15 Baby Boy Nursery Theme DIY Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

15 Baby Boy Nursery Theme DIY Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

Raising a newborn always brings a combination of worries and joy, but at least one thing is fun.Design Your Baby’s Nest is your chance to create a safe comfort zone for your baby and a functional space for yourself. When it comes to safety and functionality, it doesn’t matter if you go out with a girl or a boy.

One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to kindergarten is the color blue. Although you can use it in different ways, blue doesn’t necessarily have to be the dominant tone. Some designs can add a new and authentic touch to the cute old nursery and give you the opportunity to create your own style.

Daily expenditure obligation

The first step is to prepare what to bring to the baby’s room.

The crib and bedding are absolutely necessary. The changing table is another very useful thing that will make those messy moments easier for you and your baby. To store all the baby’s stuff (and we all know how much stuff these little creatures need from day one), you need lots (and lots) of storage space. When you finally have enough space, the rocking chair will help you rest, feed your young and put you both to sleep.

We will show you different ways to combine all these elements into a package that satisfies the whole family, with an emphasis on the masculine style.
The arrival of a newborn is often a time for gift giving.  If you’re interested in getting a gift for your baby, one of their siblings, mom, or dad, take a look at Gift Glide for inspiration and ideas.

Here’s a good article explaining what you need for a do-it-yourself crèche – https://www.crateandbarrel.com/ideas-and-advice/how-to-design-nursery.

Ideas for kindergartens

Here is a list of 15nursery ideas that you can use as inspiration to build your newcomer’s happy place.

Whether you opt for a minimalist or more whimsical design for your niche, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable working in this niche while adhering to all safety standards.

1. Creche for newborns of neutral sex

15 Baby Boy Nursery Theme DIY Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

If you are planning to expand your family at some point, it is always pragmatic to choose colours and themes, regardless of gender. Simple and rightis the best choice in this situation, especially if you are one of those parents who do not hesitate to mark their child’s clothing with their gender.

In this case, the winning colours are white and beige, which bring a sense of purity and simplicity into the room. Equally important is that in most cases children’s white/beige furniture is affordable and inexpensive, which does not burden your budget. However, you can choose any neutral colour and you will be able to find pieces painted in that colour.

If the crib, storage cupboard and changing table are white (or beige, grey, yellow, green, etc.), you can add accessories in different colours to break the monotony. Try combining one or two colours with the dominant colour to create some contrast. This is especially useful for changing items such as the color of walls, bedding, carpets, artwork on the wall and other items. You can easily change them in the future if you welcome a little girl or just decide to change your living space.

CONSTRUCTION WAS OUR QUANTITY: https://www.babylist.com/hello-baby/gender-neutral-nursery

2. Maritime theme Nursery

Nautical-themed cot

Nautical colours and patternsare traditionally associated with boys and are widely used in the design of boys’ clothing, toys and bedrooms. This distinctive combination of blue , whiteand a hint of red will easily translate into your son’s bedroom.

One option is to buy a cradle that mimics the shape of a boat. You can add other furniture in the same design. In this case color is not essential.

The easiest way is to paint the crib, storage and changing table in dark blue. You can then add other nautical decors around the room to complete the concept. Linen is usually available in this model, so this is the easiest part.

Paint the walls in blue and white stripes, or wallpaper with nautical symbols such as seagulls and lighthouse. Try to complete the drawing with details you can find in decoration shops or antique shops – a boat in a bottle and a buoy, or paintings of the deep blue sea, swimming whales and sailing boats.

If you want to add the finishing touch, you can place a bold captain (the name of your son) above the crib (you can use wallpaper for this).

CONSTRUCTION WASH OUR DISHWASHER:https://www.instructables.com/id/Nautical-Themed-Nursery/

3. Crèche for newborns in the Universe

No one expects that the subject of designing a nursery will influence his or her future profession. However, we can do everything we can to encourage them to look at the stars and strive to expand their horizons and imagination.

Is there a more practical way to do this than to let your room be inspired by ‘s astronomy theme?

This is one of the best options to make you feel like a child again. There are many ways to use the of theuniverse as a leitmotif for children. Paint the ceiling dark blue and add moonsand stars.Hang a map of the Milky Way on the wall and place rotating toys above the cradle, with the rocket, the planets, theastronauts and the stars. Place the Starlight LED pilot light on the shelf.

Wish for a Star, Big Dream and Shoot for the Moon, Reach for the Star are some of the most common names parents use to decorate these children’s rooms.

BUILD THIS Swimming Pool: https://www.brooklynlimestone.com/2018/02/girl-astronaut-nursery-makeover.html

4. Tropical nursery

Tropical kindergarten

Tropical plants have become one of the most popular decorations today, whether real plants or just decorative motifs. It is easier than ever to buy a duvet, carpet or pillow painted with the Monstera deliciosa plant or a banana leaf.

