a unique accent. The window provides natural light and the modest artwork is a simple decorative touch.

A corner sink is a smart solution for limited space, but you can do more for decoration. Use these ideas to get recommendations for the design of your new kitchen.

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