17 Practical Toy Storage Cabinet Ideas and Solutions to Organize your Children’s Playthings

17 Practical Toy Storage Cabinet Ideas and Solutions to Organize your Children’s Playthings

If you have children, you probably have a lot of toys that take up space. A children’s room full of toys can be ugly, not to mention a safety risk. Ask any parent who has tripped and fallen after stepping on a toy in the middle of the night. However, this can be avoided if you store your toys correctly. What you need is practical, stylish and easy to use storage furniture for children to store their own toys.

The following ideas for toy storage furniture and smart solutions can help you organize your child’s room and get rid of clutter.

Tips for organising children’s toys in cupboards

The key to getting the most out of your lockers is to adapt the storage system to your child’s needs. Here are some tips for organizing toy cabinets:

  • Choose the correct storage containers: Plastic boxes of different sizes can be used for cabinets without shelves. This makes it easier to stack the toys, but make sure you choose containers that are large enough and, if possible, have a lid.
  • Determine a designated storage location: A special storage space for toys helps you or your child find what you’re looking for quickly and prevents you from tripping over the mess.
  • Keeping similar toys together: Your storage cabinets should be neat and tidy, with stuffed animals in one room and LEGO pieces, LEGO alternatives or puzzles in a separate room. This makes it easier to find things.
  • Label toys on cabinet doors: Laying out toys or placing roll labels on racks or cupboards will help you and your children organise them.

Now that you know a little bit about organizing your children’s toys, take a look at my 17 toy storage ideas with some surprising and cleveralternatives:

1. Small corner cabinet

17 Practical Toy Storage Cabinet Ideas and Solutions to Organize your Children’s Playthings

Instead of installing large cupboards in your child’s bedroom, choose a small corner cupboard to store individual toys. This wooden cabinet has plenty of space for baby accessories and toys and is perfect for storing extra pacifiers or bottles. You can even store your child’s books and other treasures.

2. Flush-mounted cabinets

Built-in cabinets

If you want to take the storage of toys to a higher level, invest in built-in cabinets. These are very practical and compact solutions in which you can store both clothing and toys. Some built-in cupboards also contain toy chests of drawers and chests of drawers with open shelves at the top and sliding shelves at the bottom. In this tidy and organised children’s room you can see that the built-in cupboards offer plenty of storage space for clothes, toys and bedding.

3. Wash basin cabinets

Low cabinets

The low cabinets are the ideal width and height for storing toys, as they are easily accessible for your little ones. These cupboards can be placed from the cradle to the middle of the room, which makes them particularly valuable.

4. Rustic style wall cabinets

Rustic wall cabinets

If you’ve just renovated your kitchen or come across an old wooden wall cupboard, don’t throw it away. Give it a layer of paint or varnish and re-use it as storage space for children’s toys. Here is a nice example of a wall display case filled with small toys.

5. Pantry Style Cabinets

Pantry cabinets

The pantry-style cabinets can be placed anywhere, from the playroom to the kitchen corner. These cabinets offer maximum visibility because they are wide and deep enough. Use curtains instead of cabinet doors to make it easier to put toys in the right place, as shown in this picture.

6. Cupboards with shelves

Shelving cabinets

cabinets with shelves are versatile storage options that can be placed in the child’s room or in an adjoining room. In this crèche there are tall cupboards with well-organised toys right next to the windowsill where the child and parents can have fun.

7. A Bedside table

Bedside table

With a bedside table, your little one always has all the important utensils within reach. This cabinet offers practical storage space for small toys and accessories. The space at the top of the cabinet can be used to store a small lampshade and/or change diapers.

8. Three-in-one memory

A three-in-one memory.

An upholstered seat, for example B. a windowsill, which can be used as a shelf, to sit and sleep. All you need is a comfortable pillow. And if there isn’t enough room on the windowsill for toys, you can equip your little one’s room with an extra high cupboard, like here.

9. Traction units under stairs

Traction boxes under the stairs.

Spaces underneath ladders may be used to store toys until they are free of clutter and well organised. Instead of adding a single door to open a cabinet, it is preferable to create different sections with a series of cabinets accessible from the side, as shown in this picture. This idea is suitable for apartments where there is a lack of storage space in the children’s room.

10. Thematic stands

Thematic cabinets

Theme storage cabinets are the most effective way for your little ones to store their toys. The theme cabinet can be labelled with your child’s favourite shapes, but also with the animal shapes and as shown in this picture.

11. Cabinets in hall

Cupboards throughout the room.

Installing low cabinets along the wall of a children’s room is an efficient way to use the available space. Here, in addition to the storage space under the bed, there are many cleverly designed cupboards throughout the room that give the room a calm and orderly appearance.

12. Toy boxes

Toy carts.

One or two toy carriers can go a long way to keep your child’s room toy-free. The trolley on wheels can be filled with stuffed animals and stored in the closet at the end of the day.

13. Toy storage box

Toys box

A chest of drawers helps keep the toys clean and tidy. You don’t have to invest in a large vault that takes up a lot of space. A simple white chest of drawers, like this one, is just as much a storage option as an elegant piece of furniture for the bedroom or living room. The chest of drawers can also be used as a chest of drawers or shelf.

14. Clothing and shoe rack

Wardrobe and shoe rack.

With the cupboard and the shoe rack you can not only hang up your child’s clothes and shoes, but also store his or her toys. See how the space on the shoe racks and in the closet here is effectively used to store all the toys and clothing.

15. Plastic boxes

Plastic housing

Plastic boxes or cubes are available in most supermarkets and local shops. These affordable storage options are available in different colors and sizes. You can easily hide all the games, toys and even books in these open cubes. See how the colourful plastic boxes in this picture ensure effective storage of toys that can easily be removed and put back in place at the end of the day.

16. Lower bed shelf

Storage space under the bed

If your child’s room is small enough, the room is upstairs, so you need to make sure every square inch is used properly. The drawers under the bed are the ideal way to reach the toys. Some beds have bed frames with drawers underneath. So you can arrange the toys in an orderly way and take them out when your little ones want to play. Another advantage of storing under the bed is the aesthetic aspect, as it prevents clutter and disorder in the room. Tip: For greater durability, choose wooden bed frames and adapt the bed to the sideboard for a rustic look.

In this children’s room, the chest of drawers, basket, plastic boxes and the space under the bed provide plenty of storage space for toys and other accessories, keeping the room clean and tidy.

17. Straw baskets

Straw baskets

Straw baskets can hold almost any toy and their open design makes them an excellent storage option. They can easily be hung on the wall or placed under the bed. These inexpensive storage options for toys can also be stored in the closet when your child has finished playing.

17 Practical ideas and solutions for a toy cabinet for children's play equipment


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