The main colour of this contour is green, with different shades. If you have painted the walls white, you can add green wallpaper details with giant leaves , palm treesor flowers .Don’t forget to bring a monkey, a parrot or a flamingo to introduce your child to exotic animals from an early age.

Lay a carpet of cotton fabric, spinning toys with monster or palm leaves and exotic birds, a small flowerpot at the window and a flamingo-shaped LED lamp. They make the jungle even more fun.

CONSTRUCTION WAS OUR DISHWASHER:https://cozynursery.com/the-jungle-theme-nursery/

5. Safari kindergarten

There is a safari farm near the tropics. You can put them together, create an exotic mix or modify them.

There are a few things you can’t miss at the Safari Kindergarten. The first is the giraffe in all its incarnations: painted on the wall, filled or in paint. The elephant is another favourite animal of children, which comes in many different forms. The color brings tranquility to the variety of tropical colors that usually surround the animalsof Safari .

If you like the black and white combination, you can use it together with the zebra pattern as a decorative colour.

CONSTRUCTION WASH OUR DISHWASHER:https://www.alphadorable.com/blog/10best-safari-jungle-nurseries

6. Boho Kindergarten

Boho Kindergarten

Another popular and versatile decoration style that can be applied to a children’s room boho. The buzz is associated with this style: of course. Specific, natural materials and natural colours.

Interior designers agree that the best materials for the bohemian are wood , rattan, juteand eelgrass. Speaking of color: Wooden elements should have the natural colour , ivoryor beige, while the wall and bedding can be mint green if you are housing a boy.

The most famous bohemian accessory that can be used in a nursery is the dreamcatcher. It will symbolically give your little one a protective charm (and a touch of nostalgia in the nursery).

The other ornaments must be of rattan. If you can’t find a rattan cradle, a rattan chandelier or just a sea grass basket, that’s the solution.

The Boho style can be very inspiring. Try to play with it and turn your baby into an Indian ,or at least cotton tent with aawning over the bed.

CONSTRUCTION WASH OUR DISHWASHER:https://projectnursery.com/projects/boho-baby-nursery/

7. Woodward Newborn Kindergarten

Woodward Kindergarten

Another cute cliché for the toddlernursery is the design of a woody forest. As a rule this is a rustic style, but it is also possible to combine a modern design with wooden elements and forest symbols.

Although brown and green dominate this design, you can use what you have. Even a white crib and changing table can be part of a Woodwardnursery by adding a giant grizzly, painting the walls green, adding a mountain border and hanging a fake antlers on the wall.

Place checkered bedding and a moose toy in the crib, and a dwarf conifer next to it to make your little lumberjack feel complete.

CONSTRUCTION OF THIS NASHEY: https://www.thespruce.com/beautiful-nurseries-inspired-by-nature-2504955

8. Library and kindergarten

Kindergarten Library

If you are a book lover, turning your child into a bookworm should be a lifelong project from day one. Not only must they be read from an early age, but they must also be surrounded by books and literary motifs in order to accept them as their natural environment.

Equipping your child’s room with a luxury library should not be a difficult task. However, placing too many books on the shelves directly above the cradle is not the best solution – books pile up dust, which is not healthy for a newborn. You can let them grow gradually while your son grows up.

Instead, you can make a selection of your favorite children’s books and display them on the shelves as you would in a store. You can paint the wall with literary quotes you like, or choose a favorite that will be bold and centered on the wall. Don’t forget to choose a nice curly font. Bookscan also be painted on the wall, or you can find them as wallpaper.

Finally, don’t forget to place a reading light where you can read bedtime stories to your baby.

CONSTRUCTION ETAYA NASHAYA SETNA: https://projectnursery.com/projects/library-nursery/

9. Jurassic Garden

This seems to be a constant throughout the ages – boys are obsessed with dinosaurs. Why not treat your favourite junior dinosaur in advance – especially as dinosaurs are available everywhere in children’s shops.

Whatever furniture and other items you have already prepared, you can easily add a Jurassic decoration . Put wallpaper with dinosaurs, put a collection of toy dinosaurs on the shelves and bedding with the same patterns in the cradle.

They are generally available in green, but blue and grey are also very common. At the end, hang a picture on the wall that says Roaring means I love you for the dinosaurs.

CONSTRUCTION WASH OUR DISHWASHER:https://athomewithashley.com/diy-dinosaur-shelf/

10. Kindergarten model

Kindergarten model for boys

A simple way to decorate your baby’s room is to let him discover different patterns and combine them tastefully. Whether they are geometricor non-metric , be careful not to mix them too much.

It is preferable to choose a model that varies according to the nursery. If you like stripes, you can find carpets, bedding and curtains with this pattern. If Polka Dotsis your favorite, you can paint the walls with large dots and add bedding in the same pattern.

