16 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas Less Than $100 to Improve your Home Exterior

It is said that when people approach your home, the attraction of the sidewalk is something that leaves a lasting impression. From the white gate to the courtyard, garden, veranda and front door…. everything must be perfect and harmonious so that the overall picture is simple, clear and beautiful.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to make changes to your house. All it takes is $100.

Yeah, you heard us. There are dozens of ways to make your kerb at home more attractive without going crazy at the hardware store.

We’re not talking about a complete do-it-yourself job that your toolbox needs, but rather subtle changes that change the look of your home into a good one, no? I mean BIG!

Here are a few tips to improve the exterior of your home for less than $100.

1. Painting the front door

A fantastic front door

Did you know that something as simple as painting your front door can increase the value of your house by $6,000?

This is the conclusion of Zillow’s color analysis of 2018 after viewing 135,000 photographs of houses for sale.

Dark painted entrance doors, preferably black, were at the top of the popularity scale. This is one of the best do-it-yourself tips under $100 that will benefit you in the long run.

A bucket of paint costs between 15 and 30 dollars. Add the price of the varnish, which is about $18, and you get a total price of about $48. You won’t even use a full bucket, and neither will the paint. Choose dark colours such as black, navy blue or brown to make your home stand out.

2. Addition of veranda curtains

Furnished veranda

Do you have a swing on your porch? Do you like to sit outside in the afternoon and enjoy your personal time? Unfortunately this is impossible, because anyone walking on the street can see you.

Why not install veranda curtains to solve this problem? Curtains give your home a warm and welcoming look, so you should use them outside.

A pair of bright curtains cost only $8, and fancy blackout curtains are available from $18. The installation on both sides of the house is still only $52.

3. Laying a cheerful doormat

Welcome mat at the front door

Replace the mat with a mat with a welcome message on it. These carpets are for sale for only $20. Even if you open the door late, your guests will be busy discussing the incredible quality of this carpet…. Just something to think about.

4. Installation of a small letterboxfor the front door

Small mailbox

You can get a luxurious mailbox on the wall for just $30. If you’re in the mood for DIY, you get a simple one that costs $9 and decorate it the way you want. You can draw it, put some abstract art in it, or write a quote. The installation requires a pair of nails, a hammer and 30 minutes of your time.

5. Don’t forget your mailbox


What about your mailbox on the sidewalk, you ask? Well, a fancy model like the one above will cost you about $70. The flowers can be replaced by a statue or other decoration. People love curbs, so give your inner creativity and play free rein.

6. Hanging a crown on the front door

The grain of the front door

Perhaps one of the most affordable ways to increase the appeal of your home is to use a wreath to add a little charm to the exterior of your home. A nice crown costs about $14. This is a trick you can hang from your front door all year round.

7. Updating house numbers


Removed house numbers can be dangerous for you. It is often difficult for ambulances to find a house because the numbers are painted on the pavement.

Our proposal: Why don’t you leave license plates on your wall? Make sure they are placed visibly under the lighting. You can get house number plates as above for $60.

8. Mounting and decorating the veranda swing.

The porch swing

Did you know you can buy a nice wooden gantry spring for $30? Of course it will be quite simple, but there are many things you can use in your home to decorate it, such as removable cushions from your old sofa, cushions from your bedroom, or a blanket and two strings of lighting.

For only $50 you can buy a classic swing with beautiful wooden panels. Hang a few flower pots and the look is complete. Use light colours to decorate your veranda so that you can mix it with the curtains.

Fancy discovering do-it-yourself solutions to make your home more attractive? In the first part of this article we have focused on the appeal of the house and some of its external features. We still have a few points to discuss with you, but the rest of the attention is focused on landscaping.

Ideas for exterior embellishment

Many people dream of a beautiful garden, lushly overgrown with roses. A waving hoop hanging from a tree painting a whimsical picture, a gnome standing on the lawn and a flower path leading to the front door…. Do you like these ideas?

Unfortunately, with this kind of green ideas comes a service responsibility that can be really exhausting. Weeding, soil replacement and watering are just a few of the things you need to take care of.

What if we told you that you could have these flowers without worrying about maintenance? A good way to take your pet’s attraction to the next level is to follow a theme.

Because we focused on landscape architecture, we decided to deal with the flora and fauna.

Here are eight other do-it-yourself tips under $100 that you can use to make your home more attractive:

9. Installation of a Deluxe door handle

Door decoration

In our last blog we said that something as simple as a new paint color can completely change the look of your home. To give your front door a complete look, you can also replace the door handle. Whether you prefer a handle or a pen, go for the chic model. The floral pattern goes well with all the doors you can get for $7.

10. Installation of a door knocker

Door decoration

For a door knocker, you have to find something unique that doesn’t go too far. In line with our theme, it would be perfect to knock on a bird’s door.

A door knocker is slightly more expensive than a door handle or button. This jewelry is for sale for $37. Add $48 in paint with these two and you get $92… still under $100!

11. Planting a tree

Court of First Instance

These are not the small shrubs that frame the driveway, but the large trees that frame the driveway. Plant two trees on each side of the main entrance and make sure they have enough space to grow. This creates a symmetrical design that seems very pleasing to the eye when

12. Add outdoor furniture


It’s called a bistroset. Outdoor furniture of this type is mainly intended for the terrace or garden. You can place a chair with two side tables or create a conversation space for two people.

The good news is that such an environment can be created without spending anything. Just take the furniture out of the interior and place it on the patio.

If you’re looking for a bistro online, you can easily find one for as little as $99. Put a couple of flower pots on a table or hang some on the ceiling of your terrace.

13. Pot plants

plant pots

One of the best things about pot plants is that they require little maintenance. If you have a garden, it will often have to be weeded and for a larger area more soil is needed.

With pot plants you use less space and you have the possibility to make an art exhibition. This is one of the best ways to make your home more attractive.

Here’s what to do: instead of buying pot plants that cost $ 65 per pair, why not buy plant pots. A pair of 6 plant pots can be bought for only $20. You can then draw them and make your own abstract drawing.

14. Replacement of exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. Nothing special, just simple hangers that light up the terrace. You can get three luxury outdoor lights for $40 and four LED lights for $18.

15. Landscape lighting


From beautiful lights ($24) to lanterns ($22 for 4 rooms) to solar track lighting ($20 for 12 rooms) to simple old LED lights for $10…… There are many lighting options to choose from for your landscaping.

You can also choose the chic ones, which are shaped like animals with gems flashing when the light is on. This creates a breathtaking show that will captivate your guests.

16. Installation of flower boxes

Window flowerpot

You can get 4 vintage ceramic flower pots for only $9. You can paint them or compensate them to get a different look. We recommend that you follow the latter approach.

The flowers in these pots must be resistant to direct sunlight. Place them on the windowsill and make sure a screen is installed to keep insects out of the house.

Here you go, DIY tips under $100 to help you make your home more attractive. If you are looking for more ideas to decorate your home, go to

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