Red is a bright, vibrant and energetic color that can give even the dullest of rooms a makeover. Combined with neutral tones such as grey, this bathroom colour scheme is very popular.

To transform your bathroom into a modern and stylish space, you can think of grey and red as a wonderful combination. You want to know how? Here we have collected 12 beautiful examples of grey and red bathroom ideas to convince you of this colour combination, including different shades of red and grey that go perfectly together.

Examples of grey and red baths

Red and grey for refinement

Although red is not the most used color for the bathroom, it can be very elegant when combined with gray. Red is perfect for modern, luxurious bathrooms where you want to add an exotic touch.

Here, most of the bathroom is red with a little grey to soften the look. This glamorous bathroom captivates with its elegant contrast of white and grey. White accessories accentuate the red mosaic.

Cherry red and dark grey

For an even smarter bathroom design, consider dark grey combined with cherry red to make your modern bathroom a little tougher. The cherry red tiles are an eye-catcher next to the white and grey walls. This color scheme gives a sense of brilliance to anyone who enters this bathroom. We love the ingenuity with which this bathroom uses these color combinations to give the room an elegant look.

Bright red tile

If you already have a glamorous red bathroom, it makes sense to complement that space with gray. Since red is the predominant color, it’s not hard to pair it with gray. With red tiles, different shades of grey complement your chic red bathroom perfectly. As you can see here, bright red tiles and gray walls and floor make for boring corners. This colour combination works particularly well in large bathrooms with bright red tiles. We love the chic mix of mood lighting and dark wood shelves that make this space even more glamorous.

Red and grey walls for styles

Whether it’s a retro or modern bathroom design, red and gray bathrooms are so versatile that they can fit into almost any style you choose. The biggest player is the red finish, as shiny tiles often lend themselves to a minimalist, modern bathroom style, while matte red finishes are more suited to traditional or rustic interiors. If you want to go beyond walls and tiles, you can paint the ceiling grey or red to give your bathroom a bold look.

In this stylishly designed bathroom, the combination of grey and red tiled walls creates a pleasant atmosphere in a light and airy bathroom. The oval mirror enlarges the room by contrasting with the red wall.

Add red accents

Adding a touch of red to a gray bathroom is an easy and inexpensive way to bring this vibrant color into your space. Red towels, red floors or red decorative accents are a great way to add color to your gray bathroom. Permanent red highlights are perfect for small shades of this vibrant color. Maybe all you need is a red bathroom countertop to complement your beautiful gray and red bathroom design. Or in this case, a red towel and vase are enough to impress in a light gray bathroom.

Soft grey and bright red

Gray should not appear on the walls or floors of the bathroom. Gray curtains are sometimes all you need to keep things neutral and add a little originality to your red bathroom. Finally, gray is a calming color that balances lighter tones. Try incorporating a few wooden elements, like here, to warm up the room. This minimalist bathroom design has a classic look with neutral accents and a red wall as the main feature. To brighten up the bathroom even more, add color in the form of a shower curtain, towels and patterned wall decorations. Because soft gray goes well with almost any other color, feel free to add orange or pink to your red and gray bathroom.

Charcoal grey with pinkish red

For a more dramatic bathroom design, choose charcoal grey combined with pink and red. This color combination is perfect for romantic designs for couples. The dark gray color looks great next to the matte red, as seen here.

This sophisticated couples’ bathroom is a little dark, with warm elements (brown floors) that make it versatile. This bathroom is comfortable, with a modern look to the walls and floor. Wood grey combines well with wood tones and creates a chic and relaxed atmosphere.

Combine red-grey and black

If you want to give more expression to your bathroom design, you should choose darker and stronger colors. For modern bathrooms, a combination of black, red and grey is recommended.

In this example of a luxury bathroom, black is used for the bathtub and floor, while red and gray can be seen on the walls. These striking fixtures go hand in hand with your favorite color scheme. The overall design of this bathroom is chic and luxurious with the combination of red, black and grey.

Ash and Scarlet

Sand grey is a neutral shade that adds a calming ambiance to any bathroom. The combination of grey walls and floors with red and white sinks creates an inviting contrast. To give a grey-red bathroom a luxurious touch, install a bathtub with a separate shower stall to complete the elegant look.

In this master bathroom, two scarlet and white sinks contrast nicely with the all-gray bathrooms.

Candy red and grey

With a fun color palette like red candy, your day can start with a little ultraviolet shower. Use white tones for the bathtub and sink with bright red walls to give the bathroom depth. Mix the gray to create more personality, like here. The floor and wall are in shades of grey, the rest of the walls are candy red. The only appliances and accessories here are white.

Combination of grey and red checkerboard

If you want to use the same tiles throughout the bathroom, mix grey and red with other light colours. There are many ways to experiment with tile colors. Light reds with greys, blacks, blues and whites work wonderfully with a nice combination of tile colors. Whether you choose glossy or matte mosaic tiles in these colors, they’ll do well with a gray floor, red countertops, a white countertop and a white sink. The unique combination of red, white and grey tiles creates a beautiful backdrop in colourful bathrooms. Feel free to play with different colors of tiles, according to your own taste and preference.

Red tinted with more grey

You don’t necessarily have to go for bright colors like red. A little touch of this color combined with lots of gray helps to soften the look. This eclectic bathroom is a great example of how a little touch of red can bring a little originality to an all-gray bathroom. The overall design of this minimalist-style bathroom is very successful. Although grey is often associated with dullness, it is anything but dull when paired with a colour as bright and vibrant as red. Keep in mind that the darker the shade of red you choose, the more impact it will have on your gray bathroom.

How to furnish a grey and red bathroom?

If you are decorating a grey and red bathroom, be careful not to overdo it with the decorations as this will make the room seem smaller. Bright colors tend to shrink the space, and red is an easy way to do that. Choose cream, white and beige to freshen up the bathroom space and eliminate red. Keep accessories in neutral tones, such as gray and white, but you don’t have to use shades of gray for the rest of your bathroom decor.

Gray and red are the perfect colors for a modern bathroom, although they are not the most common color combinations for this space. By combining these colors as we have shown you in this article, you too can create a chic and elegant bathroom.

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