Whatever pattern you choose, colour is of secondary importance. The advantage of this approach is that you can contrast with the colors you want. It also gives you the freedom to combine different shapes and colours.

NASH MEDICAL NETWORK CONSTRUCTION:https://www.houzz.com/photos/nursery-polka-dot-phbr0lbl-bl~l_83727

11. baby blue tones

Blue shades baby boy.

If you can’t resist the urge to choose the color bluefor your little one’s room, we can’t blame you. They say it’s the ice color and has a calming effect. Blue is often associated with depth and stability and symbolizes wisdom, trust and heaven. That’s why it can’t be a bad choice to put him in daycare.

An interesting way to play with blue is to vary the shades. Choose a few you prefer and combine them with white or ivory. Geometric patternscan be useful again because they make it possible to play with the color scheme.

You can accessorise the room with blue velvet accessories, allowing your boy to learn about luxury and pop culture at the same time.

BUILD OUR MEDICAL NETWORK: https://rachelparcell.com/jacksons-nursery-reveal-giveaway/

12. Count the boys in the nursery

We have all been told that sometimes we have to try to count sheep when we can’t sleep, so it can be fun to use this theme for our kindergarten. Moreover, sheep are animals that represent modesty, humility and gentleness. With their white color and soft fur they are an excellent theme for the nursery. And finally, who knows, maybe jumping your sheep over the fence will put you to sleep.

Leave the wall white and paint it with a flock of small sheep or their contours if you prefer a large painting. This should be easy, because their shape is typically simple. Add a turning sheep over the cradle to help your baby fall asleep.

Finally, use a woollen cloth here and there to make the room more comfortable. A wool blanket is always the best buy. So your little one can keep warm while he dreams of taking care of sheep.

CONSTRUCTION WAS OUR DISHWASHER:https://blog.jennysteffens.com/emmas-nursery-soft-cuddly-nursery-pale

13. Kindergarten

It’s an original and refined idea for a nursery. To turn your baby’s room into a barn, you need wood, a lot of paint and even more patience. But once you’re done, it’ll be worth it.

Choose a central wall to be painted red, or better still, cover it with red painted wooden panels. In addition, there is the typical white frame of a barn and the slit rail with the white panel rail under the window.

Other walls are decorated with paintings of pets – chickens, horses, cows, green grass, corn stalks, bees. Finally, be careful not to overload the room with furniture that is too light. Try to keep it simple and in neutral colours, because the rest of the room has to take on all the splendour.

CONSTRUCTION WASH OUR DISHWASHER:https://www.instructables.com/id/Tys-Barn-Yard/

14. Theft nursery

If we can’t go to certain places because of the pandemic, we can certainly go to imaginary places. Turn your little one into a traveler as quickly as possible by setting up a real travel studio in his room.

A giant map of the worldor a specific continent hanging on the wall will help you achieve this goal and make it easier for your little one to be ready for hours at a time. You can find a wallpaper with a map, draw it or buy a real map in an antique shop.

Useflag souvenirs for decoration and . Place a lamp -globe – on a shelf, or a lamp with a shade painted in the colour of the card.

There is no doubt that after all the months of feeding, changing and playing with your baby in a room like this, you have no choice but to become an expert in geography.

ETAYA OURSHEISHI CONSTRUCTION: https://projectnursery.com/2015/06/travel-inspired-nurseries/

15. Creche for newborns

Cars are typically masculine themes that are often used in the decoration of cots. Depending on your personal taste you can choose between vintage and modern.

In addition to the wallpaper, carpets, toys and other items available in cars and level, you need to go beyond the usual purchases and try to find some old items. The paintings on the wall and the cars also improve the space.

You can put old traffic signs on the wall and combine them with paintings, or just paint them.

If you choose an airplane, buy an airplane chandelier or an old screw and hang it from the ceiling. Place the model airplanes on the shelf and paint the clouds around the cradle. It would just make this aeronautical farm fantastic.

BUILDING OUR MEDICAL NETWORK: https://projectnursery.com/projects/vintage-car-themed-nursery/

Oliver’s Light & Bright Nursery


There are many ideas to help you make your Baby Roomcomfortable and enjoyable, not only for the baby but also for yourself. After all, you and your family will spend a lot of time there, so it is important that you feel comfortable and have fun.

Clearly, the nursery is not a magic wand that will make our children what we want them to be. Moreover, we must refrain from influencing their future decisions. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t paint mountains on their baby walls and send them a message: You can move mountains.

After all, foris about taking care of your health and your dreams.

Do you have experience building a kindergarten for boys? Do you have any advice for us? What’s your favorite idea for kindergarten and why? Let us know in the comments and start the discussion.

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